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Supervision of construction works and equipping of 77 physical education facilities in primary and secondary schools within the Project for construction and equipping of 145 physical education facilities

Ministry of Education and Science | Published December 13, 2016  -  Deadline January 20, 2017

Supervision of construction works and equipping of 77 physical education facilities in primary and secondary schools within the Project for construction and equipping of 145 physical education facilities.

Basic data on the physical education facilities models for which the supervision activities are needed are given in Table 1, and the list of locations/construction sites is given in Table 2 from tender documentation.

Contractual obligations of the economic operator in the process of contract implementation shall be

— To make certain that the contractor performs the basic construction requirements and all other conditions determined in the design documents, Construction Law and other relevant laws and bylaws,

— To make certain that the contractor operates under Macedonian standards that are in compliance with European standards.

— To determine that all construction workers are regularly employed and possess all the required licenses and authorizations.

— To make certain that the contractor uses materials with technical characteristics and other technical requirements in accordance with the investors requirements described in the bills of quantities.

— To make certain that the contractor provides attests certifications for the embedded materials, as well as results from analysis for quality control of the construction materials

— To make certain that the contractor abides under all instructions provided by the supervising engineers in relation to movement of equipment, material and work force.

— To conduct regular checking, control of quantities of works in the interim certificates and in the final certificate based on their record and/or measurement of quantities and data from the construction record book and construction diary,

— To conduct regular control of construction works in terms of quality and quantity, in accordance with the design documents and construction work plan.

— To conduct regular check, control and verification of the construction record book completed by the contractor,

— To submit to the investor monthly reports for construction activities entered in the monthly interim certificate/invoice, as well as final supervising report as an appendix to the technical/operational acceptance certificate

— To make certain that safety and security measures for people, materials and environment are followed on daily basis.

— To inform the investor on all defects and/or irregularities observed in the course of construction and record them in the construction diary,

— To provide opinion on the suggestions made by the contractor, and offer solutions in case of unclear or undefined positions/items.

— To be regularly present at the construction site.

Miscellaneous services

Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Macedonia | Published December 16, 2016  -  Deadline February 9, 2017

During the Entry phase, the implementer is expected to develop a monitoring framework, and several analyses aiming to support the planning design of the Main Phase I, such as a detailed stakeholders analysis, a risk analysis, and a cost-benefit analysis for the programme's Main phase I. The implementer should define a strategic approach to support both formal and non-formal education that will be used during the Main phase I by establishing the differences, particularities and interlinkages between the non-formal and formal education system and potential avenues of knowledge transfer between the 2 systems. In addition, the hindering factors and bottlenecks which limit the capacity of key stakeholders to cooperate effectively and jointly perform their function of improving the employability of the youth.

To select sectors in which the programme will operate, the implementer shall define selection criteria, and to assess the involvement, and possibly identify, test and select ...

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