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Община Благоевград | Published October 12, 2016  -  Deadline November 14, 2016
This contract relates to the supply of fuel of official vehicles owned by the Municipality of Blagoevgrad for the needs of municipal administration, social institutions, other activities in education activities culture and activities under operational programs for a period of 36 / thirty-six / calendar months.

"Supply of heating oil intended for heating, to meet the needs of budget organizations in the municipality of Elena without secondary administrators with delegated budget in the education system" Supply of fuel for heating - up to 40 000 l / + - 25% / oil for industrial and communal purposes of organizations and individuals of the budget during the heating season 2016/2017 years. The subject of the contract encompasses the execution of periodic deliveries by specialized transport / tank vehicles / fuel / diesel / heating. Minimum previously stated amount for delivery - customer requests for single supply not less than 8000 (eight thousand) liters. That fuel is projected and not impose an obligation on the Contracting Authority to orders in full. The contracting authority reserves the right to increase or decrease the scope of delivery depending on its needs.

Община Елена | Published October 18, 2016  -  Deadline October 26, 2016
Date and time of opening of tenders: Date: (dd / mm / yyyy) 10/27/2016, Time (hh: mm) 9:30; Place of Bid Opening: 5070 g. Helen Street. "Ilarion" № 24, building municipal administration - Elena, room 211.


Община Свищов | Published October 14, 2016  -  Deadline November 16, 2016
The subject of the contract includes the supply of net electric power low voltage for the properties owned and used by the Municipality of Svishtov Municipality Council "Social Activities" Other activities in education spender "Kultura" OP "Purity - Svishtov" OP "Markets - Svishtov "OP" Rites - Svishtov "inclusion of objects in standard balancing group coordinator Contractor providing service in forecasting demand, preparation and submission of hourly daily schedules by the coordinator of the balancing group, taking responsibility for balancing and all activities related to participation in the liberalized electricity market to the developer. Projected amount of electricity for one calendar year is 2.7 million KWh (2700 MWh).

"Subscription servicing of medical multimodal Linear Accelerator TrueBeam STX VARIAN"

Университетска многопрофилна болница за активно лечение /УМБАЛ/ "Свети Иван Рилски" ЕАД - София | Published September 21, 2016  -  Deadline October 26, 2016
"Subscription servicing of medical multimodal Linear Accelerator TrueBeam STX VARIAN" Identifying the problem and response time after call to a representative of the contracting authority within 12 hours Delivery of spare parts - up to 10 days. Terms and method of payment deferred up to 60 days; Warranty of input parts, assemblies and details - 6 months. The offer shall be submitted in a sealed opaque package containing the following documents: 1. Inventory of the documents; 2.Edinen European document procurement; 3. Documents proving the measures taken to reliability (where applicable); 4. A document from which it is apparent legal basis for the creation of the union (if applicable) Technical Proposal and Annex thereto paper containing: 1, letter "a" of PPZOP when the person who submits the offer is not the legal representative of the participant, where applicable (in the original). (Where applicable) 39, para 3, item 1, letter "b" of PPZOP - form № 2 (in the original). 1 letter "c" of PPZOP - form № 3 (in the original). 1 letter "d" of PPZOP - form № 4 (in the original). 4 of the economic and financial relations with companies registered in jurisdictions with preferential tax regime, their affiliates and their actual owners - form № 5 (in the original). 4 ppl - form № 6 (in the original). 1 letter "D" from PPZOP - form № 7 (in the original). 12.Dokumenti to demonstrate the technical and professional capabilities of the participant -Kopiya certificates or other documents certifying that these persons have the participant technical education and are trained on the contractor for this model system. - A copy of a document certifying the right of the participant that is authorized by the manufacturer service to service its equipment. ENVELOPE - "Suggested price parameters"
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