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Education and training services

Tolldirektoratet [Customs Directorate] | Published October 22, 2016
Education and training services

Net-based education

Utdanningsdirektoratet | Published October 7, 2016  -  Deadline November 2, 2016

Directorate of Education wants to recruit one or more main partners who will be responsible for the organization and content development for a Mooc-based offer for kindergarten and school environment, bullying and other offense (here after referred to as Product), in collaboration with Udir, and other state actors who Udir involves work. Directorate of Education would like to receive an initial draft solution of the mission, to select appropriate partners. The initial draft should include a general description of the product, the provider's expertise and experience with similar projects. Offerors security of supply and price will also be considered. The initial draft forms the basis for further dialogue and negotiations with the client, and selection of a partner. It is crucial that product developed dynamically, in line with changes in regulations, guidelines and user feedback. Main Your partner (s) will be responsible for the development and content of the product and for coordinating cooperation with other disciplines that will contribute to the development of content. Main partner will receive annual support for the development and operation of solution even in 2020.

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2016 Framework Agreement in continuing education in IKO model

Akershus fylkeskommune, Innkjøpsstaben | Published September 26, 2016  -  Deadline November 8, 2016

The client wants cheap framework agreement for the provision of continuing education courses in learning management for head teachers and selected teachers in secondary education, the counties collaborating on projects and research-based testing of IKO model (identification, mapping and monitoring of dropout-risk students).

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Test and training vehicle for helicopter handling system

Forsvarsmateriell | Published September 27, 2016  -  Deadline October 25, 2016

Test and training vehicle which primary task is to support tests related to NH90 helicopter securing and handling on helicopter capable naval and coast guard vessels. Secondary the system will be used for training and education of flight deck crew.

The helicopter test and training vehicle will be used to mitigate risk related to using the actual NH90 helicopter for initial and experimental testing, initial certification and re-certification of the traversing systems and training and education of ground crew.

Open tender competition for procurement of a framework agreement for the purchase of biogas

Undervisningsbygg Oslo KF (Municipal Undertaking for Educational Buildings and Property) | Published September 22, 2016  -  Deadline November 4, 2016

The Municipal Undertaking for Education Buildings and Property shall enter into framework agreement for the purchase of biogas with a supplier.

The framework agreement concerns deliveries to buildings where The Municipal Undertaking for Education Buildings and Property wants to use biogas as fuel. The framework agreement is limited area wise to the contracting authority's properties.. Currently this only applies to Ris school.

A framework agreement will be signed for the purchase of biogas with a planned start date during February/March 2017. Based on previous experience and plans, we estimate that the need for biogas will be approximately 80 000 Nm3/year.

TGA/DSC/MS — thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) Differential scan calorimetry (DSC) — Masse spectromter (MS)

NTNU [The Norwegian University of Science and Technology] | Published October 13, 2016  -  Deadline October 28, 2016

Thermic analysis is an important analysis method within the catalysis discipline at the catalysis group at the Institute for Chemical Process Technology, at NTNU. Thermic analysis measures physical and chemical changes in a material as a function of temperature. It can give us important information on the volatility of the sample components, decomposition, oxidation/reduction reactions and other reactions and changes. In order to continue supporting and developing our research and education in catalysis, the institute plans to procure a thermic analyser that can measure thermic gravimetric analyses (TGA), differential scan calorimetry (DSC) and a differential thermic analyser (DTA) for connection to a mass spectromter (MS).

Flexible work schedule schemes

Arbeids- og sosialdepartementet [The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs] | Published September 30, 2016  -  Deadline November 7, 2016

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs shall enter into a research agreement for the period 2016-2018, in order to map the use, and analyse the effects of different types of flexible work schedule schemes on working life.

The Departments wants to take a closer look at what ‘flexibility in working hours means, what types of schemes can be found and the scope of these. Furthermore, it is desirable to gain more knowledge about how this is distributed across workers/industry, education, age and gender. A central question is also whether the employees want such schemes and if it is correct that technological development has contributed to major ‘freedom’ for the individual employee. Knowledge of advantages and disadvantages of increased use of such schemes will also be relevant. The Department wants to further investigate how the use of flexible working schedule schemes affect the total quantity of working hours, hereunder use of overtime. The objective of the assignment is to gain a clearer picture of and more knowledge about the use, the need for and advantages/disadvantages of using flexible working schedule schemes.

