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Railway signalling works

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana SpA — Società con socio unico soggetta alla direzione e coordinamento di Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane SpA a norma dell'art. 2497 sexies Codice Civile e del D.Lgs. 112/2015 — Direzione Acquisti — Sede di Roma | Published February 21, 2017  -  Deadline March 20, 2017

design and construction of a new Central Computerized System Multiple stations (ACC-M), with central post in Florence Campo Marte, for the Florence Junction management between the stations of Rovezzano (i), Florence Castle (e) The Cionfo (s), Stables (s) and Osmannoro (s), including OOCC and plant aimed at achieving new buildings and technological premises ACC-M.

The main activities consist of:

Processing Executive Project including the "Safety and Coordination Plan".

Execution of actions necessary to ensure the safety and health at construction sites during the construction of the works.

Realization of the ACC Multistation System and the IS actions of the square and line.


The total amount for the realization of works, place on final project based on race, amounts to a total of 45 239 777.42 euros, excluding VAT, of which:

- Works to offset the body 41 730 821.81 euros;

- Work offset to size 2509 351.25 euros;

- Design costs € 458 500;

- Charges for the implementation of security plans, not subject to downward 541 104.36 euros.

50/2016, subcontracting shall not exceed 30% of the total contract amount.

A) The processes that make up the intervention, relevant for the purposes of qualification, in the following categories:

A1) manufacturing is attributable to:

OS9 (prevailing) category in the amount of 26 276 595.31 euros which consists essentially of:

- Realization of the works of the cabin, square and ACC-M line;

- Changes and additions to the Security Appliances and neighboring existing signaling;

- Realization of power and reserves of security and signaling systems in stations and in-line systems.

LIS-006 in the amount of 14 487 132.35 euros of the qualification system RFI - works of the square;

OG1 in the amount of 1 466 418.12 euros;

OG10 in the amount of 145 617.42 euros;

OS5 in the amount of 74 968.23 euros;

OS19 in the amount of € 25,239,100;

OS11 in the amount of 578 518.69 euros;

OS30 in the amount of 1 055 883.49 euros;

82/2015 recorded by the competent office of the Ministry of Defense).

The processes related to OG1, OG10, OS5, OS11 and OS30 to mandatory qualification, will be performed by the person awarded only if they have adequate qualification, otherwise it will be subcontracted to qualified companies and indicated in the bidding phase, under penalty exclusion, between operations to be subcontracted.

2016 / S148 - 268 043 of 08/03/2016.

In case the services are not performed directly by the individual contractor, grouping associating companies qualified by RFI SpA, the same services will be subcontracted to qualified and listed companies, on pain of exclusion, between operations to be subcontracted.

The detailed engineering.

07.17.2016, in the following categories:

E.01, for the amount of work to plan amounted to € 1,500,382;

IA.02, for the amount of work to plan amounted to 578 519 EUR;

IA.03, for the amount of work to plan amounted to 220 586 EUR;

IA.04, for the amount of work to plan amounted to 40,763,728 euros;

T.02, for the amount of the works to be designed amounted to € 1,718,063.

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