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YSK, basic and continuing education - Østfold

NAV Østfold | Published March 30, 2017

Framework agreement for the purchase of single seats to YSK courses. The courses to provide the necessary expertise to seekers who are in need of YSK basic education (140 hours), the extension (freight ↔ passenger) (35 hours) or training (35 hours) in order to drive the carriage of goods or passengers against payment. Training will be provided in the variant participant is in need of from the participant already acquired expertise and out of the job participant must qualify for. 90% of participants have successfully completed the training. Reference is made to progress in the employment / return to work ether completing the course, and 6 and 12 weeks after the course.

Competition with negotiations - Reputation Survey for Education Directorate

Utdanningsdirektoratet | Published June 4, 2017

We have previously conducted three surveys of the Directorate's reputation in the education sector, in 2006, 2009 and 2012. In 2012, we conducted both a quantitative and a qualitative survey.
We want to follow up the previous studies with a quantitative and a qualitative study of how people perceive us.
The aim of the survey is to gain knowledge of how the various target groups considering our reputation and what is the reason for the assessment.

Consumables education Technical and Industrial Production (TIP)

Oppland Fylkeskommune | Published May 2, 2017

Oppland county has a total of nearly 2,000 employees and consists of central administration with 14 different academic units, as well as dental clinics and secondary schools. The county has an area of ​​25,192 km2 and a population of approximately 185.000.
Oppland County Council (OFK) hereby wish to invite You to submit tenders in connection with framework agreements for delivery of supplies / equipment to education in engineering and industrial production.

Job club for youth - Fredrikstad, Halden and Sarpsborg

NAV Østfold | Published April 18, 2017

The purpose of the initiative is to ensure that young people who have dropped out of school or otherwise not participating in school / job, returns to education or gain employment. The measure will motivate participants to take responsibility for their own lives and make themselves dependent. To succeed in this, it is crucial with committed and motivated coaches who are well acquainted with the target audience. It is expected that the provider and executing personnel have very good knowledge of advanced training and education as well as training in business.
Participants will be mapped and will be developed individual and comprehensive plans against self-financed education or employment. One of the goals of this course is that all participants will have a go at work by means of relevant work experience.

Framework agreement for the provision of conference and meeting facilities for courses

Akershus fylkeskommune, Innkjøpsstaben | Published March 27, 2017

Client shall enter into an agreement with one supplier who can deliver training facilities in accordance with the requirements specification.
Akershus County Council at the Department of secondary education (AVO) would offer conference and meeting facilities for courses. Providers may offer one or more locations.

201601121 Document Investigation Equipment

Politiets utlendingsenhet | Published November 1, 2017

The purpose of the procurement is to establish a framework for document examination equipment as well as training in the use of equipment needed. The agreement will mainly include document examination devices, microscopes, survey equipment, passport readers and associated software, UV equipment, irradiation devices as well as any needed training / education.

Buying 8 ton excavator with Fixed Boom

Sør-Trøndelag fylkeskommune/ V Gauldal videregående skole | Published September 1, 2017

It will be bought an 8-tonne excavator with fixed boom, short tail (zero tail) for education of school pupils, as well as for use in training and certification activities in the construction zone in Kvasshyllan.
The excavator must be in place in the training field no later than 20 March 2017
It shall simultaneously with the signing of a purchase contract for the excavator concluded service contracts for the same machine with a maturity of 5 years.


Den norske ambassaden i Luanda | Published March 27, 2017

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Luanda invites to competition for provision of consultancy services related to the planning, administration and implementation of a human rights project in Angola. The purpose of the contract is to contract a partner who will contribute to the formulation and implementation of the embassy's human rights program, including carrying out human rights education and promoting competence in Angola's Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Ministry. The first phase will include planning and preparation of project documents, including detailed targets and relevant indicators of achievement, inputs and risk management. The second phase will consist of implementing the project.
View Deal invitation with attachment for details.

