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Education and training services

Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See (KBS) | Published December 3, 2015
Konzepte GmbH

Subject of contract was a framework agreement for the implementation of measures in the field of management training in the miners' underground lake.

Preparation and execution of training and further education measures for "JeKi" and "JeKits" 2016

Land NRW | Published May 4, 2015  -  Deadline June 29, 2015

Vorbereitung und Durchführung von Fort- und Weiterbildungsmaßnahmen für "JeKi" und "JeKits" 2016

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Stadt Bochum -Zentrale Dienste -Einkauf | Published November 25, 2016
Banz & Riecks
71240000, 71244000, 71246000, 71247000, 71248000

General design services for the construction of a social center with premises for the Family Education Centre (EC), the education counseling center (1st floor) and social services (2nd floor) on the städt. Land (the former school building) Brantropstraße 6, 44795 Bochum.

Building cleaning services.

DMT-Gesellschaft für Lehre und Bildung mbH | Published March 5, 2016  -  Deadline April 15, 2016

Building cleaning services on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Georg Agricola and the student dormitory of DMT Society for Teaching and Education mbH.

Software-related services

DMT-Gesellschaft für Lehre und Bildung mbH | Published June 27, 2015  -  Deadline August 17, 2015

The DMT Society for Teaching and Education mbH (DMT-LB) is planning the acquisition of new SAP ERP 6.0 hosting and service contracts (Hosting Basic operation, VPN connections, maintenance and service SAP HR, services SAP FI, ​​MM and CO, print services) , The contract will be concluded for a period of 2 years with the two-time contract extension option for further 12 months. Primary the following objectives: - ensuring the availability of the necessary systems, - providing high-quality services, - implementation of a low cost and satisfies the operator model and - Ensuring the availability of the necessary know-how for technical and system-administrative support and development.

Architectural and related services

Stadt Bochum Stadtplanungs- und Bauordnungsamt | Published December 9, 2016  -  Deadline January 20, 2017
71200000, 71300000

For the sports school NRW is to be built on the site of the listed Märkisches Gymnasium at Saarlandstrasse in Bochum-Wattenscheid a triple gymnasium and a cafeteria.

This cost ceiling should not be exceeded.

Märkisches Gymnasium is together with the Stadthalle Wattenscheid a group of buildings from the late 1950s and is considered an important accent of urban development in Wattenscheid to the Second World War.

For the single-span gym there is a monument legal permission for demolition.

The Märkische school currently has no cafeteria for over lunchtime supervision.

The city of Bochum praises for this measure a step not open competition according to the guidelines for planning competitions (RPW 2013) with prior application procedure under the Regulation on public procurement (procurement regulation-VgV) to select a maximum of 15 participants.

5 participants are invited by the competition organizers to participate in the competition process.

Be headed by the architect.


Participants in the negotiation phase are selected as winners Members of the working / grouping or the General planning office or the general planning office with subcontractors, as they were named in the application documents.

The competition language is German.

Names of the judges:

- Frank Allmeroth, Operating Director of Central Services, City of Bochum,

- Anne Katrin Bohle, Ministerialdirigentin MBWSV,

Mark Bradtke, city building, city of Bochum,

- Heiner Farwick, Architect, Ahaus,

- Dirk Godau, architect, Bochum,

Kerstin Guse-Becker, Principal Märkische school Wattenscheid,

- Elke Janura, Chairman Committee for Planning and Lands,

Petra Kahlfeld, architect, Berlin,

- Eckart Kröck, administrative and institute management urban planning and building authority, city of Bochum,

- Manfred Molszich, District Mayor Bochum-Wattenscheid,

- Annette Paul, Chair Design Committee Bochum,

- Katja Schlemper, architect, Dortmund,

- Ernst Steinbach, Chairman Committee on School and Education,

- Michael Townsend, City Manager, City of Bochum,

Zvonko Turkali, architect, Frankfurt am Main.

