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Jåttå Sixth Form College. New construction, Adapted Education department

Rogaland fylkeskommune [Rogaland County] | Published November 12, 2016  -  Deadline December 22, 2016

Rogaland fylkeskommune shall build a new department for adapted education at Jåttå sixth form college in Stavanger. The school offers both vocational and university-preparatory education and has approx. 1 100 students. The premises that currently house adapted education at Hinna shall be sold, and a new building shall be erected on the southern end of the site at the main school. The education will take place in small groups with increased staffing. The students are armed to master a better work life or everyday life by the completion of their schooling. The department will have 65 students, of which 30 will be undertaking every day life training and 35 will be undertaking work training. There are approx. 60 employees.

The site is located between roads, railway and park-like open space, and is relatively flat. The main building is from 2007, and the sports building from 2010.

This competition concerns a turnkey contract for the adapted education department that is a new construction totalling GFA 3 390 m2, as well as outdoor works and demolition/development of a new multi use games area. The turnkey contract includes erection of a complete functional and user-ready building. The executing turnkey contractor will be responsible for ensuring that the contract includes all the necessary work for the planning, engineering design and execution.

EEA 068-2016 Sun screening Nattland education centre

Bergen Kommune [Bergen municipality] | Published December 3, 2016  -  Deadline January 12, 2017

Procurement of sun screening for Nattland education centre.

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Training - Job Guide (tuition and practice for immigrants with higher education)

NAV Markedstjenester Hordaland | Published December 7, 2016  -  Deadline January 16, 2017

Immigrant jobseekers (outside the EEA) with foreign higher education.

Participants wanting career where the goal is a professional career in Norway that require higher education. Participants wishing to combine tuition and work practice with vocational, educational and employment orientation.

Acquisition of a framework agreement on education / training in cognitive environmental therapy / cognitive behavioral therapy / Cognitive Therapy

Barne-, ungdoms- og familieetaten, Region Midt-Norge | Published December 6, 2016  -  Deadline January 9, 2017

Competition for the purchase of educational services in cognitive environmental therapy / cognitive behavioral therapy / cognitive therapy. The Offeror shall be responsible for a complete education in cognitive milieu in two parts, as well as be responsible for annual boosters for those who have received education / training.

Educational programs should be adapted to the target audience, who are employees of child welfare institutions in Bufetat Central Norway.

Competitive tendering under kr. 500,000 for the purchase of document analysis of steering documents for compulsory education in school authority level in selected municipalities

Statped | Published November 28, 2016  -  Deadline December 9, 2016

This competition comes cheap commissioned to carry out a documentary analysis of key documents on school authority level in selected municipalities. The aim of the document analysis is to identify how education under Section 8.1 and 8.2 are discussed and rooted governing documents in the selected municipalities.

The mission will be implemented in the period 22.12.2016-1.3.2017. The attention is drawn that it will be required intensive work in the period from contract signing to delivery of the draft final report. JRF point 3.3.

Total cost is NOK 400 000 excl. VAT.

Battery testing system

NTNU [The Norwegian University of Science and Technology] | Published November 23, 2016  -  Deadline January 4, 2017

NTNU shall procure a one-1 battery testing system with all required hardware and software. The battery testing system shall be used for research, education, consultancy services for the industry for energy storage for vessels, vehicles, grid networks, solar energy, wind power systems, etc.

See the attached tender documentation for a detailed description.

Evaluation of the' strategy for Science and Mathematics, 2015 — 2019

Utdanningsdirektoratet [The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training] | Published November 23, 2016  -  Deadline January 12, 2017

The national strategy ‘Tett på realfag. The national strategy for Science and Mathematics in kindergarten and primary and secondary education (2015-2019)’ shall be evaluated during the period 2017 — 2021. The evaluation shall include several levels: municipalities and counties, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools encompassing management, teachers and students, as well as use of competence and professional resources from national centres, science centres and the Higher Education sector.

