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Architectural and related services

Gemeente Tholen | Published January 27, 2016
DAT (De Architectenwerkgroep Tilburg)

The municipality of Tholen and involved school boards intend to in the context of the area development plan "Master Tholen, Sports and Education" to create a Community School in the core Tholen. The main users are five PO (primary education) schools. In addition, it plans to rent rooms include the following amenities: Library, Preschool, Buitenschoolseopvang, medical day care and health authorities. Content aims to project a collaboration between the five-PO-schools with associated functions to produce an inspiring environment which partly an existing (VMBO) school building, located at the Abraham Beeckman Lane 6, Tholen, should be adjusted and partly in new building , by physical connection to the existing building, should be provided.

Daycare services

Gemeente Tholen | Published December 4, 2015
Zo in Brabant BV

It concerns the purchase of up to 69 200 hours for the purpose of accommodating 226 playgroup toddlers and early childhood education care for toddlers 60 target, at instance, in Brabant BV, in The Hague. This harmonization is achieved between So in Brabant BV and Stichting Peuterspeelzalen Tholen. In this way the municipality can continue to provide a high quality playgroup.
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