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staff temporary employment for a specified time to the post of sports teacher and monitor sports activities to work the second time program - sport forces, according to an agreement signed between the ministry of defense and ministry of sport

MINISTÉRIO DA DEFESA, Comando do Exército, Comando Militar da Amazônia, 17ªBrigada de Infantaria de Selva, Comando de Fronteira de Rondônia/6ºBIS, | Published July 19, 2016

1 - Orientation / Education - Physical Activity Teacher Hiring with a degree in Physical Education (01 jobs) and monitor and academic degree in Physical Education (01 jobs). Monthly fee: R $ 1,200.00 and R $ 750.00, respectively. Hours 20 hours. Differential Treatment: - Applicability Decree 7174: No Applicability Margin of Preference: No Quantity: 1 Unit Supply: Personal
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