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"Organizing events for training and public education to respond to floods and subsequent crises"

Главна дирекция Пожарна безопасност и защита на населението - МВР | Published December 2, 2016  -  Deadline January 6, 2017
Activities: E1: Capacity building of the teaching staff in the six central GDPBZN-MI to raise the population's preparedness to respond to floods - in the town. Sofia city. Burgas. Vratsa with. Gergini - Gabrovo district,. Boshulya - Pazardzhik and the town. Shumen. The total number of teachers who will be trained under this activity is 700 persons; D2: Organization of trainings for students. The total number of students trained in this Denon is 78,396; D3: The organization of training to respond to floods elderly. The total number of persons trained in this activity is 7152; D4: The organization of training to respond to floods and other target groups under contract. Within this activity will train a total of 4272 individuals from target groups; E5: Organizing and conducting simulation exercises in the final six center with the front of all the town. Trained participants. Within the activity will involve a total of 600 persons from w. c.

"DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF SYSTEM CONTROL AND OPTIMIZATION OF ENERGY COSTS using efficient technologies, including renewable energy sources in EDUCATION CENTRE IN THE VILLAGE OF NSI Slivek m. Lovech "

Национален статистически институт /НСИ/ | Published November 30, 2016  -  Deadline December 15, 2016
Additional information and documents related to the contract can be obtained at the above Internet address. Full Terms of Reference for the implementation of the public procurement and conditions for participation are published on the buyer profile NSI of the above Internet address

Travel agency, tour operator and tourist assistance services

Главна дирекция „Борба с организираната престъпност“ — МВР | Published December 3, 2016

Object of the contract: "Providing airfare and medical insurance (if applicable) for carriage by air of passengers and baggage to provide activities under the project" Joint efforts to combat transnational organized crime "and the project" Enhancing the effectiveness of referral, care, protection and reintegration of victims of trafficking "funded program BG 13" Interaction within Schengen and combating cross-border and organized crime, including trafficking and itinerant gangs "by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.

Objective: The order is carried out in accordance with the Contract № 812108-33 / 14.10.2014 on the implementation of the project "Joint efforts to combat transnational organized crime" and Contract № 812108-34 / 14.10.2014 on the implementation of the project " increased efficiency in the referral, assistance, protection and reintegration of victims of trafficking through the practical application of Transnational referral mechanism. " When performing the contract to comply with all applicable to the subject of the public procurement regulations, international standards and requirements of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014. The contract shall be performed in accordance with all requirements of the contracting authority specified in tender documentation published on the buyer profile as well as in compliance with the applicable requirements under Decree № 16-1399 from 11.10.2013 on the requirements for the location, suitability and equipment room for tour operator and / or tourist agent activity and education, language skills and experience of staff who will be engaged in the implementation of tourism. When making a reservation of air tickets, the contractor must provide the tickets by e-mail to the contracting authority no later than 2 (two) hours after sending a request for issuance of tickets by e-mail by the person designated by the contracting authority. In an emergency, tickets should be sent by e-mail ...

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