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Honvédelmi Minisztérium Védelemgazdasági Hivatal | Published February 3, 2017  -  Deadline March 20, 2017
34150000, 80000000

1 set of contracts of sale Helicopter Combat Training Simulator procurement staff, as well as a total of five people (two people and teaching people alájátszó 3) training, education.

Research and development consultancy services

Fogyatékos Személyek Esélyegyenlőségéért Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. | Published January 21, 2017  -  Deadline February 27, 2017
73200000, 80521000, 92312212, 80500000, 80530000, 72311000, 72320000

Engagement mixed with elements of a contract EFOP-1.9.1-VEKOP-15-2016-00001 code "CO-project - the development of institutional capacity replacement Social Policy Co-ordination Workshop" in connection with the development and implementation of priority projects on the replacement of complex needs assessment methodology and tools of professional support, training the use of the device object.

Complex triggers the needs assessment, including support for custom induction and training needs assessment (EKISz2), and developing methodologies for complex triggers Individual Development Plan (EKKiFeT):

1 author curve;

The 3/4 side of the good practices pointer training - analysis of development methods);

EKISz2 content with respect privacy rules as well as the development of a means EKISz2 standard database, using a free, open source, easily accessible database management system, preparation of instructions.

copyright carrying out one sheet), it is based on the methodologies necessary amendments.

EKISz2 founding staff was engaged in preparation of training:

6 A / 4 pages);

4 sheets of copyright);

2.5 arc copyright) to organize and conduct training of trainers, training courses completed the compilation of documentation.

8 for example) on paper, the training venue (planned Budapest) and the provision of technical conditions AT task.

Training of staff is engaged in EKISz2 2.2. According to point basis in accordance with an approved training program, agreed with AK-training schedule.

100 hours of training / education (group 2 trainer), seven days of training, planned number of participants: 160 people, eight groups, 20 people / group.

Participants providing materials for the training (participants excipient EKISz2 and EKKiFeT methodologies) for (a planned 160 for example) on paper, the education barrier-free venue (planned Budapest) and the provision of technical conditions, preparation of training experiences and the reporting of training dossier AT task.

0.5 author sheets).

400 (optional +130) within the framework of consulting hours.

1 copyright arc); The necessary amendments to the methodologies.

2 main expert / time spot in Budapest).

A detailed job description included the procurement documents.

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Magyar Testgyakorlók Köre Budapest | Published February 14, 2017  -  Deadline April 14, 2017

The development of Kerepesi Sports Park to make way for the 2019 European Maccabi Games Act (Event) central events of sports competitions, cultural and community programs. utóhasznosítási period after the events of the completed facilities mainly in education and youth-serving as well as a competitive sport and leisure sport can be important venues, while excellent opportunities to provide a leisure area for the urban population.

The implementation of the development solution provides several key social responsibility in terms of:

- Successful implementation is also supported by the Government of Events,

- Implementation of city development goals, reuse of brownfield sites, creation of an open action, civic, urban environment for sport and leisure needs playgrounds, outdoor sports surfaces

- Utóhasznosításként of the rising generation and race and facilities for leisure sport creation of related medical services and technical environment that facilities for 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games organized in Budapest excellent training venues, additional sports fields may or accommodation and other service functions are also provided.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Kormányzati Informatikai Fejlesztési Ügynökség | Published February 2, 2017  -  Deadline March 3, 2017

Delivery of Digital Consumer protection projects related to application development licenses, design, implementation, integration, implementation, introduction of project management, education, and the provision of support services test run.

The subject of this public procurement "consumer protection systems and electronic information development" in the Digital Consumer Protection Law alprojektjének project within the framework of an integrated consumer IT application and system design environment.

To achieve this, the need to develop insurance is available through the Web user authentication, analytical-statistical design module, an electronic administrative services (data submission, document management, course of business support, management), which includes a number of external systems integrated system.

The planned development of consumer protection across all three areas of work, especially in the administrative procedures, controls, and information broadcast.

The result of the project under the Digital Consumer Protection in the following major electronic services to be made available to citizens and businesses:

- Electronic information: raising consumer awareness knowledge implementation and sharing of tomorrow's dynamic content;

The padding ensure a well-structured, electronic forms;

- Electronic notification: affairs with regard to specific customers will receive notification by electronic means;

- Electronic complaint book: citizens and businesses with opportunities for the electronic registration of complaints;

- Electronic business communication: access to electronic services for businesses, which can be sent using the electronic form in the form of mandatory data services.

The project will be developed and should be implemented on the following:

- Consumer Professional Support System

- Consumer Analysis and Statistics System design,

- Consumer Professional Content Management System

- Professional System Services platform.

The system design should be carried out at least 350 people (100 competitors) user number.

Under the earlier development of the consumer protection system will also be built with a data connection.

tasks to be performed by the contractor during the performance:

a) system specification, design,

development, integration b) systems;

c) introduction of systems (installation, testing, training);

Services d) warranty period.

System implementation planning services

NISZ – Nemzeti Infokommunikációs Szolgáltató Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság | Published February 7, 2017  -  Deadline March 14, 2017
72224100, 72265000, 72261000, 72224000, 72227000

The municipal ASP further development and national extension (ASP 2.0) in the framework of the national project to obtain professional ASP File System and national implementation.

The object of the acquisition:

- ASP File System and professional

- The purchase of national implementation.

The rate and related milestones.

The list of tasks is planning to implement a system based on the following Contracting beats and milestones, deliverables part:

Schedule Milestone Task Completion deadline.

Basic Software (canned / boxed proprietary software) and switch-Do's license Delivery within 15 days after the entry into force of the Treaty.

ASP File System Integration expertise, the No. 1 requirement for package implementation and integration, transfer of related documents within 45 days after the entry into force of the Treaty.

ASP File System Integration expertise, the No. 2 package implementation requirements, and integrate the transfer of related documents, to maintain education records management system source code delivery within 160 days after the entry into force of the Treaty.

Roadmap and template-k related service packages shipped within 30 days from the first phase to a fill.

2 - Introduction of an integrated national system of professional ASP Document 2. Connecting Local Governments (national deployment-related tasks to the municipalities under: performing data migration, customization, support of local authorities, conducting trainings) within 240 days of the first phase being met.


Phase I:

Optional functions:

- Up to 200 experts within the framework of day care on the basis of individual orders set out in the technical specification types of tasks,

- An optional framework called off 160 days after the entry into force of the contract.

II. beat

Optional functions:

- To provide nationwide deployment-related tasks to local governments (municipalities buckle lakoztatása) a total of 678 municipalities,

- 240 calendar days after the first frame of the options available in closure rate that the milestone will start the Sene-condition for the successful completion of Stage 2 first milestone.

More information:

tasks and milestones to be performed, coherence, complexity does not make it possible to purchase under this method of division, to form one process.

Information on the tender security to provide for:

The tender guarantee rate: 25 million HUF (that is, twenty-five million forints) to be made available to the Contracting proposal commitment lasts (until the end of the tender period) Bidder.


The maximum penalty for breaching the 20% of the fund.

- A faulty performance penalty is a penalty of 20% of the fund.

- The payment in case the responsibility of the Contractor's failure to reach agreement Contractor rain failure penalty is required, the rate of 25%.

The detailed requirements included in the draft contract.

According to § 134 (6) a) of guarantees or surety commitments granted by the tenderer as contractor the option of bail in the required amount of money in contracting for counterparty payment account payment of, transfer of, a financial institution or insurance by providing or under an insurance contract issued kötelezvénnyel - - with surety.

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