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Variable message signs

A/S Storebælt | Published November 24, 2016  -  Deadline December 23, 2016

A/S Storebælt consists of a bridge connection between Zealand and Funen, where a system of variable road signs has been installed for regulation and information to the road users on the section. The system reaches from about 97 085 km (exit <40> Vemmelev on Zealand) to about 137 650 km (exit <46> Hjulby on Funen). The tender concerns the supply of a complete signage system including variable signs of the type prism and fully graphic LED signs. The delivered signs shall include own control, to which the SBF SCADA system shall provide the proper restrictions.

Under item II.2.4 the requested solution is further described, and the tender documents include a description of the project in further detail.

A Road Signage system shall be supplied for the section across Storebælt corresponding to the eastern and the west bridge and the area near the tollbooth and the adjacent road systems, where variable road signs are placed today.

The Road Signage system shall include the following types of signs:

— Variable prism signs (warning signs, prohibition signs, informative signs and route signs).

— Variable fully graphic LED signs (informative signs, [fares], warning signs).

Eastbound 42 variable signs shall be delivered, of which 36 signs shall be of the type variable fully graphic LED signs and the remaining 6 signs may be of the type variable prism signs or of the type variable fully graphic LED.

Westbound 41 variable signs shall be delivered, of which 35 signs shall be of the type variable fully graphic LED signs and the remaining 6 may be of the type variable prism signs or of the type variable fully graphic LED.

All the equipment shall be installered in open environment and be able to withstand gust corresponding to WL9 (50m/s) according to the standard DS/EN 12899. Furthermore, the equipment shall be prepared in materials corresponding to the corrosion class C5-M. The degree of protection of the supplied equipment shall as a minimum fulfil the requirement IP55. Regarding temperature the equipment shall be designed for normal operation for temperature class T2 (-25 °C to +55 °C) according DS/EN 12966.

The communication between the variable road signs and Great belts SCADA systems shall take place via profibus.

The expected delivery time of the materials after signing of the contact for the overall delivery is 4½ months.

The delivery shall include design, delivery and instruction for installation of a new Road Signage system for Great belt, where the installation shall be made by the operating contractor. Thus the delivery includes no installation work.

The present Road Signage system is installed on galvanized pylons including foundations to be reused. It is necessary that it is documented that the equipment can be installed on existing pylons.

The delivery shall include all services in connection with design and delivery of the Road Signage system for the section across Storebælt, including signage control to be installed in present road cabinets. Instruction for installation of the Road Signage system shall be delivered (all installation and cabling for road cabinets to be delivered by the client): General service The items for general services shall include all costs involved in the following:


— Commissioning report,

— Detail design,

— FAT test,

— Variable message signs fully graphic LED, east- and westbound,

— Variable message signs prism, east- and westbound,

— Installation instructions,

— SAT test,

— Documentation.

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