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Provision of Legal Advice and Services for Falmouth University

FALMOUTH EXETER PLUS | Published March 10, 2017  -  Deadline April 7, 2017

Falmouth University wishes to engage the services of a consultant firm to provide legal advice and services for the Launchpad programme. This will be in several parts: 1. Review and amendment of the student contract to align with the programme outputs and objectives. 2. Development of a Memorandum of Understanding template between the Launchpad programme and Launchpad Industry Partners with advice on any bespoke arrangements. 3. Management of the incorporation of Launchpad graduate companies and the establishment of investment and shareholder agreements and transferal/development of IPR. 2. Summary of Project Launchpad is a graduate incubation and acceleration programme designed to build new high growth businesses to meet market demand in just 12 months. It is also an innovative method of graduate incubation as it is underpinned by a specially designed one-year (MA) Entrepreneurship programme, where setting up a new high growth business becomes the learning vehicle. This means students both build a new business and gain a Master's Degree at the same time.

Construction work for university buildings

Falmouth Exeter Plus | Published March 14, 2017  -  Deadline April 26, 2017
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The Launchpad Project and Link Building — Our Reference: 909LaunchPad

Falmouth Exeter Plus (‘FXPlus’ or ‘Contracting Authority’) is the service delivery partner established by Falmouth University (Falmouth) and the University of Exeter (UoE) and manages the buildings and facilities on behalf of UoE and Falmouth at the Penryn Campus in Cornwall. The Penryn Campus is shared by UoE and Falmouth in an arrangement that is unique within the UK, FXPlus is seeking, on behalf of Falmouth University (‘Falmouth’) to procure a contractor to design and build a research and development educational facility at the Penryn Campus at Falmouth.

The buildings do not currently exist but are an important strategic project to ensure Penryn Campus provision of sufficient space to meet Falmouth's planned growth.

Please refer to Sections 11.2.4 and V1.3 of this contract notice for further information regarding this procurement.

Please also refer to the Invitation to Tender document (‘ITT’).

The Launchpad Project and Link Building — Our Reference: 909LaunchPad

This procurement will be conducted using the open procedure pursuant to Regulation 27 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (‘PCR’). All interested parties are invited to respond to this contract notice by submitting a tender. Please note that all bidders must meet the minimum capability requirements set out in the Selection Questionnaire in Appendix D of the ITT.

The estimated total value of this contract is the range of 4 500 000—7 000 000 GBP, with the intention that the works should be completed in accordance with the timeframes stated in this notice. However, the Project is currently in the early planning stages and the value and programme for the contract may, subject to tender responses and conditions of the contract become subject to change. Interested candidates should form their own view from the review of available procurement documentation and will recognise that value is dependant on market response to this process and the value and programme may be subject to change in accordance with the conditions of the contract.

This project is called the ‘Launchpad Project and Link Building’ (Project) and is an important strategic project to ensure Penryn Campus' provision of sufficient space to meet Falmouth's planned growth forecast.

This project is part financed by European funds.

The Works comprise the design and construction of a research and development educational facility for Falmouth University. The development is comprised of 2 buildings; the Link and the Launchpad. The units are an extension of the existing AIR Building and the units are connected.

The Link Building is a three storey building that is attached to both the AIR Building and the proposed Launchpad Building. The GIFA is 448m2 GIFA with a ridge height of circa 12.5m.

The Launchpad Building is a 2 storey building that is attached to the proposed Link Building. The GIFA is 1 216 m2 GIFA with a ridge height of circa 10.1 m. The Launchpad is an ERDF funded building with a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ requirement.

Please note:

Falmouth's consultancy team (Building Design Partnership — (‘BDP’) /Method Consulting) have completed the design to the end of RIBA Stage 3. These requirements are complete and no novation is required.

Method Consulting have undertaken the BREEAM Pre Assessment and it will be for the winning bidder/contractor to appoint a BREEAM assessor to complete the process for RIBA Stage 4 through to completion.

Falmouth is the process of appointing a project manager and cost consultant. The winning bidder/contractor will be required to work collaboratively with these consultants and other consultants appointed in connection with the Project in order to achieve Falmouth's requirements.

Please refer to the ITT for further information relating to this procurement.

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