Please refer to Annex 1 to the contract for further description of the assignment.

Module building Kalnes

Sykehuset Østfold HF [Østfold Hospital] | Published October 20, 2016  -  Deadline November 1, 2016

Prices are wanted for the procurement of new modules that shall fulfil the regulatory requirements in TEK 10. The modules shall house a total of approx. 80 — 85 work places. There shall also be a meeting room, kitchen, toilets and technical room. The total area required is approx. 950 m² distributed over two floors. Allowance shall be made for work places in accordance with universal design on both floors. The module system shall fulfil applicable laws and regulations, including the Workplace Regulations. The planned moving date is as soon as possible and preferably by 1.3.2017.

The delivery also includes ground works, up and down rigging, adapted facade solution in accordance with architect drawings and connection to the necessary technical infrastructure (water, ventilation, electricity and ICT). The contracting authority will engage its own architect, who shall be the responsible applicant. The plan is that the chosen tenderer will take over the application function upon the award of contract. It is a prerequisite that the tenderer who is awarded the assignment, his consultants and sub-suppliers, have central certification or are able to fulfil the requirements in the building application regulations (SAK 10) §11 — Requirements for education and practice — with responsibility rights for:

— Responsible applicant (SØK);

— Responsible engineer designers (PRO);

— Responsible for inspecting the engineering design services (KPR);

— Responsible executors (UTF);

— Responsible for inspecting the execution (KUT).

The hospital shall be in normal operation during the construction phase. It is therefore important that there is focus on SHE (Safety, Health and Working Environment) throughout the entire construction period. The Contracting Authority will appoint an SHE co-ordinator in the engineering design and execution phase (KU and KP) as described in The Builder Regulation § 5.

Labour initiative Training (AMO) - Project vocational training

NAV Aust-Agder | Published October 18, 2016  -  Deadline November 11, 2016

Excerpt from the specifications:

Education shall prepare and qualify participants theoretically for presenting required written exam within relevant trades. It is envisaged that there are taught in several different areas simultaneously. This is a compressed education especially for adults. The curriculum for vg1, 2 and 3 of their apprenticeship will be the starting point for training. It is important that participants become familiar with the curriculum and all competency goals.

restructuring Course

NAV Møre og Romsdal | Published October 3, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016

Labour Training (AMO) for job seekers over 19 years of higher education with the need to adapt the labor market. Courses for 12 people for 12 weeks where at least 8 of them to be project based with support from the supplier. For more information see tender documents.

Framework agreement: Strengthen business proficiencies and the network of Sami cultural industry parties

Samediggi/Sametinget (The Sami Parliament of Norway) | Published October 19, 2016  -  Deadline December 2, 2016

The Sami Parliament invites tender offers on a framework agreement for external assistance to strengthen the business comprehension, collaboration and network of participants within Sami cultural industries.

The duration of the framework agreement will be three years, with start up on 1.3.2017 and completion 29.2.2020. We estimate the total value for the entire period will be 3 000 000 NOK excluding VAT.

The target group is Sami arts and cultural parties that have created businesses of their art and cultural expression. The requirement is 12 participants for each programme.

The background for the order.

The Sami community currently has many extremely skilful artists and cultural workers who create and design Sami art and culture. Some of that which characterises the Sami cultural industries branch is that it is driven by strong idealism and often with professional operation. Many of the parties have other professions aside of, or operate in combination with other businesses.

The challenge lies in strengthening the business ability of Sami cultural industries parties. The supplier for this project must meet this knowledge need, and the programme must be suitable for the special branch of cultural industries. Art and culture are a special area for the target group and they master it. The combination of art, culture and business ability could be considered to be a winning recipe

A similar programme was carried out during the period 2013-2016. The name of the programme is Dáhttu. The Sami Parliament wants to focus on development of Sami cultural industries parties. The Sami Parliament also wants to use the name Dáhttu in future initiatives. Dáhttu means to wish for, a will, something that is also considered a suitable name for future initiatives.

Requirement of ordering.

