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Honduras JSDF Education Project - P150582

 | Published February 11, 2015

Small Contracts Award (dir,cqs,indv,sss) Anuncio de adjudicación de contrato por montos pequeñosHondurasProyecto: P150582 - Piloting New Forms of Community-Administered Período del informe: 05-Nov-2014 - 31-Jan-2015 Empresa/personaadjudicataria : Consultor IndividualPaís: Honduras Fecha de la firma del contrato: 05-Nov-2014 Método de adquisición: INDV- Selección de Consultores Individuales Precio: HNL 225,000.00 Duración: 5 Mes(es) Resumen del alcance del contrato: SUPERVISIÓN PROYECTO "REFORZAMIENTOESTRUCTURAL, AMPLIACIÓN Y CERCO PERIMETRAL DE LA ESCUELAPROHECO ELFRIDA BROOKS"


 | Published October 26, 2015  -  Deadline June 16, 2016

Social Safety Net Support Program II The general objective of the program is to help beneficiary families build up their human capital and boost their consumption levels. The specific objectives are: (i) to increase the use of education, health, and nutrition services by pregnant women and young people under 18 years of age; (ii) to boost consumption through targeted conditional cash transfers; (iii) to increase the availability of middle-school education (grades 7 to 9) in targeted rural areas; and (iv) to make program management more efficient.

Apoyo al desarrollo de Políticas Docentes

 | Published August 26, 2016

Support the development of Teaching Policies The Hondurean Government is in the process of application of a new law in the education sector. This law introduces major changes in teacher policy, including teacher training, entrance into service, wages evolution. Tis CT will provide support to the government through this process.

Adquisición de Equipo de Oficina y Accesorios

 | Published December 7, 2014  -  Deadline January 19, 2015

Support to the Social Protection Network Program The objective of this program is to promote human capital accumulation for the most vulnerable population. The specific objectives are: (i) to promote human capital accumulation through increased use of education, health and nutrition services, and (ii) to strengthen the institutional capacity including descentralization as well as the technical tools to promote the efficiency of the program

Programa de apoyo al Bono 10 Mil en las zonas urbanas con énfasis en desarroll

 | Published January 22, 2016  -  Deadline February 12, 2016

Support to the Bono 10 Mil in urban areas with emphasis in promoting labor mark The Government of Honduras (GoH), in order to promote mitigation actions of poverty, reduction of inequality and the promotion of the use of health and education services, created the program transfers monetary conditioned (PTMC), presidential programme for health, education and nutrition, "Bono 10,000", to break the cycle of inter-generational poverty through the accumulation of human capital. The program delivers a transfer of up to Lps.10.000 (equivalent to US$ 505 per year) per household, which represents 10.5% and 30.9% of the income of households in poverty and extreme poverty, respectively, coverage under the program is currently 350,000 of which 290,000 families are found in rural areas and 60,000 families in urban areas, this represents 83% to 17% coverage respectively.

Programa de Apoyo al Sistema de Protección Social: ADQUISICIÓN DE EQUIPO DE INFORMÁTICA

 | Published March 28, 2016  -  Deadline October 25, 2016

Social Protection System Support Program I The overall objective of the program is to foster the accumulation of human capital in families in extreme poverty. The specific objectives are: (i) promote the formation of human capital through the use of education services, health and nutrition, (ii) support the consumption of beneficiary households, (iii) strengthen and consolidate processes to increase efficiency, and (iv) support the strengthening of Ministry of Social Development by supporting the design and implementation of the "Estrategia Vivir Mejor"(EVM)

Evaluación de Impacto de la Expansión del Servicio Preescolar en Honduras

 | Published February 11, 2015

Impact Evaluation of the Expansion of Pre-School Services in Honduras This technical cooperation will develop the impact evaluation of a program that expands pre-school education in Honduras, through the random assignment of eligible communities to beneficiary and control groups, and the gathering of baseline and follow-up data. This evaluation will adapt instruments to measure the development of skills and competencies in pre-school aged children, and will also use administrative data to determine if pre-school attendance improves first grade retention and grade promotion. Since the evaluation will compare children who will attend pre-school with children who will not attend pre-school, the data collection strategy implies visiting the households of potential beneficiaries. The expanded program that will be evaluated with this TC is CCEPREB, which seeks to increase pre-school access to children from low-income families. The Department of Education will contract training and support services for community educators at the CCEPREBs; purchase furniture for the centers, teaching kits, and fungible materials for preschool activities; pay a stipend to the community educators; and contract services to support the permanent monitoring of the centers.

HN Improving Public Sector Performance - P110050

 | Published June 19, 2015

Consulting for analysis and job description of the Secretary of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Ministry of Security and Tegucigalpa MDC Dei June 16, 2015 Messrs. Members PP-009-2014 ListaCorta His office
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