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design of a cathodic corrosion protection system on the exposed metal surfaces, Hume Lake Dam, Sequoia National Forest

Department of Agriculture, Forest Service | Published January 27, 2016  -  Deadline February 1, 2016

The work includes the design of a cathodic corrosion protection system on the exposed metal surfaces on the intake structure of the outlet works exposed to an aqueous environment. A conservative estimate of soil conductivity/resistivity will be made in the design. The contractor shall provide the following tasks, 1. Detailed Design: Prepare detailed installation drawings and technical specifications for a cathodic protection system for the subject outlet pipe. All drawings and specifications shall be suitable for bidding purposes. Design drawings and specifications will be prepared in accordance with the project standards. All cathodic protection designs will be in accordance with NACE Standard SP0169-13. 2. Design details will be prepared in Auto Cad Release 2011 or later format which can be electronically transmitted for inclusion into the project plans. Specs will be prepared in Word format and e-mailed as well. 3. Design Review Meetings: Attend design review meetings as requested. 4. Detailed Design Estimate: Prepare a detailed engineering cost estimate for supply of materials and installation of the proposed corrosion monitoring and cathodic protection systems. 5. Provide on-site installation assistance during construction to ensure that the specified CP system is installed correctly. 6. Provide assistance with materials procurement if needed and with exothermic welding procedures as well. 7. Perform a system checkout following installation and prepare a checkout report that contains the checkout data. 8. Provide a checkout report and Letter of Certification following the final system checkout certifying that the subject cathodic protection system has been designed and installed in accordance with NACE Corrosion Control Standards. This letter will be signed and stamped by a licensed Corrosion Engineer. SF 330s will be evaluated to determine the most highly qualified firm based on criteria responses. Evaluating past performance and experience may include review of information provided by the firm, customer inquiries, Government databases, and publicly available sources. Failure to provide requested data, inaccessible points of contact, or invalid phone numbers could result in a firm being considered less qualified.  SUBMISSION PACKAGE REQUIREMENTS: The SF 330 is limited to 75 numbered pages. Minimum font size is 12. Email copies of SF 330 for the prime offeror (SF 330 should also include offeror's key sub consultants) addressing the following selection criteria information: Firms having the capabilities to perform the services described herein are invited to respond by submitting a completed Standard Form 330, Part I and Part II (1/2004 edition) dated not later than six months prior to the date of this synopsis, for the firm. Firms with branch offices and consultants must submit Part II of Standard Form 330 that should include project samples. Firms must separately address the evaluation factors and relate where information can be found in the submittal package relevant to each factor. The submittal should be forwarded with a cover letter that states the firm is requesting consideration for Solicitation Number AG-9A40-S-16-0002.A pre-proposal conference will not be conducted; however, questions may be submitted to Patrick Gallegos at 559-297-0706 ext. 4830 or by email to All questions must be received by February 1, 2016.   Submittals should be provided to the following office by February 1, 2016 via email to       This procurement is Small Business only, and will be awarded in accordance with Brooks Act procedures. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code assigned to this procurement is 541330 - Engineering Services.   This contract will be procured under the Brooks Act and FAR Part 36. SPECIAL ATTENTION SHOULD BE GIVEN TO THE FOLLOWING AREAS OF THE STANDARD FORM 330: Part I Section A: Contract Information: In Block 5, list firm's Dun and Bradstreet and Taxpayer Identification Number in addition to the name of the firm. Section C: Proposed Team: List only the team members who will actually perform the major tasks under this contract (including staff professionals). Section F, Block 23: Provide a client point of contact and telephone number for each project. Section F Block 25: Clearly identify what role the offeror and/or other team members had in the project (were they the prime or a subcontractor and what tasks did they perform). Section G Key Personnel Participation in Example Projects: Submit in accordance with the SF 330 Instructions. Section H Additional Information requested by Agency: Address the remaining Criteria 2, continued through Criteria 5; additional sheets may be used, if required. Clearly identify the criteria number and title.  


United States Postal Service, Facilities Purchasing | Published November 23, 2015  -  Deadline January 7, 2016

The U. S. Postal Service is seeking proposals for the performance of environmental services including, but not limited to: Investigative services and facility condition assessments Development of environmentally-related scopes of work, design specifications, and cost estimates Site remediation activities Industrial hygiene services Hazardous waste management and disposal services Minor environmentally-related construction Procurement and submittal of environmental permits Development of facility-specific SOPs Report preparation These services will cover leased and owned facilities in the following states: Area 3: California, Hawaii, Guam, and Northern Mariana Islands The contract covers the States in the Area of work listed in this Solicitation however; the Postal Service reserves the right to issue work orders bilaterally for work in other states. The contract will be subject to negotiation of individual work orders. In each instance total fees for services will not exceed $500,000 for each task. The yearly maximum shall not exceed the total contract maximum. The contract will be for a base term of two (2) years with the possibility of two (2) two-year bilateral renewal options. The amount of work for the duration of the contract shall not exceed $9,500,000. There is no guaranteed minimum. The USPS reserves the right to select more than one firm. Firms which possess the qualifications to perform the services described are invited to submit the Return Package via USPS eSOURCING no later than: January 07, 2016 @ 3:00 pm MST. Copies of SF 330 can be obtained at An evaluation of firms will be conducted using the information provided on this form and through subsequent interviews with the firms determined to be most highly qualified. Firms with more than one office location must clearly identify which office is being presented for consideration. Firms selected must have an office located within one of the following states: California, Hawaii, Guam, or Northern Mariana Islands. There is no restriction on the physical location of consultants. Qualified firms must have on permanent staff a minimum of two (2) Professional Engineers (Civil or Environmental), two (2) Professional Geologists, and two (2) Certified Industrial Hygienists. It is prohibited to pay any fee, commission, percentage, or brokerage fee to any person or firm contingent upon, or resulting from award of this contract. No other general notification of this contract will be made. Submittals will not be retained or returned. ADDITIONAL NOTES TO OFFERORS This Solicitation (072382-16-A-0008) will be conducted through the USPS eSOURCING portal. In order to participate in this solicitation, you MUST be registered in USPS eSOURCING. Instructions for registering your company can be located in the SOLICITATION documents, ATTACHMENT 11, "ADDITIONAL NOTES TO OFFERORS". If you have any questions/issues regarding this process, please contact Emptoris support as suggested in the instructions, and contact Darryl Ford, once you have registered sucessfully and an invite will be extended to your firm for participation in this solicitaiton. HARD COPY proposals will NOT be accepted.
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