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Skills Development and Youth Employment - P145861

Bureau du Spécialiste en Passation de Marchés | Published December 8, 2014

General Procurement Notice PROJECT: Skills Development and Youth Employment (PROCEJ) CREDIT NO: 5513MLI DON No.: H971-ML No. DUPROJET IDENTIFICATION: P145861 The Government of theRepublic of Mali and undon obtained credit from the World Bank an amount equivalent to US $ 63 million pourfinancer the Skills Development Project and Youth Employment (PROCEJ) and intends to utiliserlesfonds to address some of the services contracts to be procured under this project. The project is structured around the following three components that operate in synergy: It includes two sub-components: "subcomponent 1-1: Diploma courses" for appuyerdes specific public and private sector training in filièresprioritaires, and in a way more transversalela training of trainers in these sectors and "sub component 1-2: Formationsqualifiantes" to support and strengthen the Youth Training offers nonscolarisés, uneducated or not oriented in alternative training methods that can take place in workshops or seindes structures alternating training and education. It also includes 2In-components "sub-component 2.1: Promotion of Youth Entrepreneurship", whose objective is to promote youth employment by solutionentrepreneuriale school youth with little or pasdiplômés like other graduates and " sub-component 2.2: Support for the development of MSMEs "to strengthen PMEexistantes (i) by providing technical assistance and training through a fund to help coûtspartagés améliorerleur performance and competitiveness and to acquire the necessary know-how profitable growth and (ii) contributing • Reduction of the financial constraints facing these SMEs. · Component III - Capacity building and coordination projet.Cette descapacités component is the strengthening of departments and agencies involved in the project, supporting the legal framework governing the employment and training, and lerenforcement statistics for employment. Consultants will choisisconformément the Guidelines: Selection of Consultants by World etEmploi Labanque of Borrowers (January 2011 edition). The notices for contracts to be passésconformément of the appeals to international competition Bank mondialeseront published as they become available, in UN Develop Business (UNDB online) and in national newspapers, will be conducted at a screening for the following markets: ü Consultancy: · recruitment of an international consultant pourl'évaluation impact; · Sizing study deBankas institutions (Mopti); · Recruit a private firm to manage Desfonds shared costs and business plans competition; · Technical assistance legal framework for learning; · Recruitment of an external auditor;

Skills Development and Youth Employment - P145861

MEFPJCC | Published July 21, 2015  -  Deadline December 31, 2015

General Procurement Notice From The Marches GENERAL NOTICE DEPASSATION MARKETS (2) COUNTRY: MALI PROJECT: Développementdes Skills and Employment Youth (PROCEJ) CREDIT NO: 5513MLI DON No.: H971-ML NO IDENTIFICATION of the draft: P145861 The Government of theRepublic of Mali has obtained credit and Bank mondialed'unmontant donation equivalent to US $ 63 millionspour finance the Skills Development and Youth Employment Project (PROCEJ), eta intend to use fondspour address some services markets to be acquired in dece project. The project is structured around three components suivantesquiopéreront in synergy: Ellecomprend2 subcomponents: "subcomponent 1-1: Diploma courses" to support specific établissementspublics and private sector training in filièresprioritaires, and in a more cross training of trainers dansces same channels and "sub composante1-2: Formationsqualifiantes" to support and training for school renforcerl'offre jeunesnon, uneducated or not oriented in alternative deformation can take place in workshops or training within structuresalternant practical and theoretical. It also includes two subcomponents: "under-composante2.1: Promotion of Youth Entrepreneurship" that the objectifest to promote youth employment through entrepreneurial solution to Desjeunes school leavers, graduates as few or no other graduates and "sub-component 2.2: Soutienau MSME development" to strengthen existing SMEs (i) enleur providing technical assistance and training by coûtspartagés funds to help them improve their performance and competitiveness and àacquérir expertise required for profitable growth and (ii) encontribuant reduce financial constraints facing SMEs. Component III -Strengthening capacity and coordination component aims projet.Cette the renforcementdes capacity etagences departments involved in the project, supporting the legal framework governing the employment andforming, and capacity statistics for employment. Lesconsultants will be selected in accordance with the Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers (January 2011 edition). The avisrelatifs to markets that are to be awarded in accordance auxprocédures appeal to international competition World Bank serontpubliés soon as they have in Develop A Business (UNDB online) ainsique in national newspapers, Ilsera conducted uneprésélection for markets following: Services of a consultant: recruitment of an international consultant to évaluationde impact; sizing study desétablissements of Bankas (Mopti); hiring a private firm to manage fondsà shared costs and business plans competition; technical assistance legal framework for learning; recruitment of an external auditor; project formulation insertionprofessionnelle survey of graduates of technical education and professionnelpublic; Development of planstratégique dedéveloppement del'ONEF; Development of a regulatory framework forthe formationpar learning; Lessoumissionnaires potential meeting the criteria of provenance etsouhaitant be on the short list of consultants in the cadredes appeals to international competition or those ayantbesoin derenseignements complementary, should contact the address below. Spécialisteen Office of Procurement of the National Coordinating Unit PROCEJsise in Hamdallaye ACI 2000 Bamako Mali 323 Street Phone: (+223) 44 90 3268/44 90 32 67 Adresseélectronique: or

