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Gemeinde Kirchheim | Published November 6, 2015
ARGE Spreen Architekten GbR, terra.nova, München

The competition area is located between the municipality and parts Kirchheim Heimstetten. The municipality would like to add by situating the children's home, the use of tape "Education + Services" with the schools and the youth center. The Ludwig road runs on the west side to the dirt road. In the competition area to a children's home for a branch gruff crèche, a branch gruff kindergarten, a eingruppigen Hort together with rooms for staff and some flats will be built. In addition, the open spaces of the youth center (volleyball and football pitch, space for outdoor events) must be involved, taking into account possible conflicts of use in the outdoor complex with design. It is expected a functional and design quality architecture that makes optimal use of the land, taking into account the obvious residential development as well as the representative position. The contest is subject to the rules of the RPW 2013. Following competitive benefits expected to be claimed: - Black plan M 1: 2.000, - Site plan 1: 500 (Städtebauliches and space planning concept), - floor plans, elevations, sections and surrounding open spaces 1: 200, - Detail section with floor plan, view, facade 1:20, - explanations - Model 1: 500, - Documents for preliminary examination - calculations. Information on sizes: Building BGF expected 1700 m2, 16 000 m2. 3,000,000 EUR. 1.1 million EUR. The contest is subject to the rules of the RPW 2013. Planned Dates: Issue WB documents: early December 2014. dispensing WB documents: early March 2015th
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