Procurement of consultancy to the strategy process

Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet (NMBU) | Published November 4, 2017

Biovita intends to undertake strategy work based on the attached strategy model (entity's mission, vision, overall goals and strategic areas of action). The work will be based on a strategic analysis that is going into two parts. An internal analysis of inter alia Faculty strengths and weaknesses and an external analysis which, inter alia, includes relevant external stakeholders ratings of business and a comparison on the basis of relevant parameters with competing players in research and education. The consultant must be able to present a plan for such a strategic analysis that can be documented, has worked in previous strategy processes.

New boarding on Tosterødberget Halden

Østfold Fylkeskommune | Published September 1, 2017

Halden high school, department Tosterødberget provides training in four different studies. Training will be based on a thorough educational theory basis and department facilitates a holistic education and housing and also has a internatdel.
Description of Project:
The project includes construction of a new dormitory. Dormitory building is planned over two floors on Midstuen plot. It replaces two old and dilapidated buildings which will now be described. Existing dormitory buildings (Nystuen) and new construction is planned to provide space for up to 15 pupils. The two buildings can be seen one with the same uses. The construction work must be carried out in the period March to before autumn holiday 2017. Building area will be secured with the necessary safeguards, traffic will be separated from students and staff. It should appear necessary attention to school management, pupils and staff.

Framework agreement for legal services

Norges forskningsråd | Published May 4, 2017

The Research Council at the legal department of the Administration Division and NOKUT - The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education, invites to an open tender in connection with the signing of a framework agreement for the purchase of legal services. With legal services meant everything from answering the legal individual questions by phone for more extensive research work.
Research and NOKUT wishes to enter into framework agreements with two to three law firms for the delivery of legal services. The framework agreements will be entered into with one supplier as primary provider, and one to two as secondary suppliers in the specific areas of law where the Research and NOKUT may need assistance. Research and NOKUT shall have no purchase obligation under the agreement, but will make call-offs as needed.
See the tender documents for further information.

Equipment for weight room - Valle Hovin skole

Oslo kommune v/ Utdanningsetaten | Published March 29, 2017

Valle Hovin starts in the autumn 2017 by approximately 150 pupils. In 2019 the school will be fully operational, and is dimensioned for approximately 500 pupils. The school will have its own elite line of ca. 90 learners. In addition, the school will offer the program subjects latitude and elite sport within the general studies education program. The school will be one of three schools in Oslo that offers own elite line. We are dependent on being able to offer training facilities within the strength and endurance training at school. We wish therefore to design a gym with a lot of free weights (squats rack, bench press, manuals) that gives students the opportunity to engage in functional strength against its own sport or for general strength training. In addition, we have facilities covering students' needs for skadeforebyggende- and diverse base training (bosu balls, step up board, pump rack, etc.).

Occupational health

Senter for IKT i utdanningen | Published March 30, 2017

Occupational health service shall assist with services in the HSE work to create healthy and safe working conditions. Occupational health scheme will provide comprehensive and preventive assistance in working focus on a high and relevant professional level within several areas of expertise, including psychosocial and organizational work environment, occupational health, ergonomics and systematic HSE work. The specific tasks will vary, depending on the Center for ICT in education their needs, regulatory requirements and tasks set out in the master plan.
The center also wants an option for assistance to exception handling and monitoring of deviations.
We want to conclude an agreement on the provision of occupational health with one supplier who can deliver said service to both our locations.

17014 Navigation Simulator Fagskolen in Kristiansand

Vest-Agder fylkeskommune | Published June 4, 2017

West College county will acquire new navigation simulator (nautical simulator) Fagskolen Kristiansand is in a purchasing process of new nautical simulator comprising four bridges, one DNV GL class A, and 3 Class B.
It should also be purchased equipment for educational spaces containing Ecdis / radar training stations with GMDSS simulator. (Hereafter referred to as E-lab)
The maritime certificate program in Kristiansand has a history dating back to 1666. It became a public school in 1853, and machinist school was established in 1893. It was established the nation's first radio school here, in 1922 to 1923 with call sign LJ2A in Kristiansand.
Today the school offers 2-year navigator and ship technical education. Fagskolen awarding a total of about 30 students divided into nautical and machine, who have completed their entire training each year.
There are also held external training today, but this is something that is intended to increase going forward.
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