Sahel Women's Emp. Demographics & Proj - P150080

Projet Autonomisation des Femmes et le Dividende Démographique au Sahel (SWEDD) | Published August 31, 2016  -  Deadline September 16, 2016

Selection Of Ong And Development Of The Association For Development In The piece Activites De La 1.2du Component Project Swedd REPUBLIC DUMALI One People - One Goal - One Faith ---------------- ** ---------------- DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING AND POPULATION DUTERRITOIRE ** ---------------- ------ ---------- UNIT PERFORMANCE OF PROJETAUTONOMISATION WOMEN AND DEMOGRAPHIC DIVIDEND Sahel (PAFDDS / SWEDD) ---------------- ** ---- ------------ CALL FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST SELECTION OF NGOS AND DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATIONS FOR GETTING IN? IMPLEMENTATIONGUIDE ACTIVITIES OF THE COMPOSANTE1.2 SWEDD PROJECT Financing WORLDBANKOPERATIONSEV AMI No. QCBS / 2016 / 002 No credit: 5570 - ML procurement Plan market 3 1. the Government of the Republic of Mali has received a credit from the international development Association (IDA) to finance the cost of the project Empowerment of Women the Demographic Dividend in the Sahel, and intends to use part of the amount dece credit to make lespaiements under the following contract: Implemented project activities of the component 1.2 Project in targeted zonesd'intervention?. It agitdu a- project to support learning and the economic empowerment of girls and HEALTH RESEARCH BULLETIN in the regions of Kayes, Koulikoro, Sikasso, Segou, Mopti, Gao and the periphery of deBamako b- school district project girls in Kayes, Sikasso, Segou and Mopti c- health project adolescent reproductive and youth (Sraj) in the regions of Kayes, Koulikoro, Sikasso and Mopti. ? 3. Services for the implementation desprojets main activitéssuivantes include: - Identification of beneficiaries (target audience) - Animation / sensibilisationdes communities Surles issues of neonatal maternal, child and nutrition (SRMNIN), schooling and empowerment desfelles / women - training (literacy enmétiers training and AGR) towards girls / women - Organization encadrementtechnique followed degestion around economic activities - Organization of tutoring, lespasserelles, management mom scholarships and school kits to benefit girls - Implementation and animation espacessurs - Recruitment and coaching mentors and peer educators - Development and dissemination of educational-messagessocio related to Sraj. The criteria for establishing the shortlist are lessuivants: - Evidence of the establishment of the structure as NGOs àtravers the framework agreement or association through the receipt; - The logistics capacity of the structure (physical office, basic equipment: computers, printers ,?) - Experience in project intervention area: régionsde Kayes, Koulikoro, Sikasso, Segou, Mopti, Gao and periphery Bamako district - Lastructure the general experience of endirection interventions of vulnerable rural, peri-urban or urban (at least 5 years of development practices), - specific experience in one or domainesd'intervention more of the following: § girls' education (tutoring, gangways, mum grants management, animation / sensibilisationcommunautaires, etc.) § training and support for economic activities for girls / women: literacy, training for careers and AGR , organization, monitoring management, leadership / community awareness § Santédela adolescent reproductive and youth: establishment etanimation safe spaces, animation / sensibilisationcommunautaires with a feature for young people on the Sraj. Similar missions that are not supported by proof neseront ignored. It is brought to the attention of the structures that lesdispositions paragraph 1.9 of the "Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by Borrowers WORLDBANKOPERATIONSEV as part of the BIRDet Loans and IDA Credits Donations" in January 2011, auxrègles on the WORLDBANKOPERATIONSEV for conflict of interest apply. A shortlist will be made by projetet a structure may be part of the three lists if it has the necessary qualifications. 7. NGOs and associations intéresséespeuvent obtain further information at the following times at the address below, from 8:00 to 4:00 p.m.: Project Implementation Unit and the Empowerment of Women DividendeDémographique the Sahel (PAFDDS / SWEDD) Building atata BABY Avenue du Mali Rue 266 Porte 2158, 302 2nd floor office, ACI2000 Bamako, near the roundabout BougieBA, Telephone (00223) 20 23 01 95, E-mail: Written expressions of interest must be submitted àl'adresse above by physical mail, or by email to later than September 16, 2016 to

