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Provision of education and awareness development expert activities - information on the contract award notice

ÉMI Építésügyi Minőségellenőrző Innovációs Nonprofit Kft. | Published December 4, 2015
MATURITAS Tanácsadó és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
80000000, 80540000

And the quantity of procurement: ongoing professional knowledge generated during the project implementation, partly related to education and awareness development and content of final follow up. Expert assistance related to the Project Commissioned by the decisions of the preparation. Experts in the design of resolutions relating to participation in education and awareness project development, final production, quality documents, in connection with the functional, technical compliance of. Partly related to development education and awareness generated by the project and effectively ensure product quality. Expert partly related to the proportion in relation to the resolution design created during the education and awareness of project development, final production value. Resolution of the Project design expert professional contractors charged with implementing the judgment of the contractual performance of products related to the subject of the results generated awareness and education for development. Relating to education and development, quality insurance awareness and decision-making activities in the framework supply contract for (continuous). Documentation: During the delivery of documents to be produced within two (2) pieces of original and printed on one (1) electronic copy of the transfer.

Szentendre ÁROP contract amendment fourth

Szentendre Város Önkormányzata | Published November 14, 2014
79411000, 79414000, 79412000, 79952000

Organizational development activities to implement the Szentendre Municipality ÁROP 3.A.2-2013-application of code of the tasks to be fulfilled: the Mayor's Office of organizational development c. review of the measures undertaken and implemented application. Institutional structure, institutional management model to develop, review, reorganization, development and implementation of organizational proposals for more effective functioning of the economic activities of companies. For the establishment of sustainable management and fiscal balance structural changes, in this context, the government in the short and medium-term fiscal situation, the financing structure of the assessment, as well as to reduce costs, increase efficiency of short, medium and long-term options, and the development and definition options with greatest potential strategy. 4. Local Government maintained, or is operated institutions - development of job-related provision and funding model - operated especially public educational and social, public education, child protection institutions, and the government of kitchens, student and supplying adult meal duties institutions. Design and implementation of voluntary and can be equipped with an acceptable level of regional engagement in relation to regional task-order model. Review, re-organization, the organizational policies related to the review of local government affected by the restructuring of professional tasks and support processes; three selected process reorganization and optimization. The transformation of government functions in relation to the mayor's offices and institutions of the settlements, major occupational human resource capacity management, their job classification and organization of the fit of Revision of reorganization. Continuous across the entire project duration follow-up the implementation of the developed efficiency-enhancing measures, providing expert support. Knowledge Sharing Level 2: professional presentations and consulting opportunities Knowledge Sharing Level 3: Contribution of one day duration of the workshop organization. Based on the implementation of the tasks set out above horizontal tasks are defined in detail in the tender documents. Quantities: the implementation of previous studies showing organizational development job board 1 Changed 2 cam follower internal policies supporting infrastructure, contractual relations, presenting a study of institutional management model with 2 options 1 Increase efficiency demonstration study 1
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