The Sami Parliament wants to strengthen the business proficiencies and network of Sami cultural industries parties. In this regard, the Sami Parliament wants to create a template on Dáhttu 1.0 and Dáhttu 2.0. By template we mean that via the programme, the supplier shall arrive at the ‘perfect’ programme. Dáhttu 1.0 builds on the basic business proficiencies. Dáhttu 2.0 is for those who want to further develop their cultural industries business, professionalise or internationalise their business.

During the contract period the following is anticipated:

- Carry out one (1) Dáhttu 1.0 programme.

- Carry out two (2) Dáhttu 2.0 programmes.

Dáhttu 1.0 contents.

Dáhttu 1.0 (one programme) consists of three assemblies. Each assembly consists of 1.5 days content.

The assembly in Dáhttu 1.0 shall consist of:

1. Assembly: Topics+ workshops + network building (1.5 days).

2. Assembly: Topics+ workshops + network building (1.5 days).

3. Assembly: Topics+ workshops + network building (1.5 days).

Dáhttu 2.0 contents.

The consultant shall give an account of how Dáhttu 2 shall be executed. It can either be in the form of assemblies or another approach.

In Dáhttu 2.0 participants will be selected amongst those who have executed Dáhttu 1, since 2013.

We also wish to offer each individual participant 30 hours consulting, for the participants in both Dáhttu 1.0 and Dáhttu 2.0.

Contents of the assemblies:

- Important disciplines we want covered are: Increase the business ability (economy, sales, market, analyse and profitability), knowledge about the customer and professionalism/quality.

- The Sami Parliament wants professional lecturers who ‘teach’ in their specialist field.

- Workshops related to the named specialist areas.

- Focus on collaboration possibilities and network building.

- It is expected that the content of the assemblies and workshops is facilitated for cultural industries businesses.

- The content shall be quality assured by The Sami Parliament before it is sent to the participants.

In prelude to the programme, the consultant shall prepare the following:

Registration form.

- An on-line registration form.

- The registration form — this shall provide the consultant with useful information about the need of each participant. This should help you to prepare content for each assembly.

- The consultant shall develop the candidate selection criteria.

- In the future, The Sami Parliament shall received an overview in Excel of all registered participants.

Evaluation form:

- An on-line evaluation form where the participants shall evaluate each assembly. The purpose is to know whether we are covering the participants needs.

- When all of the assemblies have been executed, The Sami Parliament want the evaluation forms from assemblies 1, 2 and 3 in Dáhttu 1.0 to be collated and handed over to us.

For the consulting sessions:

- Preparation of a plan on how the consultant shall contact the participants, motivate those who are not making sue of the sessions, dismiss/further plan for those who have used up their hours.

- The consultant shall prepare standard questions to the participants in advance. These shall be used in the consulting sessions. We want to do this so that the participants get more out of the consulting sessions.

The Sami Parliament wants to quality ensure (1) the registration forms and (2) the evaluation forms, (3) the selection criteria, (4) questions for the consulting sessions and (5) the plan for the execution of the consultancy prior to implementation.

The consultant shall perform the following:

Prior to the assemblies:

- Determine the locations and dates for the assemblies.

- Determine the hotel and give this information to the participants.

- Book suitable meeting premises.

- Take care of food and drinks during the assemblies in Dáhttu 1.0 (lunch two days and one dinner), fruit and coffee in the breaks), as well as food and drinks in Dáhttu 2.0.

- The participants shall pay a participant fee and travel expenses.

- Recruiting and selection of the participants. The tenderer is expected to actively recruit participants in the project.

During the assemblies:

- Ensure good execution of each assembly.

- Ensure that all of the participants get consulting sessions.

- Ensure that all participants fill out the evaluation form.

After the assemblies:

- Counselling of each participant.

- After each assembly, The Sami Parliament wants a written report from the consultant.

- Requirements of report content:

— Number of participants.

— Time, place, date.

— Content programme.

— Challenges.

— Improvement potential.

— Annex: Evaluation form from the participants.

— Shall be sent to The Sami Parliament after each assembly.

- Undertake economic transactions in connection with the programme.

In Finnmark, education and guidance shall also be executable in northern Sami as well as Norwegian.

