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Creative educational work form about the risks of substance use

Antwerpen | Published October 11, 2016  -  Deadline November 15, 2016

Alcohol and other drug problems are a major social problem. The causes of problems caused by drug use are complex and diverse. Not only the product itself, but also the conditions in which play is being used and the characteristics of the user himself a role.

Some individuals and groups turn out for the sake of individual and / or social factors are more sensitive to the risks of substance use than others; they are in this area especially vulnerable.

Research shows that the younger people start experimenting with alcohol and other drugs, the greater the risk of problems later use. Prevention initiatives for youth are therefore aimed at delaying the onset of age and therefore the perpetuation of non-use.

A creative, educational work form lends itself to students of the third like primary education and the first stage to inform secondary education and to raise awareness about the risks of substance use.

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