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Medical Manager Consultancy (Glasgow 2018)

Glasgow City Council | Published February 23, 2017  -  Deadline March 14, 2017

Glasgow City Council are looking to appoint one person to the role of Medical Manager to manage the Medical Workstream of G2018 and are therefore seeking quotations from one named person responsible for the work who is a relevant experienced, qualified and knowledgeable consultant. Submissions from Medical organisations would be accepted but only if there is one person the named contact and the person responsible for ensuring the work is delivered as required. Any organisational submission should also note the following regarding conflict of interest. The Medical Manager will be responsible for all aspects of medical provision including spectator, workforce and athlete medical (excluding Anti-Doping)

Civil engineering consultancy services

Transport Scotland | Published January 27, 2017  -  Deadline March 2, 2017
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Transport Scotland is an agency of the Scottish Government and contracts in the name of and on behalf of the Scottish Ministers. Transport Scotland has identified the need to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced economic operator to provide consultancy services for the delivery of the A96 Dualling East of Huntly to Aberdeen (the ‘Scheme’) which is being taken forward as part of the wider commitment to dual the A96 between Inverness and Aberdeen.

The scope of the Services will include, but not be limited to: Undertaking a Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) Stage 2 and Stage 3 Assessment; Development of a specimen design; Performing the appropriate statutory procedures; Preparation of tender and contract documentation; and Construction supervision, including period of maintenance.

Throughout the commission the organisation shall undertake the duties of the Principal Designer in accordance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 as amended or updated.

Transport Scotland, on behalf of the Scottish Ministers, wishes to procure consultancy services to deliver the A96 Dualling Eastern Section which extends from east of Huntly to Aberdeen (at the proposed A96 junction with the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route) (approximately 42km) which forms part of wider Scottish Government commitment to dual the A96 between Inverness and Aberdeen by 2030. It is intended that these services shall be for a period of approximately 240 months up to and beyond completion of the A96 Dualling in 2030, until the period of maintenance is complete.

The intent of the procurement competition is to permit the Scottish Ministers to appoint a consultant under a ‘Contract’. The scope of the Contract will include the management, design, assessment, statutory procedures, procurement and construction supervision (including maintenance period) for the proposed upgrade of the A96 Trunk Road between East of Huntly to Aberdeen to dual carriageway. This will include, but not be limited to:

(i) development of the programme for the Scheme design, from inception through to completion, which shall be subject to further amendments throughout the duration of the Scheme;

(ii) overall Scheme management;

(iii) assistance as required in the procurement, by competition, of other specialist consultants/contractors for the Scheme, who if appointed will likely be appointed by the Scottish Ministers;

(iv) Scheme assessment (DMRB Stages 2 and 3) and development including as relevant preparation of all relevant documentation associated with statutory processes such as:

(a) Compulsory Purchase Orders for land acquisition;

(b) Road Orders;

(c) Environmental Statement; and

(d) Environmental Appraisals.

(vi) preparation of Scheme infrastructure outline design;

(vii) assistance as required in discussions on funding mechanisms including liaison with The Scottish Futures Trust;

(viii) assistance as required in the procurement, by competition, of the Contractor(s) for the Scheme; and

(ix) supervision of the Contractor(s) for the Scheme, assisted as relevant by other specialist consultants appointed for the Scheme by the Scottish Ministers.

Further details pertaining to the Services and specialisms that may be required to be provided by a Consultant are contained within the Supplementary Information Document (in particular Sections 3.2 to 3.5 inclusive).

The provisional programme for delivery of this Contract is as follows:

— Award of the Contract — Summer 2017,

— Completion of DMRB Stage 2 Assessment — 2019,

— Completion of construction of A96 Dualling between Inverness and Aberdeen — 2030.

The consultant appointed under this Contract (the ‘Consultant’) will be procured through a competitive tender procedure, in accordance with the restricted procedure as stated in the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015. Due to project complexity, the project requires to be performed by a single economic operator (or group of economic operators) and as such shall not be divided into lots.

To be considered for this Contract economic operators are required to complete the European Single Procurement Document (‘ESPD’) in accordance with this Contract Notice. Economic operators shall be evaluated in accordance with the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015, on the basis of information they have provided within the ESPD.

Further details pertaining to the requirement of this procurement are contained within the Supplementary Information Document, which can be accessed via the Public Contracts Scotland portal

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