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Framework agreement laundry and cleaning of clothing and textile equipment

Bundeswehrverwaltungsstelle in Frankreich | Published October 31, 2016  -  Deadline January 12, 2017
The Federal Defense Administration office in France plans a framework agreement for the laundry and cleaning of clothing and textile equipment of German soldiers in France (border) complete site Ostwald.

Engineering services

Staatliches Bauamt Weilheim | Published November 8, 2016  -  Deadline December 6, 2016
The contract is for the design performance of building services according to HOAI 2013 Part 4 1 §§ 53-56 Phases. 2 to 9 of the plant groups 1/2/3/8 for the overhaul of an existing accommodation building of the Federal Defense Administration School. Allocation of power to be appointed as a stepped contract.

Delivery of martial arts equipment (gloves, dental and head protection) for the Bavarian police

Präsidium der Bayer. Bereitschaftspolizei | Published October 28, 2016  -  Deadline December 5, 2016
Pad request by shall award a framework agreement for the supply of the Bavarian police with boxing gloves, mouth guard and head protection for mission-related police self-defense and self-protection training ( epSVE) required to Ausbildungszwecken.Die performance criteria and product specifications resulting from the Technical Lieferbedingungen.Die contract period begins with the award of the contract and ending on 31/12/2019. The contract may by the client to the existing conditions, in stages, by up to 12 months extended werden.Verbindliche initial acceptance: 650 sets (consisting of 1 pair of boxing gloves and 1 piece mouthguard) and 100 pieces head protection to provide, not later than 24.02.2017 .Hinsichtlich of additional, non-binding quantities can only be an estimate. An obligation of the AG to take a specified amount via the above binding order quantity also does not exist.
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