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IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Forsvarets Koncernfælles Informatiktjeneste på vegne af Forsvarsministeriet med underliggende myndigheder | Published December 2, 2015  -  Deadline January 6, 2016
72000000, 72100000, 72200000, 72210000, 72500000, 72600000, 48000000

Offering includes services relating to the operation, monitoring, support, maintenance, development, consulting, and system infrastructure of the following systems: - - Team Foundation Server (TFS). In addition, the supplier must provide hosting and operation to iRemedy. Description of the individual systems 1.1 Description of the sites used by the Home Guard authorities to include recruitment, news and press contacts. HJV.DK offers HJV volunteers and employees, collaborators from other authorities and consultants a number of management applications (eg. Activities, booking, etc.), online discussion forums, mail solution MySite with a social functionality (WEB 2.0), chat and video conferencing options and daily news coverage of employees to volunteers and from volunteers for volunteers. Particularly important is the following services: 1.1.1 News and recruiters portal Likewise HJV.DK HJV primary portal for news coverage to members, employees and the public. 1.1.2 Mail also used mail solution for further communication between volunteer key personnel and the departments (UNFUNDED) members. 1.1.3 Activity Module FRT in activity module used to document militias statutory requirement of 24 hours of FRT. In addition consists HJV.DK among others, the following services: a) Automated processes for user management and rights management based on DeMars data. b) Automated processes for creating SharePoint sites and data structure. c) Mailing lists for the Home Guard units. e) SMS functionality. f) Digital workflows for recruiting processes. g) Resource Management of the Home Guard equipment, vehicles and locations. h) Education Planning. i) Reporting of the Home Guard members' compliance with activity requirements. j) ordering and inventory management of teaching materials and regulations. The system includes production, training and testing environments that are mainly based on Microsoft technology as well as technologies from 3.part, including: a) Microsoft SharePoint b) Microsoft Exchange Server c) Microsoft SQL Server d) Microsoft Windows Server e) Microsoft Commerce Server f) Microsoft Forefront UAG g) Microsoft Skype for Business h) Nintex Workflow) Nintex Forms j) Metalogix Content Matrix k) Signature Group Signature Intranet server l) NemID. 1.2 Summary of Team Foundation Server (TFS) TFS is used as a code repository, lab management for the provision of test and development environments and test of HJV.DK solution. The system includes, in addition to Team Foundation Server, virtual servers and databases. 1.3 Brief description of iRemedy iRemedy is based on BMC Remedy and military use for IT service management. The system includes, in addition to BMC Remedy, virtual servers and databases. Description of the infrastructure The current system infrastructure consists of physical and virtual Windows servers and associated network infrastructure, storage, Citrix NetScaler based load balancing, VPN connections and firewalls. General information about the delivery 3.1 Operating supplier to take over operation of the systems from the current Supplier. The customer therefore wants a few driftet systems as 'Infrastructure as a Service' (IaaS). Uses supplier third party to operate, the supplier must carry the full contact for operating the supplier and the customer's other third-party vendors associated systems during the contract so that the customer only has a "single point of contact '. Contract services include any. purchase and replacement of necessary solutions for firewall, backup, virus protection and monitoring if this is not provided by the supplier or operating supplier. 3.2 Monitoring Supplier shall set up and carry out continuous monitoring of the systems around the clock, year round and take corrective activities within service level based on error criticality. 3.3 Migration Offering includes full migration of existing systems to the new operational services. 3.4 Support and Maintenance Supplier shall undertake the support and maintenance of all components of the systems and solutions, including consulting and planning upgrades. 3.5 Further development and ongoing consultancy
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