The challenges in the evaluation shall follow the strategy's four goals and include the seven main concepts of the strategy. An evaluation and investigation of the status prior to the implementation of the strategy with data from 2014-2017 that shall be analysed against the performance measures in 2019/2020. The current research which measures changes in student performance over time in accounting and science and mathematics, as National tests, TIMSS and PISA is relevant in this context in addition to our own collected data in 2017 and 2020. The implementation of the strategy's initiatives and the management dialogue between government, owner level, kindergarten and school level shall be followed and analysed. Children and students' motivation for science and mathematics, along with student results shall be examined. Furthermore, skills upgrading in science and mathematics amongst school teachers and kindergarten teachers in nursery schools, as well as for other personnel shall be highlighted.

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2016/116 - Safety Course for vocational education in Aalesund

Møre og Romsdal Fylkeskommune | Published November 28, 2016  -  Deadline December 9, 2016

More og Romsdal County Council invites competition to conclude an agreement on delivery the following courses to the students at the vocational school in Ålesund:

· STCW School Safety training 10 dg (IMO80)

· STCW A-VI / 4-2 Medical Treatment 5 dg

Reference is made to the tender documents for further information.

Any questions or other inquiries Vedor participators sent via Mercell.

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Purchase of pavilion, alternatively hire — Kongsberg Sixth Form College

Buskerud fylkeskommune (Buskerud County) | Published November 8, 2016  -  Deadline December 14, 2016

Buskerud fylkeskommune c/o BFK Eindom shall procure a pavilion building for students at AO (alternative education) at Kongsberg sixth form college. A contract shall be signed for either the purchase or hire of the pavilion building for a period of up to 15 years (5 preliminary years shall be offered at a fixed price). A separate evaluations will be carried out for the purchasing alternative and the hire alternative, and a contract will be signed for only one of the alternatives.

The building shall be designed according to TEK10 and UU. The total surface area is approx. 720 m2. The building shall have two stories and passenger lifts. The procurement shall include the necessary ground works and establishment works. Construction and building works shall be carried out according to NS 8407.

IT- system for UiO's alumna activity and public relations

University of Oslo | Published December 3, 2016  -  Deadline January 16, 2017

Department of Academic Administration (AF) at the department of public relations and events (SSA) will acquire an IT system to support the University of Oslo's work with public relations and alumnus activity.

SSA is working on the following definition of public relations:

The systematic work we are doing to build, maintain and develop relationships with people, businesses and governments that have implications for how the university solves its tasks.

University has about 110 000 living alumni (defined as persons with a degree from the University of Oslo). In the previous alumna database had 12 000 alumni enrolled. LinkedIn has 83 000 users indicated that they have education from the University.

In autumn 2015 UiO carried out a survey of existing cooperation with industry. The survey shows that the University has established cooperation with nearly 400 enterprises. The number of partners in the public sector is assumed to remain at the same level (including cooperation with schools, hospitals, ministries and directorates).

A review of the University of Oslo's calendar of events shows that the University within a year had close to 2000 events that were open to the public.

SSA wishes to procure a system that facilitates the collection and updating of contact information for alumni and businesses University cooperates with, and a system that facilitates coordination, planning and implementation of activities and events for these groups.

Framework agreement for Environmental engineering ground surveys as well as risk assessments and action plans

Forsvarsbygg Anskaffelser | Published November 23, 2016  -  Deadline December 19, 2016

The objective of the framework agreement is to cover the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency's (henceforth also referred to as NDEA) requests for surveys and mapping that provide sufficient information about relevant contaminations, in such a way that the contaminated locations can be managed in environmental and socioeconomic reliable manners. The focus is that the assignments are to be solved in accordance with the current relevant rules and laws, in particular the Pollution Act, the Pollution Regulations, the Waste Regulations and other relevant regulations, as well as other public guidelines (the list is not exhaustive).

The agreement will mainly be used by NDEA, who shall safeguard environmental considerations for various locations, based on requirements from the pollution-control authority, or self-initiated reorganisation as a result in changed utilisation of areas. The agreement will shall mainly include the following tasks:

— mapping, environmental engineering ground surveys.

— risk assessments.

— the preparation of action, stand-by and surveillance plans.

