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Prison building construction work

Staatliches Bauamt München 1 | Published February 23, 2017
45216113, 44521120, 45421131

Retooling, environmental education and installation of metal doors with fire and safety requirements within the penitentiary.

Retooling, environmental education and installation of metal doors with fire and safety requirements within the penitentiary; Video surveillance in indoor and outdoor use; Management system of the security center; Electrical and lighting; Fiber infrastructure; Detection system security fence; Electromechanical locks with transponders and control; Conversion of exterior and interior doors with motor locks.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Landeshauptstadt München, IT@M, Geschäftsbereich Zentrale Dienste, Geschäftsleitung, Servicebereich Vergabe | Published January 31, 2017  -  Deadline April 21, 2017
72000000, 72110000, 72120000, 72130000, 72210000, 72220000, 72230000, 72240000, 72260000, 72310000, 72330000, 72410000, 72510000, 72540000, 72590000, 72610000, 72910000, 72920000, 30200000, 48190000, 48210000, 48220000, 48310000, 48320000, 48330000, 48510000, 48520000, 48620000, 48740000, 48760000, 48810000, 48931000, 30210000, 30230000, 48000000

This includes in particular the supply (purchase, rent, 


The aim is to respond flexibly to the needs and changes in supply can of a framework agreement.

Given a complex network with active components, servers and workstations by the Department of Education and Sports was established.

Learning platforms) and the organizational support of education are controlled by a central system.

On the software side currently includes Electronic Software Distribution, a large variety of heterogeneous applications, for example in the areas of CAD software, office applications, system software, design and graphics applications, tutorials, etc.

Packaging, operational support, maintenance of existing and development of new solutions, logistics services, hardware and software lifecycle management, etc).

The individual services are not additive to see next to each other, but must be defined as a closed total capacity.

The future contractor shall support the educational mission of the general and vocational institutions and optimally promote, fulfill the requirements of the project and use the interfaces of the central management system SMC / M @ school.

Campus server, control surfaces, shop system), with the packaging of hardware drivers and application software, the maintenance of the identity management system and software distribution, the development of new functions and solutions and optionally general project support tasks.

Electronic scoreboards

Landeshauptstadt München, Direktorium – HA II, Vergabestelle 1, Abt. 1/3 | Published January 28, 2017  -  Deadline March 2, 2017

The City of Munich needed to serve ads in various print and online media agencies to create the print and online data and to process the circuit.

The contract period is expected to start on 06/01/2017 and ends on 31/05/2021. The individual views from the master agreements done by the Directorate, Press and Information Office, Central Office for ads required location.

is put out to tender the full agency service for the circuit of the print and online ads in the city. The vast majority of ads are jobs, followed by thematic displays, for example for events urban facilities or Subscription Advertising (Kammerspiele, Munich Philharmonic etc.). In addition, real estate ads. The remuneration of agency services via the granted by the publishers usually agency commission and not agency capable circuits on an hourly rate.

Approximately 57% of the total volume of advertising:

- General Job in print and online media; (except special jobs for IT occupations (see Lot 2) and Special Opportunities for education professionals (see item 3)..)

- Real estate ads in print and online media;

- Other ads in print and online media (thematic displays such as for events in municipal services, Subscription Advertising for urban furnishings.).

Approximately 30% of the total volume of advertising:

Specific Job in print and online media for IT occupations.

Approximately 13% of the total volume of advertising:

Specific Job in print and online media for education professions.

Architectural and related services

GWG Städtische Wohnungsgesellschaft München mbH | Published February 22, 2017  -  Deadline March 21, 2017

Services of the planning stage, in accordance with §§ 33ff HOAI, Phases 2-5, gradually contracting, construction of dwellings (20WE) and house for children (3 groups KiGa, 3 groups KiTa) Motorstr. until Hamburger Str.

Services of the planning stage, in accordance with §§ 33ff HOAI, Phases 2-5

19 parking spaces in Munich, motor road until Hamburger Straße.

135 m 2 ) become.

At least 2% of the total number of apartments is wheelchair accessible by R-requirements according to DIN 18040-2 with each +15 m 2 to plan.

The apartments are to be planned as compact an area as possible based on the number of persons.

B. single parent, be provided.

Kitchens under 18 m 2 and alcoves under 10 m 2 do not count as living space.

Underground parking spaces must be accessible for disabled guests.

Home for Children:

accommodation units:

3 cribs groups with space for 36 children and 3 in kindergarten groups with space for 75 children.

· 3 cribs group rooms and 3 kindergarten rooms;

· 3 multi-function rooms, 1 multi-purpose room, staff lounges;

· Several storage, auxiliary and storage rooms, work rooms, etc.

Functional requirements:

· 3-gruppige crib together with the 3-group nursery garden mixed age facility;

· Several rooms of nursery and kindergarten shared;

· Crèche not from kindergarten area separately (smooth transition);

· Careful with multi-storey construction that all floors can be shared by both nursery and of kindergarten children.

User demand program of the Department of Education and Sports is available and it should be noted

1 208 m 2

Compliance with the ecological criteria catalog of the City of Munich; Planning in accordance with the current EnEV.

The promise is present.

May 2017):

Scheduled start: March 2018;

planned use beginning March 2020th

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