Urban planning and landscape architectural services

Stadt Bochum | Published December 2, 2015  -  Deadline January 5, 2016

Specifications district architect Healthy Wattenscheid - Family friendly and Generation Access Social City Bochum Wattenscheid Social City - Background - The inclusion of additional funding offered by the country, the federal government and the EU and engaging in private investment are explicit objectives of the program approach. The essential aspects of the program philosophy of Socially Integrative City NRW are: - to build on the resources locally; - Social City as various areas of action and funding sources platform; - Activation and Participation; - Integrated action; - Sustainable change through stabilization and image enhancement; - A clear commitment to a common goal. Integrated urban development concept. Different modules of the integrated urban development were thereby analyzed and evaluated. Developed Integrated Urban Development Concept is concerned under the motto "Healthy Wattenscheid - family friendly and generational justice -" with a partial area of ​​the Municipality of Wattenscheid. The measures within the integrated urban development concept associated with six fields: - Field of action A: Housing, construction and urban design; - Field of action B: green and open spaces; - Field of Action C: mobility, roads, paths and squares; - Field of Action D: retail and local economies; - Field of activity E: health, education, leisure, culture and social affairs; - Field of action F: control and communication. Tasks of the district architect Here collide many different interests, financial resources and motivations that must be bundled and merged. Performance profile: - Information on funding and financing models as well as motivation of tenants and owners to participate in the urban renewal process; - Activation and support of ownership, consultancy of ownership to construction-related, conveying technical and design issues (also taking into account the results of security audits) around the theme of housing and construction; - Monitoring of projects from the field of action living and building support in the preparation and implementation of the "future concept living"); - Implementation of the court and facade program, owner consultancies concerning the application and payment of; - Defining and implementing the modernization and repair of residential buildings; - Public Relations - substantive conception of flyers, brochures, posters; - Conception, organization and management of events / lectures; - Coordination with other specialized agencies and institutions in the city (housing promotion, conservation, urban planning, economic development); - Continuous documentation of activities. This list should include the following contents represent: - a quick overview of the advisory to owners; - The nature of the concern; - The intensity of counseling; - The location of the property in the urban space; - Information on areas with particular need for action (building conditions, vacancy rates). The list is updated every 4-6 weeks can be forwarded to the Contracting Authority. Together to the constant monitoring and control of the quality of advice be made. Support the city of Bochum. - Participation in internal administrative coordination meetings and discussions; - Assistance in the public relations / community meetings; - Participation in events of the conveyor encoder; - Attending meetings of the political bodies. Memo for information: Services of the City of Bochum The city has in the overall process, the authority and performs the following tasks: - supervision of the procurement procedure and the appointment of specialist offices / consultants; - Care of the bodies of the city district; - Coordination of the individual program's priorities with regard to the implementation of the entire process; - Creation of templates for political bodies and their representation; - Information / feedback to the Management Board; - Heading the reporting; - Feedback of the process with the funding authorities; Funding applications and financial control; - Evaluation and monitoring. A workplace is provided in a still to be established Stadtteilbüro in the program area. March / April 2016 commissioned by the end of 2018 with the option of annual renewal up to the end of 2022, depending on the approval of the necessary funding. Level) There is a request to participate, including all supporting documents from III. deliver. To the extent that an applicant / a bidding consortium for the detection of economic and financial capacity on the capacities of other entities The may include the respective commitments of the / of the other companies

Urban planning services

Stadt Bochum, Zentrale Dienste, Einkauf | Published October 13, 2015  -  Deadline November 9, 2015

Healthy Wattenscheid - family friendly and generational justice; Socially Integrative City Bochum-Wattenscheid - Stadtteilmanagement. Starting position: 1.1 Socially Integrative City - Background: In order to meet these structural and socio-structural problems Men can, it requires integrated solutions that combine in a special way existing funding instruments of state, federal and EU space. This is intended to improve the environment for private investment in buildings and homes improved and sustainable as possible developments are initiated. Guiding principle is to mobilize existing powers to initiate positive change processes. The aim is to bring in the neighborhoods stabilizing developments and self-supporting processes in motion: we must succeed, that the inhabitants of these areas to remain part of the urban community and the neighborhoods of itself as living, working and living space are attractive and livable again , The inclusion of additional funding offered by the country, the federal government and the EU and engaging in private investment are explicit objectives of the program approach. The essential aspects of the program philosophy of Socially Integrative City NRW are: * Build on local resources; * Social City as various areas of action and funding sources platform; * Activation and participation; * Integrated action; * Sustainable change through stabilization and image enhancement; * Clear commitment to a common goal. 1.2 Integrated urban development concept: The Project Group is a cross-disciplinary group that includes both all specialist agencies involved as well as external institutions, such as public utilities, Bogestra, Landeszentrum health or lying in the project area hospitals. Developed Integrated Urban Development Concept is concerned under the motto "Healthy Wattenscheid - family friendly and generationengerecht-" with a partial area of ​​the Municipality of Wattenscheid. The creation process was characterized by the versatile and multi-faceted involvement of a wealth of public and private actors. This development concept is structured content as follows: Chapter 1: Introduction Part Chapter 2: Presentation on the topic of "Healthy City", which serves as a basis for the implementation of the action program and included in the project and measures design was Chapter 3: Representation of the social context indicators, the social statistical development and the health situation of Wattenscheider citizens Chapter 4 + 5: Analysis of the study area with the compilation of the thematic action required: * from socio-spatial perspective with the issues social, educational, cultural and social affairs * from an urban planning point of view with the topics building culture and building structure, urban form , space, transport, housing and local economy Chapter 6: Definition of the six action areas of action A: Housing, construction and urban design of action B: green and open spaces of action C: mobility, roads, paths and squares of action D: retail and local economies field of activity E : health, education, leisure, culture and social action area F: control and communication for each measure has been completed, a project sheet. Chapter 8: Summary tabular project overview are illustrated therein, the priorities, the implementation period and the cost of this case as well as new working structures both existing structures and networks are taken into account have been provided. 1.3 control scheme: The measures within the integrated urban development concept associated with the above-mentioned fields of action AF. 1.4 Participants: In Social City project involved stakeholders include: - private individual owner - housing associations - residents - Sparkasse - Churches - more locally relevant stakeholder groups (kindergartens, schools, child and youth institutions, hospitals etc.) The Integrated Urban Development Concept for Bochum-Wattenscheid "Healthy Wattenscheid - family friendly and generational justice -" can be viewed at the following link: tasks of the district management: 2.1 Urban Redevelopment Office and Urban Redevelopment Team: Since there is no appropriately trained personnel for Urban available, the task of the "district management" will be awarded to a specialized agency. The plan is the establishment of a district office in the downtown area that fulfills the following criteria: - central location with large windows, which are welcoming and able to serve as an information platform and exhibition space for the projects at the same time - good accessibility by public transport, cycling and walking - Disability Access - workrooms / areas for the
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