TGA / DSC / MS - Thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) Differential skannekalorimetri (DSC) - Mass spectrometer (MS)

NTNU | Published October 10, 2016  -  Deadline October 28, 2016

Thermal analysis is an important method of analysis within the field of catalysis in Catalysis group at the Institute of Chemical Technology, NTNU. Thermal analysis measures the physical and chemical changes of a material as a function of temperature. It can give us important information about the volatility of sample components, decomposition, oxidation / reduction reactions and other reactions and changes. To further support and develop our research and education in the field of catalysis, planning department to buy a thermal analyzer capable of measuring thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA), differential skannekalorimetri (DSC) and differential thermal analysis (DTA) in connection with mass spectrometer (MS) .

Service for quality control of sites

Utdanningsdirektoratet | Published October 13, 2016  -  Deadline November 14, 2016

Directorate of Education to procure a service to control the quality of This is to ensure a good and consistent experience for all users of the website, including those with permanent or temporary disabilities.

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2016/104-KON equipment vg2 Vehicles Romsdal vgs

Møre og Romsdal Fylkeskommune | Published October 21, 2016  -  Deadline November 3, 2016

Romsdal high school has two classes per year education vg2 Vehicles. To get a future-oriented and qualitatively good training, there is a need to update teaching equipment used in the program subjects.

Principal uses Mercell Sourcing Service. To register your interest, and get access to any documents, please click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your browser. [[Http://]]. Then follow the instructions on the website.

Management training for managers in kindergartens

Utdanningsdirektoratet | Published October 5, 2016  -  Deadline November 3, 2016

This is an invitation to deliver education in leadership for managers / general managers of kindergartens. The manager refers to anyone who has the academic and administrative responsibility in kindergarten as described in Kindergarten Act § 17 management training for managers / general managers are a widening educational opportunities that will contribute to strengthening the educational and administrative leadership competence in kindergarten. Leader program shall be implemented while controls are working. The scope of the offer shall be 30 credits, and conducted over three semesters while controlling / manager is working in kindergarten.

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active young

NAV Buskerud | Published September 27, 2016  -  Deadline October 25, 2016
The acquisition is a continuation of current work-oriented action program Youth 16-24. 

The purpose of the service is to provide participants with an individually adapted motivation, guidance, targeting and monitoring assistance necessary to get or retain gainful employment, or education, or conduct a necessary and appropriate vocational measures.

Relevant participants are primarily young people aged under 24 who for various reasons do not attend high school, or are active in relation to work and work and who need assistance from NAV to return to work or education.

The primary target group is users themselves or through follow-up service has sought NAV for assistance, and that NAV can require this measure.

NAV Buskerud reserves by agreement to carry out the service for other target groups with similar challenges, and / or exceptions to the age group.

Participation in the program may be extended by up to a further six months, and the special needs up to 18 months.

There will be ongoing admission to vacant seats and the duration of the individual in Phase 1 should be individualized and until a further plan is submitted and certified in consultation with NAV

Phase 2 of the project will ensure the transition to the planned work or education, and is believed to have an average demand of 10 hours of individual supervision per. participant per. months, but this may vary from participant to participant, and change during the period.

Supplier must if desired from NAV locally, provide the measure simultaneously on / for up to all NAV Buskeruds seven areas:

For the other workover places are capacity requirement 15 in each phase Active young by appointment and delivery of NAV.

NAV Buskerud decide whether, and in what scope to use the service.

Flexible working arrangements

Arbeids- og sosialdepartementet | Published September 27, 2016  -  Deadline November 7, 2016

Labour and Social Affairs shall enter into a research agreement for the period 2016-2018, to assess the use and impacts of different types of flexible working hours in the workplace.

Ministry wants to look into what flexibility in work means, the types of arrangements that exist and their scope. It is further desirable to have more knowledge about how this breaks down on professions / nutrition, education, age and gender. A central question is also whether the employee wishes such schemes and whether it is true that technological development has contributed to greater "freedom" for the individual employee. It will also be relevant knowledge about the pros and cons increased use of such arrangements has. The Ministry would also investigate further how the use of flexible working hours affect the total amount of working time, including overtime. The purpose of the mission is to gain a clearer picture and more knowledge about the use of, need for and advantages / disadvantages of using flexible working arrangements.

Refer to Appendix 1 to the contract for a further description of the mission.

