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Motor vehicles for the transport of 10 or more persons

Roskilde Kommune | Published September 1, 2016  -  Deadline September 20, 2016

According to eg Health Law § 22 Social Services § 41 Act on special education for adults § 5 and Primary Education Act § 26 paragraph. 1 and 2, Roskilde Municipality carriage obligation for sick and disabled citizens. Against this background, want Roskilde Municipality to offer a variety of transport functions in these areas. Offering consists of the following tasks are divided into 4 lots:

Building construction work

Roskilde Kommune | Published April 27, 2017  -  Deadline June 6, 2017

The work comprises the construction of approx. 3,000 m² of education building, where rooms appear as "stacked" boxes on 2 floors and common spaces arise in the space between the boxes and inside the large box that the climate screen forms.

Detection and analysis apparatus

Roskilde Universitetscenter | Published February 6, 2015
Bruker BioSpin Scandinavia AB

RU offered University purchase of an NMR spectrometer for chemical analysis - "300/400 MHzNMR spectrometer for liquid-state NMR spectroscopy of both biomolecules, small organic molecules", which comprises: a) 300/400 MHz NMR spectrometer useful in the liquid phase. b) 2 NMR probes, as specified below, to cover the applications as described in the specifications. c) Software for data acquisition, optimization, analysis and simulation. d) installation, user training, service and maintenance during the warranty period. e) Inspection of installation place and guarantee that the instrument can operate on the site. f) Inspection of means of access for installation. Offering further includes a voluntary option for service on the equipment. Service agreement is for one year at a time after the expiration of the warranty period. Service Agreement concluded on the basis of Contract Appendix D. Offeror must by offering a service, insert offered response in Contract Appendix D - Service and indicate price in Contract Appendix B - Price Schedule. Budget allocation for the acquisition is 1,700,000 DKK (ex. VAT) incl. all of the above together. a) to f) mentioned products and services (initial order). This means that the customer would reject all tenders which exceeded the budgetary framework for initial order for 1.7 million DKK (ex. VAT) incl. service and education. The principal will make the equipment available to the winning bidder in selected situations, by agreement with the contractor. Thus bidder agreement access to the plant for promotional initiatives, development etc. Use of the system will be offered on the same terms as RUC offers other external customers. The Contracting Authority signs contract with one supplier for the supply, installation and possible. servicing of the above delivery.
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