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Mothers in part-time education

Jobcenter Wuppertal AöR | Published November 8, 2017  -  Deadline November 29, 2017

Subject of the work is the conception and execution of a measure according to § 16 Abs. 1 SGB II in connection with § 45 Abs. 1 Sentence 1, No. 1 SGB III in preparation for the inclusion of part-time education by introducing it to the training and employment market.

Content-oriented counseling Pre-eminent work in day-care centers

Bildungswerk ver.di in Niedersachsen e.V. | Published August 24, 2017  -  Deadline September 15, 2017

Implementation of content-oriented advice on the subject of preconception-oriented education and training, personnel and organizational development, systematic qualification requirements analysis, qualification and consulting of specialists and executives on process management.

Development of transaction processing and custom software

Bergische Universität Wuppertal | Published November 27, 2015  -  Deadline January 5, 2016

Programming software for financial and personnel budget planning. Following conclusion of a contract for care and maintenance for a period of 4 years. Background: The University of belongs with about 20 000 students in more than 100 degree programs and more than 3 000 employees in full- and part-time, which as professors in teaching and research operating about 250 to the middle-sized universities in Germany. In addition to basic funding, the number and amount of additional funds that are mainly granted only on time and with a specific purpose has risen (Higher Education Pact, strengthening teacher training, etc.) in recent years. This complicates the management of state funds. In the sum of the individual contributions is produced for the University, for individual faculties and up to the level of individual professorships a budgetary patchwork whose management creates a high administrative cost. The partly narrow and very different timelines of special funds complicate an additional longer-term planning in the area of ​​personnel. On top of thereby greatly increasing communication and coordination effort between the faculties and the management to clarify Ausfinanzierungen or the amount of the available budget, as there has been no common database. An IT tool should make the planning of the budget more efficiently and provide a reliable and current overview of resources (finance, human resources, teaching load, etc.) to ensure a high level of transparency and a common database. For this reason, the BUW programming a software for financial and Budgeting writes from.

Urban planning and landscape architectural services

Gebäudemanagement der Stadt Wuppertal | Published March 3, 2015  -  Deadline March 30, 2015

In the area of ​​central shortcut gap closing over 3 floors is planned. The grounds of the school is located adjacent to the King James City in a kind of "insularity", cut off from the nearest residential development due to the surrounding road layout (Johannisberg, South Road). This was "planning schools and build" as winning the competition, by the Montag Foundation Youth and Society accompanied. He draws no draft. Experience with the implementation of investment projects (inclusion of citizens / users in the development of the foundations for later execution of actions) is therefore advantageous. Dates for participation concept will be jointly agreed. Transformation of the outdoor areas consist of: redesign of the grounds in compliance with the urban situation and both existing and desired relationships in the neighboring districts; - Raising the school as an attractive educational institution in the city and recovery of sight lines in the City; - Design of recognizable main entrances with the living function; - Ensure the planned interaction between high buildings and grounds; - Improve usable area fractions of the school grounds; - Creation of flexible spaces, in respect of an ultra-modern education concept for the next decades; - Design of movement and activity zones and rest and relaxation rooms, partially covered, with due regard to all-day use; Disability policy GMW and consideration of aspects of inclusion; - Restructuring and artistic appreciation of the disposal areas and stationary traffic; - Integration of a "green classroom". In planning and executing a high level of cost and schedule and quality to guarantee security.

Social work and related services

Jobcenter Wuppertal AöR | Published October 28, 2017
Konzept Bildung und Services GmbH

The aim of this measure is to be integrated into a company vocational training or work.

Which are without initial vocational training, but which have fulfilled the general compulsory education and which are available for training.

Young people with learning disabilities and / or socially disadvantaged young people, who can not be transferred to an apprenticeship place with training support, and who are therefore dependent on training in an off-the-job training, are also in need of support.

V. m. § 42k-m HWO ("Fachpraktiker / in" exclusively for disabled persons within the meaning of § 19 SGB III).

All possibilities must be exercised in order to promote the transfer of the trainee or trainee into an in-company training course during the course of the course of the course of the course of the course of the course.


The purpose of this measure is the implementation of the BaE in cooperative form.

Social pedagogues who train this target group, can provide additional rehabilitation pedagogic qualification.

Areas of practice: color and interior design; Gardening and landscaping; Trade / storage / sale; Hotel / restaurant / housekeeping and nutrition.

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