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Architectural and related services

EADM — espace aménagement et développement du Morbihan agissant au nom et pour le compte de la commune de Le Bono | Published November 6, 2015
Groupement Gautier/Guilloux

Project management market for education and rehabilitation of a multi-purpose room at Bono.

Construction work for school buildings

Conseil départemental du Morbihan | Published December 10, 2016
45214200, 45112500, 45232410, 65111000, 65210000, 65310000, 31527200, 45262210, 45262311, 44113200, 45261420, 45261410, 44221111, 45421000, 44316500, 45341000, 45212190, 44221200, 45443000, 44111100, 44111520, 45324000, 45320000, 45421152, 45421146, 45421141, 45441000, 39150000, 39515100, 39515410, 44112200, 45262321, 45262320, 44112600, 45431200, 19522100, 44111400, 39715300, 44411000, 39715200, 39717000, 31500000, 44480000, 45314320, 45314200, 35120000, 42416100, 39221000, 39311000, 39111200, 39181000, 32584000, 35261000

works contracts Making a college with a capacity of 600 students, consisting of full general education, technology, science, administration offices, a fireplace, a kitchen, rooms for room and a multipurpose room with a total floor area of ​​5813 m².

Its volume is divided into 3 buildings stepped on 3 different levels decreasing from north to south.

sanitation, water supply, electricity, natural gas, telephone, fiber optic outdoor lighting.

site installation, pipes, networks sanitation, drainage, paving, walls and RC frames.

bilayer elastomer seal on bearing concrete with heavy protection by concrete slab. bilayer elastomer seal with adjuvant anti roots on concrete vegetated finish wearer.

Aluminum curtain walls by filling sandwich panels or glazing, aluminum joinery with thermal break and double glazing, aluminum doors steel doors to one and two leaves.

Locksmiths (railings, gates, gratings, ...), exterior steel door full 1 or 2 leaves, on structure forming solar shading galvanized steel.

clay brick fence will rise moucharabieh.

Non-removable ceilings of plasterboard on metal frames.

Bulletin Boards (white triptych) and motorized screen-ceiling projection.

varnished plywood crates students, basin plans sink plans postformed laminate, wet laminate benchtop postformé, reception desk in varnished plywood.

blackout curtains on interior zipper opaque reaction to fire M1, interior blinds, motorized blackout, solar blinds inside with manual winding, internal blinds with manual winding.

Fake non-removable, faux acoustic ceiling smooth acoustic ceiling tile mineral fibers (60 x 60 and 120 x 60) on metal frame, ceiling suspended cleanable slab 60 x 60 metal frame, false suspended ceiling plaster slab 60 x 60 metal frame.

Glazed stoneware wall covering.

Floor covering and sealing epoxy resin.

Cleaning service of all floors, walls, bathrooms, ... for delivery.

Implementation of bathroom fixtures and accessories.

Mechanical ventilation (dual flow) including local hoods (variable induction) in kitchen / dining.

fire alarm systems, anti intrusion, access control and broadcast time. Lighting of premises.

Access to a service side.

kitchen equipment (480 meals made on site), a self-service distribution exploded (scramble) and two dining rooms (students / adults).

motorized retractable bleachers with a capacity of 150 seats.

Supply and implementation of benches for science rooms.

Indications places by stencilling, evacuation tables fire plan for fire extinguishing equipment, door labels premises.

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