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Education and training services

Stichting voor Interconfessioneel Beroeps- en Algemeen Vormend Onderwijs en Volwassenen Educatie voor Rotterdam en omstreken Albeda College | Published April 15, 2017
80000000, 80570000, 80532000

The Albeda College is planning to launch a tender in the short term in the field of management development. No decision has yet been taken on the nature and extent.

The aim is to contract a service provider who can provide this service and meet future developments so that the Albeda College is prepared for the expected developments.

NA Subject market consultation.

Health and social work services

Gemeente Rotterdam | Published April 5, 2017  -  Deadline May 29, 2017

Explanation of command A: Foster Care.

A commissioned there has been offering only the Support Element 1 in step T1, because the Juvenile need only substitute upbringing. The Juvenile is normally nothing to much to worry about. The Youthful education needs replacement, it comes to providing a stable parenting situation. The duration can range from temporary to long-term, depending on the home and / or ability of the parents to pick up the education itself.

The alternative education is definitely at long seen as the new home of a Youthful, a situation may arise that require a Result Area relief from the situation only alternative education. This additional help is in that case be supplied separately contracted and possibly by a different contractor and the contractor of the replacement rearing is not contracted for the respective result area.


Stichting voor Educatie en Beroepsonderwijs Zadkine | Published April 21, 2017  -  Deadline June 13, 2017

The requested service consists broadly of:

1. the delivery and installation of office furniture;

2. the delivery and installation of furniture education;

3. the delivery and installation of furniture canteen;

4. the delivery and installation of OH & furniture and adapted OH & furniture;

5. maintenance of the said furniture and

6. advice on - and the supply, installation and maintenance of school and office furniture for the benefit of the contracting authority.

The historical financial publications in the field of furniture are as follows:

2013: EUR 155 000 (incl. VAT)

2014: EUR 420 000 (incl. VAT)

2015: EUR 350 000 (incl. VAT)

2016: EUR 215 000 (incl. Tax)

Said financial volume is an indication that no rights can be derived. See also the descriptive document.

Database services

Gemeente Rotterdam | Published March 15, 2017  -  Deadline May 29, 2017
72320000, 72000000

The services should contribute to a sustainable implementation of an effective and efficient method and organization in these areas, taking into account all aspects that play a role (such as strategy and governance (project) management, methods and techniques, education and training) and within the objectives of the municipality of Rotterdam.

The mission is aimed at supporting the municipality of Rotterdam in the following statement:

Further development of the capacity of the municipal organization to send work information, focusing on the following objectives:

- Increased maneuverability: faster and better response to what is happening in the city or in the organization.

- Effectiveness: better control on results and (chain) coherence, rather than on effort per item.

- Efficiency: results at lower cost and with a shorter turnaround time.

- Transparency: better informed decisions.

- Optimal policy development: better policy choices.

Further development of data management, focusing on:

- A future-proof data management where quality and privacy of data are secured and data flows are transparent and manageable.

- Developing, implementing and maintaining a data strategy and data architecture.

- Designing, implementing and continuously improve data management at strategic, tactical and operational levels, from an organizational and information science perspective.

This support is provided in the form of knowledge and expertise in the field of innovative forms of Information-Based Work and Data Management, in a way that contributes to the sustainable implementation of the desired method and taking into account all aspects that play a role (such as : strategy, organization and governance (project) management, methods and techniques, education and training).

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