Labour initiative Training (AMO) - High proficiency - See your options

NAV Aust-Agder | Published October 17, 2016  -  Deadline November 11, 2016

Excerpt from the specifications:

The aim is to help participants to find a job. Throughout the course, participants should be encouraged to see new opportunities in relation to their education and experience.

The theoretical part:

The theoretical part will cover the following topics:

• Career guidance, including:

o Labour Education

o Coaching / guidance

o Job search methods / strategy

o Sales Engineering / Presentation Equipment / Networking

o Interview Training.

• Project Theory and project

• Finding work / project practice in relevant business

• Training in NAV self-service solutions.

Participants will during the course create a project. The project report will be written individually or in a project group with 2-3 participants. The project report will go on to orient themselves in the labor market in relation to training and how this concrete can be used in efforts to promote itself against current employers.

It is very important with close monitoring of each participant through the project work so that it becomes a realistic plan and objectives for the way forward, for example, in efforts to find an internship in relevant business.

Practice Period in business:

Participants will aim during the course to have a relevant experience in business. Participants can also carry a shorter project within their own area of ​​competence on behalf of the company. It is important that the selected internship will provide participants with ample opportunities for job in business or acquire enough knowledge / experience to apply for work in similar businesses.

Purchase of Preparedness and industrial safety, Assistance and Training

Oslo kommune, Energigjennvinningsetaten | Published September 21, 2016  -  Deadline November 4, 2016

According Regulations on municipal emergency preparedness and Oslo's contingency requirements, the EGE required to have updated emergency plans and coordinated exercises.

Haralrudanlegget subject to the regulations on industrial safety (FOR-2011-12-20-1434) and EGE obliged to have an industrial safety as adequate and efficient is able to limit the consequences adverse events may have life, health, property and the environment and contribute to rapid normalization.

Energigjennvinningsetaten want to enter into an agreement with a supplier to get covered this need.

Scope of this procurement is estimated, but not limited to:

• Consulting in connection with the preparation of contingency plans, vulnerability analysis, etc.

• Support for the implementation, evaluation and monitoring of emergency and industrial exercises. Approximately 10 to 15 exercises annually per plant and the possible external exercises.

• Completion of required courses and training of industrial personnel. The education should as a minimum meet statutory requirements, including 24-hour basic training for industrial safety in accordance with regulatory requirements, as well as courses in hot work and first aid for industrial safety. Scope is estimated to be about 20 people / year hot work, about 30 people / year first, 0-5 persons / year 24- hour basic training for industrial safety. Other courses from the vendor's course portfolio will be ordered as required in connection with necessary updating and training of people with role in industrial safety.

• It is estimated that it is necessary 5-10 visit to Romerike Biogas plants and 20 to 30 visits to facilities in Oslo. This is to be understood as estimates, and does not oblige the principal.

Framework agreement for capacity building - prevention and management of violence and intimidation

Drammen Kommune | Published October 7, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016

Drammen Municipality by Development Unit cabinet good days invite to competition on the conclusion of a framework agreement for purchase of consulting services for capacity building in the prevention and management of violence and threats of violence in the workplace.

Whatever activity and extent of experienced violence and threats of violence in everyday work, managers and employees have relevant knowledge and tools to prevent and deal with this.

The action plan is based on a survey conducted by developing unit cabinet good days and which can be summarized as follows:

--Ønske On skill development initiatives focusing on prevention strategies under the direction of development unit cabinet good days

--Ønske About educating their own trainers / resource persons in relevant organizations that primarily gets a responsibility to conduct competence in their own operations, but also can contribute their expertise across units within the organization.

Educational background of employees that are appropriate for foundation courses are varied and range from care workers without formal education to college graduates. In assessment of who will be instructors / resource persons will personal suitability and experience emphasized heavily and it is here that a minimum requirement of three years of upper secondary school level.

Competence will be measured in participants through Quest defender before and after basic and advanced courses.

The possibility of a foundation course for general staff must be kept open during this period.

Course Facilities:

Courses start up during February / March 2017.

Practical information about the assignment of the award criteria:

Pricing is filled directly into Mercell.

The award criteria be entered in Annex 2 bid form and uploaded to Mercell.

Then follow the instructions on the website.