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Audio-visual equipment

Stichting Primair en voortgezet onderwijs Zuid-Nederland | Published December 13, 2016  -  Deadline January 27, 2017

The spend on mission is defined as follows:

- The brand-independent advice on digital presentation resources for education and apply software taking into account the advice of the software is already in use;

- The provision of digital presentation resources for the educational software available for testing;

- Delivering digital presentation resources for education (at least touch screens, displays for the benefit of presentations, projectors and beamers for large spaces and fittings, equipment for digital signage and presentation resources that come during the term of the agreement on the market ) and software for which the choice, partly on the basis of the opinion of the Contractor shall be made by SPVOZN;

- Installing digital presentation resources for education;

- Identifying and providing service to deliver new and already ...

The scope of the contract, the device with new digital presentation resources for education and replacement of digital presentation resources for education estimated that approximately 100 classrooms during the contract period. That number no rights can be derived.

Structural engineering consultancy services

Gilde Opleidingen p/a Het NIC BV | Published June 10, 2015  -  Deadline July 16, 2019
Requires Guild looking for consultants with experience in the following areas: - consulting and project management services to surrounding property-related projects; - Technical advice on property related projects, such as construction and renovation. First further interrogation: This extension means and the experience gained from one of the most innovative and sustainable renovation projects in the Netherlands, namely the renovation of the education building since the Groenveld Singel 40 Venlo Guild. The tender will be held on the basis of best value procurement, with most quality is achieved at the most advantageous tender. The total size of the two educational buildings in Roermond concerns approximately 12 000 sqm, where the estimated total construction costs (including VAT) are estimated at around six million euros.
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