— expert advisor liability for environmental reorganisation — inspections during reorganisation implementation.

— final inspections/follow-up inspections.

The environmental reorganisation of shooting ranges is expected to be the main part of the assignments.

The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency envisages a parallel framework agreement with three tenderers. The framework agreement will be for two (2) calendar years from contract signing, with an option for an extension for up to one (1) year + one (1) year.

In the tender documentation a requirement is made that the consultant must comply with requirements for higher education and several years of relevant experience.

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Framework agreement for project administrative assistance for demolition and environment work for phasing out of properties, buildings and sites

Forsvarsbygg Anskaffelser | Published November 15, 2016  -  Deadline December 2, 2016

The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency c/o Skifte eiendom, shall dispose of property that the Norwegian Defence does not need. The responsibility includes environmental clearance, demolition/securing buildings and sites, as well as facilitating for civil use so that the property can be returned to the landowner or disposed of.

The work assignments can be

— engineering design services for simple demolition work of one or several free-standing buildings

— engineering design services for the demolition of several buildings in active military camps

— engineering design services for the demolition of several buildings in several different locations

— engineering design services for securing work

— engineering design services for simple environmental clearance assignments

— engineering design services for large and complex environmental clearance assignments

— engineering design services for both demolition/securing and environmental clearance assignments

A considerable part of the assignment portfolio will be environmental clearance on shooting ranges.

In addition to the main portfolio of EBA from the Norwegian Defence, the chosen tenderer must be available for other public customers that Skifte eiendom has a contract with.

The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency envisages a parallel framework agreement with three tenderers.

The estimated turnover over 4 years is between 20 000 000 NOK and 30 000 000 NOK, excluding VAT. Emphasis is put on the fact that this is a rough estimate and the volume can be significantly changed.

The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency has other framework agreements for mapping ground pollution, mapping hazardous waste in buildings and construction management. This will not, therefore, be included in the framework agreement.

The consultants must fulfil at least 1 of the following requirements:

Education at Masters level and at least 3 years experience with engineering design services.

— At least 10 years engineering design experience.

The tender documentation will not permit sub-tenders.

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Rehabilitation of the bears school - Dønna

Dønna kommune | Published November 2, 2016  -  Deadline December 16, 2016

Dønna municipality will renovate the school building on Bjorn to a standard that meets the new requirements. The building will be used for teaching and provide easy food preparation for adult education in the municipality of Dønna.

Battery test system

NTNU | Published November 21, 2016  -  Deadline January 4, 2017

NTNU intends to buy a 1-battery test system with all necessary hardware and software. Battery test system to be used for research, education purposes, consulting services to industry in the energy storage in ships, cars, grid, solar, wind, etc.

For detailed description see the attached document.

Framework agreement: Strengthen business proficiencies and the network of Sami cultural industry parties

Samediggi/Sametinget (The Sami Parliament of Norway) | Published October 19, 2016  -  Deadline December 2, 2016

The Sami Parliament invites tender offers on a framework agreement for external assistance to strengthen the business comprehension, collaboration and network of participants within Sami cultural industries.

The duration of the framework agreement will be three years, with start up on 1.3.2017 and completion 29.2.2020. We estimate the total value for the entire period will be 3 000 000 NOK excluding VAT.

The target group is Sami arts and cultural parties that have created businesses of their art and cultural expression. The requirement is 12 participants for each programme.

The background for the order.

The Sami community currently has many extremely skilful artists and cultural workers who create and design Sami art and culture. Some of that which characterises the Sami cultural industries branch is that it is driven by strong idealism and often with professional operation. Many of the parties have other professions aside of, or operate in combination with other businesses.

The challenge lies in strengthening the business ability of Sami cultural industries parties. The supplier for this project must meet this knowledge need, and the programme must be suitable for the special branch of cultural industries. Art and culture are a special area for the target group and they master it. The combination of art, culture and business ability could be considered to be a winning recipe

A similar programme was carried out during the period 2013-2016. The name of the programme is Dáhttu. The Sami Parliament wants to focus on development of Sami cultural industries parties. The Sami Parliament also wants to use the name Dáhttu in future initiatives. Dáhttu means to wish for, a will, something that is also considered a suitable name for future initiatives.

