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Czech Brod - Construction work č.p.1100 for elementary school

Město Český Brod | Published February 24, 2016

The subject of the work is the reconstruction of the building No. 1100 in the Czech Brod for elementary school. Part of the work and outdoor work - construction field, fencing and road construction work. Reason effectiveness of public procurement in accordance with § 1 - advance notice in the Gazette VZ justification under §1 point. a) to d). Prior notification in the Gazette VZ description needs to be filled with the fulfillment of public contracts (the planned target). The realization of this project will expand the capacity of primary school. This project will fulfill one of the goals of the Strategic Plan Czech Brod goal 8.2.1 To ensure adequate space and capacity for pre-school, school and recreational education, this project solves a school education. A description of the subject contract. The subject of public procurement is a total renovation of the building No. In 1100, this reconstruction will provide 8 new classrooms for primary schools, one class for the young men and adequate facilities (lockers, cabinets, toilets, outdoor playground), the school will be built as a barrier. Description of the relationship between the subject contract and the client's needs. Without implementation of public procurement is not possible to meet the planned target and fulfill the needs of the client, this is a project where you applied for a grant from the Ministry of Education program. Only the implementation of public procurement can meet the planned target. Expected date of fulfillment of public contracts: 10/2016 (according to the planned schedule of the project)

The sports complex Losích, Brod

Město Havlíčkův Brod | Published July 25, 2016

The contract is the reconstruction of the existing sports complex on Losích, where it will be performed within the construction: • The athletic complex with a running track 400 mA sectors for high jump, long jump, discus, shot put, javelin and pole vault moat. The surface of the oval cross-country and sector will unsprung tartan button. 13 mm • Reconstruction grassy football field, including automatic irrigation. Designed a complete renovation with the addition of a drainage system and laying the grass carpet for loaded sports surfaces • Stock and paved areas. Hard surfaces are made of paving, construction includes two container warehouses • Electrical • Relocation of utilities - gas, telecommunications management contract will be implemented if it is supported by the Ministry of Youth Sport and Physical Education grant program 133510

WWTP and sewerage Přišimasy

Obec Přišimasy | Published October 15, 2015

The subject of the public contract is the construction of sewers separated sanitary sewage systems, gravity sewers supplemented by a series of pressure sewers, pumping stations, including electrical connections. supply and waste water treatment plant in the municipality Přišimasy, including connecting the various buildings. The treated water from the wastewater treatment plant will be discharged into the drain pipe Přišimaského stream. Continuation of Section III. 2.3) Technical capacity: According to § 56 par. 3 letter c) of the presentation of a certificate of education and professional qualifications of the supplier or its employees or other persons in the following areas: • Technologist plastic welding - proof of relevant and qualified according to ISO 14731 • welding inspector - Authorization NDT / controller VT according to EN 13100-1, Non-destructive testing of welded joints in thermoplastics semifinished products - Visual inspection • Welding plastics - professional competence according to DIN EN 13067 "Personnel for plastics welding - Proficiency testing of welders - welding joints of thermoplastics" • Welder stainless steel - official permission for welding stainless steel pipe with a certificate EN 287 - 1141 BW T 8 S t2,0 D50,0 H-L045 ssnb. Minimum professional qualifications: length of at least 3 years experience in welding stainless steel pipe • Booklet loads (min. 2 persons) • Manual Machinist excavator (min 2 persons) • Crane Operator

Transport terminal Uherský Brod - Phase II, larger parking lot

Město Uherský Brod | Published February 11, 2015

Publicly accessible parking will be from adjacent private land separated by fencing. continued to point III.2.3) Technical capacity: The Contractor shall document a list of persons responsible for providing the requested works and certificates of education and professional qualifications, for the following persons: 360/1992 Sb. amended in the field of construction -Dopravní - submit a copy, at least 5 years of experience in the field. CZK without VAT. Supplier join in the original CV, which must be prepared at least in the structure below, and signed by the head of the team: a) name, domicile, b) Qualifications, c) currently espoused function (position from supplier), d) professional experience in the field of the subject contract, e) other relevant information, f) the personal signature of the person responsible for providing services- team leader. See the qualification of the tender documents. The project is supported financially by the Swiss-Czech cooperation project registration number Transport Terminal Uherský Brod - Phase II: UX 00208.01.01, 1 / ME / 35, CH-026th The complete tender documentation is published on the profile of the contracting authority:

