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Household-refuse disposal services

ACSE SpA | Published November 18, 2015  -  Deadline January 12, 2016

The service must be provided with adequate and authorized to transport waste that question of capacity and capacity needed to ensure the transport from the tap ACSE SpA sites: Casciello snc - Scafati, Diaz 98 - Scafati. Sampling of waste put out for tender in dedicated presses roll-off, roll-off boxes or other containers comply with mandatory legislation, must be made "on demand" by fax and shall be provided within 24 hours of the request. The aforementioned caissons / presses emptied by the contractor must be promptly reported empty in the source site, but no later than 24 hours, to allow the continuity and regularity of the service of collection of waste. At the end of the contract the contractor is obliged to recall the caissons / presses in wear conditions in which they are located, without it being requested any kind of compensation to the customer. 152/2006. Are expressed burden contractor any costs for training and education of employees ACSE SpA use of equipment, the only costs chargeable to possibly ACSE SpA will be those for equipment failures caused by incorrect or improper use, and / or unauthorized modification of the equipment. The contractor is required to make at the beginning of the contract and at least once every six months inter partes examination with the customer on the equipment in a supply to be in perfect state of use and maintenance. The contractor is required to deliver first, to start the transport service to the client, certified copy of the registration certificate of the vehicle and transporting. In this case the contractor will be accounted for the actual number of trips made. The selection of the multi-material is required to obtain the following components: Plastic packaging waste CER 150102. packaging tinplate 150104. 150104. 4. Aluminum packaging (if any) cards and board 200101. 5. (if any) over screening material 191212. L ' contractor shall be required at least every four to communicate to the customer the results of their selection by specifying the weight of the individual components 5 of the table above, the total and the percentage by weight of each. The selected waste must be pressed if required by the specific platform CONAI. The waste fractions selected will be conferred, from the contractor to the specific platforms CONAI. If the average percentage of screening material is equal to or less than 30% (thirty percent) by weight of the incoming waste, the costs of disposal are included in the unit price offered and awarded. If this percentage is over 30% the buyer is obliged to pay the contractor the costs of disposing of screening material for quantity corresponding to more than 30 percentage points and up to the average assessed and the unit price, including transport, coinciding with that determined about undifferentiated of the Province of Salerno. That is why at the start of service on the first 3 loads and then once a month, will be carried out in the presence of the adversarial parties a qualitative analysis of the material thus given to determine the relative percentages of different fractions. The client may request further verification at its sole discretion, at his own expense, more adversarial, where ever the results of the service were to significantly deviate from the average determined.
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