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Insurance services

Deutsche Bundesbank, Beschaffungszentrum | Published October 17, 2015
AXA Versicherung AG

The contract covers the establishment of a framework agreement on the operating and environmental liability insurance, ie the insurance of legal liability of the contracting authority for its operating facilities, equipment and operational risks In addition, within the Federal Republic of Germany. To insure are: - the general operating risk; - The supporting contractual arrangements; - The product liability risk; - The personal liability risk; - The environmental liability risk. The operation description reads on "banking operations". The obligation of the insurer includes the examination of the liability question that defense against unjustified claims for damages and the fulfillment of justified claims for damages. The contract starts on 01.01.2016, 00:00 clock and ends on 31.12.2016, 24:00 clock (minimum contract duration). Unless announces one of the two Contracting Parties 3 months before the end of each insurance year (insurance year = calendar year) the framework agreement in writing, the contract is automatically extended for one year up to 31.12.2019, 24:00 clock.


Hochbauamt | Published December 1, 2017
Omeras GmbH
45262670, 45223210

Locksmith services.

Outdoor railing, hot-dip galvanized, as a defense for circulating escape balconies, with stainless steel net as railing filling, approx. 300 m; Ceiling end panel, hot-dip galvanized, approx. 300 m; Interior railing, primed, with stainless steel net, incl. Ceiling end panel, approx. 60 m; Stair railing, primed, welded on existing steel staircase, with stainless steel net as filling, approx. 40 m; Wooden handrail approx. 40 m; Steel stairs as escape stairs, galvanized, incl. Steel net as filling, length approx. 9,00m, 4 pcs; Ceiling end sheet made of aluminum, approx. 200 m; Basement stairs, 1-in-a-row, 1 pc.

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