Restoration of cultural heritage Manor House in Brod

Město Uherský Brod | Published November 13, 2014

29367 / 7-3512. Another subject of the CPV codes by CPV: 42416100-6, 45421100-5, 39132400-0, 45321000-3, 45261420-4. XVII. Tender documentation). The principal determines the following specifications: Bank guarantee will cover the financial requirements of the contracting authority for the selected bidder which he incurred for breach of his obligations under the contract for work or operation of law in the course of the warranty period of the successful tenderer fails even after prior written notice of the contracting authority. The sponsor provides the condition that the bank guarantee must be irrevocable, unconditional, payable on the first request of the contracting authority and without the bank examined the reasons for the drawing. (It must be stated in the statutory declaration). Submitter hereby determines the binding condition that the amount of bank guarantee offered by the Contractor shall be 1 200 000, - CZK. In this case the supplier table in the appropriate boxes on the dash or blank. The table must be dated, stamped (if applicable uses stamp) and signed by the candidate - a person authorized to act on behalf of the applicant. d) request the production of color photographs or brochures A4 structures of a similar nature that the contractor submitted as part of compliance with technical qualifications. The Client requires proof of compliance with professional qualifications in accordance with the provisions of § 54 letter. b) and d) of the Act: § 54 letter. b) Act, proof of authorization to do business under special laws to the extent that the subject contract, namely proof of relevant trade authorization or license. Contractor shall demonstrate compliance with this professional qualification by submitting a simple copy of the business license for the subject of the public contract. § 54 letter. d) of the Act document certifying the competence of the supplier or the person through whom the competence ensures that if for the public contract necessary under special legislation. Contractor as proof of its competence to submit: 360/1992 Coll., On the profession of authorized architects and the profession of authorized engineers and technicians active in construction as amended for the study "building construction". b) The license of the Ministry of Culture for the restoration of stone and wall paintings. 200/1994 Coll., Contractor or person through whom the professional activity ensures it is necessary to carry out public contracts necessary (Geodesic activities). 1 of the Act in copies. Technical capacity: 3 point. b) and c) of the Act must key expert - Team leader (the site manager) meet the min. the following conditions: • University education building direction - evidence of highest education submit a copy to 360/1992 Coll. amended for the field - Civil engineering - submit the copy • At least 7 years experience as a site engineer 15 miles CZK without VAT. Contractor joins in the original CV, which must be prepared at least in the structure below, and signed by the team leader: a) name and surname, permanent residence, b) Qualifications, c) membership in professional organizations, d) other knowledge and skills, e) currently espoused function (position at the supplier), f) the length of employment with the contractor, g) the most important reference contract stating the budgetary cost of construction, h) professional experience, i) other relevant information, j) the personal signature of the person responsible for the provision of services - team leader. Documents received in the previous paragraph, which will illustrate below meet defined levels of qualification requirements. If the grant is not awarded, or the amount of the grant will be withheld, the sponsor will be the subject of a public contract to implement. The applicant is required in the proposed method works comply with the following milestones: Restoration of the roof - up to 4 months of a construction site. Restoration of the facade - within 7 months of a construction site. Candidates will be required to design and put in the proposal and contract work in progress schedule dates of milestones in its sole discretion, but to respect the requirements of the client above.

"SPŠ and OA Uherský Brod - construction of a school playground"

Střední průmyslová škola a Obchodní akademie Uherský Brod | Published September 2, 2016

The subject of the public contract is to build an outdoor sports complex enabling the fulfillment of particular curricula. The proposed building will fulfill the essential function of teaching sports in physical education high school. Additional functions engineered equipment is an extracurricular activity for students and professors, or occasional commercial use. The outdoor sports complex will be an athletic oval and related buildings, dressing rooms, landscaping and landscaping and fencing the area. A detailed description of the subject of the public contract is provided in Annex no. 1 of tender documentation - the project documentation and inventory work, see Section 6.1 of the tender dossier. Sponsor in accordance with § 99 of the PCA has reserved the right of option to the maximum legal amount in excess of the performance of this contract. In accordance with § 99 para. 5 of the PPA contracting pre-determined period of utilization of option rights for a maximum in accordance with the Public Procurement Act (eg. § 23 para. 7 point. B) PPA). Furthermore, by defining the basic subject matter of the contract relating to option rights on construction work in the framework of implementation II. stage works, a detailed description is specified in the summary report of the technical project documentation (PD) B.2. - SO 02 building dressing rooms, and the procedure and in accordance with the PPA, especially under § 34 of the PPA and § 23 par. 7 point. b) the PPA to the procedure according to § 34 of the PPA contracting for additional services admits (§ 23 par. 7 point. b) Section 3 PPA).
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