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Adult and other education services

Ctre hospitalier unvt. Grenoble | Published September 27, 2017  -  Deadline October 18, 2017

This consultation was carried out in accordance with Article 78 on the framework agreements and 80 concerning the order forms of Decree No 2016-360 of 25.3.2016. This is a framework agreement with purchase orders with no minimum amount but with an annual maximum per lot.

Permits C1 (ambulance).

C (goods) and FIMO licenses.

FCO Heavy Truck Drivers.

Business development consultancy services

CCI de Grenoble | Published September 5, 2015
79411100, 79100000

Accompanying benefits and implementation of a status of consular institutions of higher education by subsidiaries.

Prefabricated buildings

Conseil général de l'Isère | Published March 10, 2017  -  Deadline April 10, 2017

This contract is for the lease on the territory of the Isère department, for fixed periods of one or more modular buildings alone or in groups, with one ground floor or ground floor + 1 floor with or without furniture, playgrounds or canvas. These buildings will be used for general education classes, physical education, CDI, administrative offices, dining hall, garage car and possibly sanitation (toilets, showers), ergonomic modules. Here they will have to comply firstly with standards and regulations, and also the technical specifications described in the following sections of this Special Technical Conditions of Contract (CCTP). These modular buildings are designed to be ERP type r, n, w, p, s or S whose type is defined by the specific use. Regulations concerning places of work, public buildings, protection against Lc.

Market form: for orders with minimum and maximum. Assigning a single market. Framework Agreement concluded for an initial period of 1 year. total benefits for the initial period of the framework agreement (same amount for each renewal period): Minimum VAT 300 000,00 euro (s): Maximum HT 3 000 000,00 euro (s).

Supply and installation of educational totems within the framework of the calm metropolis

Grenoble alpes metropole | Published May 5, 2017  -  Deadline June 2, 2017

Supply and installation of educational totems within the framework of the soothing Metropolis

Supply, delivery, installation and maintenance of a DSC apparatus (differential scanning calorimetry) to educational purposes

universite joseph fourier | Published July 3, 2015  -  Deadline July 16, 2015

Supply, delivery, installation and maintenance of a DSC apparatus (differential scanning calorimetry) to educational purposes

Lift and escalator installation work

Centre hospitalier universitaire Grenoble | Published February 10, 2017
CFA Division NSA

In a dynamic grouping of institutions of higher education of medical and paramedical specialties, Chuga and the University of Grenoble Alpes constituted a control group and provides project management for the construction of a building with license levels faculties of medicine and pharmacy and the full 7 paramedical schools of Grenoble. Driving operation will be provided by Chuga, coordinator of the control group. The work of the Lot "Device elevators" will be part of a construction operation with 9 other lots (8 of which have already been allocated; see notice OJEU 2016 / s 244-445003).

Construction of a building called "IFPS" for the consolidation of the Training Institute of health professionals and the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy-site campus of the University of Grenoble - elevators.

Architectural and related services

Conseil général de l'Isère | Published March 18, 2017
Groupement archipel (mandataire)
71200000, 71210000

Marcel CUYNAT college Monestier-de-Clermont Type R rated 3 th category. The buildings are proving unsuited today in terms of educational requirements, expected frequency and current standards (PRM accessibility, especially thermal regulation). Currently this property is 291 students. The department assessed the future needs for a maximum capacity of 420 students. The college will comprehensively restructured on an intramural area of ​​1439 square meters, 289 square meters will be kept in the state and an extension of approximately 687 square meters is planned. The aim is the reorganization of the various areas of functional coherence in activities and reception areas of school life, for education, for teachers and administration, exté mission project manager has a slice farm (see the above) and two conditional phases. This consultation is a negotiated contract awarded pursuant to Articles 74 and 35 CMP 2006.

project management delivery, restructuring operation.

Construction work

CHU de Grenoble | Published December 17, 2016
Axima Concept
45000000, 45110000, 45210000, 45261000, 45320000, 45421000, 45324000, 45421146, 45442100, 45262321, 45431000, 45432111, 45432113, 45313000, 45331000, 45330000, 45332400, 45315500, 45315600

In a dynamic grouping of higher education institutions of medical and paramedical specialties, the university hospital - Grenoble Alpes and Grenoble Alpes university constituted a control group and provide project management for the construction of a building including license levels of Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy and the full 7 paramedical schools of Grenoble. Driving operation will be provided by Chuga, coordinator of the control group. Benefits under the category 1 under the Labour Code (Act No. 93-1418 on 31.12.1993).

Lot 1: covered Clos.

Lot 2: Interior woodwork - furniture.

Lot 3 Plastering - suspended ceilings - painting.

Lot 4: Tiling - faience.

Lot 5: flexible floor coverings.

Lot 6: Parquet.

Lot 7: elevators.

Lot 8: Heating - Ventilation - Plumbing - geothermal energy.

Lot 9: Electricity strong currents, low currents.

Architectural services for buildings

Conseil général de l'Isère | Published April 22, 2017
71221000, 71000000

Contest restricted on sketch. Realization in new construction of 1 building of ENV 1 120 m 2 Integrating the college reception center, school life, the teaching cluster, the arts cluster, the CDI, 3 general education rooms, 1 courtyard, 1 computer room.

Asbestos removal and partial demolition of the 1991 building of ENV 950 m 2 , Partial asbestos removal of the 1975 building on approx. 890 m 2 . Implementation of energy and cleanliness work on preserved buildings (building of 1955: excluding exterior carpentry, building of 1975: light refurbishment on env 890 m 2 ; 1991 building, non-demolished part of ENV 420 m 2 ). Building accessibility. Capacity of the college after the operation of 500 to 580 pupils.

Aménagts ext. Necessary for visibility, and for accessibility ext. Of the building. 4 400 000 MEUR HT. Duration of mission: 5 years / contract award. 4 È Trim. 2018 / delivery, commissioning 4 E Trim. 2020. Basic mission + exe 1 and 2, DIAG, SSI, signage, commissioning.

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