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Pork production, production development services

A-Tuottajat Oy | Published November 27, 2015  -  Deadline December 28, 2015

The contracting entity presentation Kotieläiniloille in offer development services and training play an important role in fulfilling the latter task. The average number of employees was 62 persons. For further information, Niina Immonen, development manager, development manager. niina.immonen (at) A-Farmers Ltd, A-Farmers Ltd, PO Box 910, FI-60060 ATRIA, Finland Visiting address Itikanmäenkatu 3, Seinäjoki Contract Type piglet production production development services (1-2 players), the estimated duration of the project is the duration of the project 1.2.2016- 10/31/2018 The purchase of services (more detailed descriptions in Action project) action takes place in the region Varsinas Finland, Satakunta, South Ostrobothnia 2 400 farm visits days piglet and välikasvattamotiloilla 3 * 3 The theme of the day (the same content of the program is always repeated three times in three locations), 12 small groups The offer will also include trips and accommodations Action project: The project also serves as a development and testing jalkautusalustana other A-Farmers operated by projects such as the state-level experimentation section. Active activating piglet production facilities kehitysalustoiksi we get beyond the bearing results and hence on the sustainable development and progress in animal welfare. In addition, two of the previous programming period and now starting sharing the results of projects from other regions beyond will be in small groups and group learning sessions at the center, together produced this project, models and information sharing with. Best practices -pilotointi breeding pig holdings The aim is to get an added interest in the competitiveness of domestic production and facilitate the conclusion and comparison of the economic assessment of the sector with other companies. Key measures of the pilot facilities division of Ely center area roughly the forks (below in accordance with the distribution of the pig production facilities). Intermediate Education premises explains the results of production, animal health, animal welfare and the quality and uniformity of size piglets of the group. In addition, attention is paid to feeding solutions, feed hygiene and other success factors. (about 10 days / state depending on the level and size of the room) mapping, pilot farms a written report by a small group configurations may vary according to the theme eg. the owner, the employee, the pig farm leader, and others. The survey by farms involved in testing and application of best practices in production, and monitor their impact on the premises production. Best practice will also be introduced state visits both at home and, if necessary, abroad. This type of activity could be a future demand
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