Requirement of ordering.

The Sami Parliament wants to strengthen the business proficiencies and network of Sami cultural industries parties. In this regard, the Sami Parliament wants to create a template on Dáhttu 1.0 and Dáhttu 2.0. By template we mean that via the programme, the supplier shall arrive at the ‘perfect’ programme. Dáhttu 1.0 builds on the basic business proficiencies. Dáhttu 2.0 is for those who want to further develop their cultural industries business, professionalise or internationalise their business.

During the contract period the following is anticipated:

- Carry out one (1) Dáhttu 1.0 programme.

- Carry out two (2) Dáhttu 2.0 programmes.

Dáhttu 1.0 contents.

Dáhttu 1.0 (one programme) consists of three assemblies. Each assembly consists of 1.5 days content.

The assembly in Dáhttu 1.0 shall consist of:

1. Assembly: Topics+ workshops + network building (1.5 days).

2. Assembly: Topics+ workshops + network building (1.5 days).

3. Assembly: Topics+ workshops + network building (1.5 days).

Dáhttu 2.0 contents.

The consultant shall give an account of how Dáhttu 2 shall be executed. It can either be in the form of assemblies or another approach.

In Dáhttu 2.0 participants will be selected amongst those who have executed Dáhttu 1, since 2013.

We also wish to offer each individual participant 30 hours consulting, for the participants in both Dáhttu 1.0 and Dáhttu 2.0.

Contents of the assemblies:

- Important disciplines we want covered are: Increase the business ability (economy, sales, market, analyse and profitability), knowledge about the customer and professionalism/quality.

- The Sami Parliament wants professional lecturers who ‘teach’ in their specialist field.

- Workshops related to the named specialist areas.

- Focus on collaboration possibilities and network building.

- It is expected that the content of the assemblies and workshops is facilitated for cultural industries businesses.

- The content shall be quality assured by The Sami Parliament before it is sent to the participants.

In prelude to the programme, the consultant shall prepare the following:

Registration form.

- An on-line registration form.

- The registration form — this shall provide the consultant with useful information about the need of each participant. This should help you to prepare content for each assembly.

- The consultant shall develop the candidate selection criteria.

- In the future, The Sami Parliament shall received an overview in Excel of all registered participants.

Evaluation form:

- An on-line evaluation form where the participants shall evaluate each assembly. The purpose is to know whether we are covering the participants needs.

- When all of the assemblies have been executed, The Sami Parliament want the evaluation forms from assemblies 1, 2 and 3 in Dáhttu 1.0 to be collated and handed over to us.

For the consulting sessions:

- Preparation of a plan on how the consultant shall contact the participants, motivate those who are not making sue of the sessions, dismiss/further plan for those who have used up their hours.

- The consultant shall prepare standard questions to the participants in advance. These shall be used in the consulting sessions. We want to do this so that the participants get more out of the consulting sessions.

The Sami Parliament wants to quality ensure (1) the registration forms and (2) the evaluation forms, (3) the selection criteria, (4) questions for the consulting sessions and (5) the plan for the execution of the consultancy prior to implementation.

The consultant shall perform the following:

Prior to the assemblies:

- Determine the locations and dates for the assemblies.

- Determine the hotel and give this information to the participants.

- Book suitable meeting premises.

- Take care of food and drinks during the assemblies in Dáhttu 1.0 (lunch two days and one dinner), fruit and coffee in the breaks), as well as food and drinks in Dáhttu 2.0.

- The participants shall pay a participant fee and travel expenses.

- Recruiting and selection of the participants. The tenderer is expected to actively recruit participants in the project.

During the assemblies:

- Ensure good execution of each assembly.

- Ensure that all of the participants get consulting sessions.

- Ensure that all participants fill out the evaluation form.

After the assemblies:

- Counselling of each participant.

- After each assembly, The Sami Parliament wants a written report from the consultant.

