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ELI-HU Kutatási és Fejlesztési Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft. | Published December 22, 2016  -  Deadline February 13, 2017

Laser System attempts to set the purchase by sale on the basis of a joint venture agreement.

1 piece pulses with two output power laser system for design, manufacture or legyártatása, destination transportation, installation, commissioning, trial operation and operator education, as well as the transfer and ownership created during the performance laser system transfer to the contracting authority.

Laboratory, optical and precision equipments (excl. glasses)

ELI-HU Kutatási és Fejlesztési Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft. | Published December 17, 2016  -  Deadline February 9, 2017

1 to obtain an integrated, ultra-high resolution electron beam lithography system.

The acquisition includes detailed technical content, technical specifications and the draft contract.

New, that has not been used for a piece of an integrated, ultra-high resolution, extended the Raith GmbH eLINE Plus system is equivalent to electron beam lithography system.

The offer must contain an electron microscope imaging system and an electron beam lithography for integrated manufacturers of floor system and all auxiliary equipment necessary for the operation of such facilities, including uninterruptible power supplies, and cooling unit is closed.

The proposal must also include a device to be delivered together with the spare parts kit with the following items: 2 battery packs to the UPS; 2 multi-span apertúrakészlet; 1 extraktorapertúra; 1 anódapertúra.

- The system is based on the electron source of thermally assisted téremisszión Schottky emitter, and the electron optics include fast electrostatic nyalábárnyékolót.

- The electron optics digitally controlled, it is necessary that the electron beam energy can be varied between 20 eV and 30 keV.

- The recordable area is a step variable mm side length of 0.5 micrometers to about 2, measured at 20 kV accelerating voltage minimum nyalábméret 1.6 nm.

Energy dispersive X-ray micro-analysis device (EDS) which is capable of 5-95 atomic number element is provided with the detection and analysis and elemental map creation software.

- The sample support table xy lateral positioning ensures laser interferometer 100 mm x 100 mm in the range of at least 1 nm resolution.

- It can be created by a system of grids minimum period does not exceed 40 nm, and the minimum size of a pattern formed by the system is not more than 8 nm.

- Resulting from the concatenation of the writing areas error ( "Field stiching error" | mean | + 3 * SD) to a maximum of 40 nm, the overlap accuracy ( "overlay accuracy" | mean | + 3 * SD) is also up to 40 nm.

be Offeror's offer to undertake the purchase of spare parts inventory, destination delivery, commissioning, trial run, the operator education, provision of spare parts kit, the software made available updates, and also a minimum 48-month warranty - except for EDS energiadiszeprzív röntgenspektrométer and parts thereof respect for which a minimum 24 month warranty - and created during the performance of the system and transfer the transfer by sale to the contracting authority on the basis of a joint venture agreement.

Under the contract has been awarded 4-person training personnel on-site to train up to five days is required.

Detailed technical content of the system include the technical specifications and the draft contract.

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