ML-Strengthening Reprod Health (FY12) - P124054

Projet de Renforcement de la Santé de la Reproduction | Published July 31, 2015  -  Deadline August 14, 2015

Accountant SOLICITATION EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST REPUBLIC OF MALI Project Renforcementde the Reproductive Health (PRSR) duPoste Title: Accountant Credit: IDAH7530 05-2015 / PPM In order to ensure the implementation of project activities, the Ministry? Health launches présentavis for the recruitment of a (e) Accounting for Strengthening Project Santéde Reproduction (PRSR). FUNCTION AND RESPONSIBILITY (a) Accounts shall be an executive bringing together the essential qualities requisespar the tasks conferred to Unitéde Project, namely the creation of a single system of management accounting and desfinances comprising (i) ensure administrative, financial and accounting, (ii) ensure the optimal use of computerized financial management system, (iii) Provide technical support to partners involved in administrative, accounting financierset; He (she) reports hierarchically Financial Management Specialist of the project. SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS The candidate or the candidate's profile and devrajustifier the following qualifications: The Accountant must meet minimum qualifications set out below. ? A supérieurde minimum BAC + 3 degree in accounting and finance, financial management, control gestionou accounting; Experience in an audit firm would unatout; ? Knowledge of lagestion development projects financed by the World Bank; ? Knowledge and lamaîtrise TOMPRO of management software; ? A enanalyse financial, communication and drafting financial reports. In addition, lecandidat or candidate must have (i) the organizational and budgetary planning; (Ii) a spirit initiativeet the sense of anticipation; (Iii) the direction of the communication; (Iv) the ability to apply management procedures and decirculation financial reporting; and (v) the experience of working under pressure and in order to respect leséchéances project. As such, it will work in close collaborationavec all members of the team, under the direction of the Project Coordinator. DURATION OF THE MISSION This period may be extended until 13 February 2017 if performance is satisfactory candidatretenu, selonles criteria to be defined in the contract or in an internal memo submitted to the opinion of NO beyond Bank. COMPOSITION AND DATE ON THE APPLICATION 1- The application shall consist of the following:? A request to laCoordinatrice sis project Hamdallaye ACI 2000 near the Human Resources Department of the Education Sector, Street: 209, Gate 84? A detailed CV, making school duparcours status and diplomas, any professional experience in reverse chronological order, the compétenceslinguistiques, and other securities (or certification) appropriate professional; ? Names and contact details (detéléphone numbers and email addresses) of three professional references (companies, services, institutions or individuals) clearly indicating the report of the professional reference to the candidate). ? Certified copies of the certificate diplômeset. ? Candidates should égalementinclure a salary history of their past 3 years. 2- dossiersde Nominations must be: -either Filed in sealed envelopes, auplus August 14, 2015 to 15 am GMT, at the reception of the Reproductive Health Building Project. ? -Or Send by email (editable formatnon) at the following address: If the sontcommuniquées applications in sealed envelopes, files must be sent in an A4 envelope with the title "for RecrutementComptable account Building Project of Reproductive Health (PRSR). " Applications sent by fax neseront not accepted. The language of submission of application dossiersde isthe French. Questions and / or phone calls from applicants will not be accepted before publication beyond the preset list. GENERAL INFORMATION Tel 44 90 34 04
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