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Infrastructure works consultancy services

Hampshire County Council | Published December 23, 2016

Hampshire County Council are looking for a specialist service provider with extensive experience in assessing the detrimental effect of pylon poles, pipelines, overhead lines and cables on land value and development potential. This will include assessment and negotiation with the utility companies of cost effectiveness of compensation payments for existing infrastructure versus the cost of diversion.

The Council would also be interested to understand where similar services could be provided for other types of utilities (gas, water).

In relation to the description above the Council requests the market to respond to the following initial questions which will help shape our procurement strategy (please address the electrical utility first, with supplementary responses to other utilities you manage).

Experience — To fulfil this role extensive experience in utilities industry and a detailed understand of very complex development scenarios is required, please provide at least two supporting case studies to showcase your expertise in liaising with utility companies and negotiating the best possible terms and / or compensation for your client.

Pricing — Please provide detail of the typical fees and fee structure that could be adopted, e.g. fees linked to the level of compensation achieved or on a project specific fixed fee etc.

Capacity — Confirmation is required that the resources are available within your organisation to facilitate the scope of work required over the next 4 years.

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