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Tallinn 7 Silikatsiidi subscription connections medium voltage industrial building construction LP3391, IP2744

Elektrilevi OÜ - Maila Vahtra | Published January 24, 2017

Before the works to contact the project manager, who agree on the time and method of execution of the works. Work on transferring the required documents: Work deed of transfer of the electrical conformity Declaration of electrical installations audit report on defense, pension and potentsiaaliühtlustusjuhtmete perpetuity Control Protocol insulation resistance measurement protocol Return metals kaalumiskviitung wiring diagrams correction (DWG) High-voltage measuring set for reconstruction / construction of the Act (V225) Photos of the transferred work Works Work diary of the task. Before the works to connect the automation department and specify the time of execution of the works. Any significant changes during the works must agree in writing to the project manager before making any changes. Losses are deducted from provider to return the tender guarantee its availability. The contracting authority is entitled to all the tenders opening of the tenders or the tender procedure at a later stage, be rejected if the tender amount in excess of the estimated cost of the contract. If the work reveals the need to change the volume of work, it must agree to the Subscriber, and formalize an agreement on the reserve.
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