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OS Znojmo - Reconstruction courtrooms

Okresní soud ve Znojmě | Published May 5, 2016

1) A large meeting hall (no. Of doors 98) The advantage is the communication connection and on a pair of side stairs. It also counted with the adjustment of adjacent rooms as a council chamber and Senate offices, the arrival of the escort, etc. 2) Conference Hall, 2nd floor (no. 125 doors) Space these three offices served before their distribution to the courtroom. In this part will be carried out minor building alterations of office space as compensation for the abolition of the office, because it is necessary to existing users of the three offices relocate. 3) Other courtroom (no. Of doors 89, 90, 92, 94) místnostní The furniture is outdated and worn. The content of the project are minor construction work and new furnishings including wooden tile walls. After following adjustments is calculated with the acquisition of new furniture. Hall will be equipped with new, furniture. The windows are fitted with elements of shading techniques for eliminating thermal loads indoors. Technical qualifications - continued: - Contractor further demonstrating compliance with this qualification requirement by submitting structured CVs, evidence of education and evidence of professional qualifications of persons who will participate in the performance of the public contract, which will imply that fulfill the requirements listed below sponsor and will participate in the implementation of public contracts, according to the below defined levels of qualification structured CV must include for each referred person: name and surname, the highest level of education, previous experience in the subject contract, ratio information about suppliers (employee or a subcontractor) .Uchazeč also submit a copy of the documents about the highest level of education members of the team. Tender documents can be obtained from the contracting entity profile

Revitalization Husitská 1, Znojmo

S-A-S STAVBY spol. s r.o. | Published August 25, 2016

The subject of performance of the contract, the construction work in connection with the project "Revitalization of the Husitská 1, Znojmo", aimed at reducing the building's energy performance, described in detail in the documentation that is throughout the duration of the period for submission of tenders published on the profile of the client. 137/2006 Coll., On Public Procurement, as amended 320/2001 Coll., On financial control in public administration, as amended, the selected contractor is obliged to cooperate in the performance of financial control. The basic qualification requirements are met by the contractor, 3 of the Act. Professional qualification requirements are met by the contractor that submits: - an extract from the Commercial Register, if registered therein or an extract from a similar register if it is registered; - Proof of authorization to do business under special laws to the extent that the subject contract, business license Construction, alteration and removal. 360/1992 Coll., On the profession of authorized architects and the profession of authorized engineers and technicians active in construction as amended for the study: Structural engineering for the person through which ensures competence. Technical qualifications meets the contractor that submits: 1) will be part of the list for each of the contract's description, name, phone number and e-mail address to a person authorized entity for which it was delivered. The list will take the form of an affidavit to be signed by the person authorized to act and sign on behalf of the applicant in accordance with the method signature specified in the Commercial Register, annexed to the list of certificates will orderers works contract specifying the price, time and place of works and information about whether these works are carried out properly and professionally. Sponsor a limit to meet the qualification requirements: CZK without VAT. 2) Certificate of educational and professional qualifications of the supplier or suppliers of executives or persons in similar positions and persons responsible for guiding the implementation of the works. Entity establishes a limit for the fulfillment of the qualification criteria: a) The site manager: Chartered Engineer (technician) field of building construction • University education building direction 10 years CZK without VAT, where he worked as a foreman for references will be listed: name of event sponsor , performance period, the total financial volume and position of the person. • certificate of authorization least in the category of authorized technician b) Site Manager: chartered engineer (technician) field of building construction • At least high school education building direction 5 years CZK without VAT, with references will be listed: name of event, sponsor, performance period, the total financial volume and position of the person. • certificate of authorization least in the category of authorized technician method of demonstrating compliance with this qualification requirement: • education documents list the length of professional experience the person whose professional experience demonstrates, will take the form of an affidavit signed by the person whose professional experience demonstrates list of contracts executed the person who proves their references, will take the form of an affidavit signed by a person who demonstrates his references

Renewal and modernization of control cabinet digital linear accelerator Elekta Precise

Nemocnice Znojmo, příspěvková organizace | Published December 8, 2015

a) The subject of public procurement is the renewal of expiring control the control cabinet for existing linear accelerator Elekta Precise, serial number 151554 ie. the acquisition of Mark, along with the modernization and upgrade of the system unit Desktop update functions for more rational and effective use of the device for medical radiation - Linear accelerator Elekta Precise brand, serial number 151,554th b) The delivery also includes: • software and the license to use the computer program needed for the rational and efficient use • Support education and training • Support services during the warranty period • Planned preventive examinations from Workers certified company Elekta during the warranty period • Remote technical support by phone, e-mail, fax, during the warranty period • Delivery instructions for use
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