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Medical emergency service in the field of general practitioner for children and adolescents and for adults

Město Louny | Published November 20, 2015

The subject of this contract is to provide emergency medical services (hereinafter also "LPS"), and in the field - Part 1) general practitioner for children and adolescents and part 2) a general practitioner for adults, which means organizing activities associated with the organization and provision nevýjezdové health care, ie., examination and treatment of patients with sudden change of health condition worsening of the disease arising out of the regular operation of outpatient medical facilities. LPS is not intended for routine medical procedures and examinations. In the case of infectious diseases and providing basic infection control measures to the extent necessary. During the LPS will be conducted examinations and provide treatment only to the extent necessary for emergency prehospital care. LPS will be provided through outpatient services. Activities associated with the operation of LPS will perform health staff meet the requirements appropriate professional competence to perform the service (pursuant to Act no. 95/2004 Coll., On conditions for obtaining and recognition of professional and specialized competencies to perform the occupation of physician, dentist and pharmacist, and its implementing regulations, esp. Decree no. 185/2009 Coll., on the fields of specialized education of physicians, dentists and pharmacists and branches certified courses). The Contractor will provide service inspection of deaths, both for operating ambulance LPS and outside surgery hours and visiting service practitioners in accordance with the applicable legislation (esp. Law no. 372/2011 Coll., On health services and conditions of their provision, as amended) Closer then see ZD.
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