- Requirements of report content:

— Number of participants.

— Time, place, date.

— Content programme.

— Challenges.

— Improvement potential.

— Annex: Evaluation form from the participants.

— Shall be sent to The Sami Parliament after each assembly.

- Undertake economic transactions in connection with the programme.

In Finnmark, education and guidance shall also be executable in northern Sami as well as Norwegian.

Tuition combined with job training for ethnic minorities

Fredrikstad kommune | Published November 23, 2016  -  Deadline December 13, 2016
The acquisition will provide the specified target increased Norwegian knowledge, training and qualification aimed at work. 

The education level of the target audience is also different, from primary to university-level education. Some users have also more complex challenges, which requires major adaptations and arrangements to enable work.

The course to be carried out by switching between education, job training, group related to the workplace, discussions, conversations, visits, individual tasks and work independently.

The aim is primarily work, a secondary specific competence to work. Desired achievement: 60%.

Each participant will be assessed by the supervisor at the NAV, so the innsøkte clarified for tuition and work.

Target audience:

• Not Western immigrants, primarily from Africa and Asia.

• Does not include persons with residence by EEA regulations

The challenges may be composed of cultural, mild mental distress, others self-perceived health problems and lack of motivation and belief that it is possible to get a job

• Clarified in relation to health challenges and have minimum 50% capacity for work

• No longer rights to tuition.

• Primarily participants with skills in the language level B1 - oral

• The participants have little or no work experience from Norway

Way to work

NAV Nord-Trøndelag | Published October 27, 2016  -  Deadline December 14, 2016

The aim of the course is to help participants to qualify for a teaching career.

The main target group is long-term unemployed, long-term recipients of social assistance and people with special needs for assistance at an early stage of job applications. Applicants must be over 19 years and minority applicants must have completed and passed even level B1 in the Norwegian education or have equivalent documentation of competence in Norwegian language. The course will begin with a theoretical part of 6 weeks followed by a practice period of 10 weeks.

Acquiring architect assistance with concept studies (KVU) of kindergartens

Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF | Published December 7, 2016  -  Deadline January 18, 2017

Department of Education and Knowledge (OVK) begins work on a concept study (KVU) for kindergarten borough Frogner, due to demands for liquidation of temporary kindergarten capacity in the district by 2021. It needs about 16 new branches in the district. Omsorgsbygg has been tasked to lead work with KVU. Your order from OVK describes 10 land and buildings should be included in alternative analysis. There is a need for architectural assistance in this effort. A more detailed description of the deliverables listed in Schedule 1 to the tender documents.

Intention Announcement - Vibemyr School Workshop schooling

Rogaland Fylkeskommune | Published December 8, 2016

Rogaland County intends to enter into an agreement with the Church City Mission Dept. Vibemyr school yard for the delivery of education to a group of our students at Bryne high school.

This is a deal that is considered to be reserved for non-profit organizations in accordance with current regulations. Though we have not succeeded this year to find alternative suppliers of this schooling, either nonprofit organizations or commercial companies.

Evaluation of science strategy 2015 - 2019

Utdanningsdirektoratet | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline January 12, 2017

The strategy "Hands-on science. National strategy for science in kindergarten and basic education (2015-2019) "will be evaluated, and the evaluation will take place in the period 2017 - 2021. The evaluation will include several levels: local and regional authorities, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools of management, teachers and students, and the use of expertise and professional resources from national centers, science centers and higher education sector.

The issues in the evaluation should follow the strategy's four goals and include the seven latter the main concepts in the strategy. It should be an evaluation and examination of the status prior to the implementation of the strategy with data from 2014-2017, will be analyzed against targets in 2019/2020. The present research that measures the change in student performance over time in mathematics and science, as National tests, TIMSS and PISA is relevant in this context in addition to its own data collected in 2017 and 2020. The implementation of the strategy's measures and management dialogue between government, own level, kindergarten and school should be followed and analyzed. Children and students' motivation in science and student performance should be examined. Furthermore competence in science among teachers in school and kindergarten teachers in kindergarten, as well as with other personnel elucidated.

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