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CHP - Supplier & Consultant Application

CHP | Published July 14, 2016  -  Deadline April 26, 2050

BHCC HP Construction Related Consultancy Dynamic Purchasing System

Brighton & Hove City Council | Published September 1, 2016  -  Deadline August 29, 2020
This is a platform to fill the ongoing requirement for construction related external consultancy across the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Plan of Work 2013 (stages 0-7). No call-off tenders/competitive procurement exercises will be undertaken before 30/09/2016 to allow suppliers to request to participate (i.e. submit a completed PQQ). Suppliers can request to participate (i.e. submit a completed PQQ) and request documents at any time whilst the DPS is live. Documents and Clarifications should be read first before drafting an application.
The DPS will be made up of the following Lots:
1. Architectural Services including Landscape Architect
2. Asbestos Surveyor
3. Building Surveyor
4. CAD Technician
5. Clerk of Works
6. Electrical Engineer/Designer
7. Engineering Services including Structural Engineer
8. Financial Viability Assessor
9. Health & Safety Advisor
10. Mechanical Engineer/Designer
11. Project Manager
12. Quantity Surveyor/Cost Consultant/Employer’s Agent
13. Urban and Regional Planner

DPS1000-Provision of specialist Sound & Vision consultancy to the Houses of Parliament

Broadcast Office | Published June 7, 2016  -  Deadline July 30, 2021
Parliament’s Audio and Video Programme will see an investment in new equipment, production and distribution methods as well as archive solutions to support improved services and access for Members, Parliamentary staff, media organisations and the public.

To deliver the programme, the services of expert project managers and technical and engineering consultants will be required, to assist in the detailed specification and management of a range of complex sound, vision and online media projects.

The Authority is working within budget constraints, and a continual need to deliver value for money. There is a driver to consider off-the-shelf solutions as the preferred options, and consultants must be able to advise on the state of the market, independent of manufacturer, or custom-built solutions. To support the programme, consultants may be required to produce options papers which identify a variety of appropriate solutions at different price points, in order to meet the constraints within which the Authority is operating.

Consultants who provide drafting or other advice when developing specifications should note that they will only be permitted to bid for the supplies contract if they can demonstrate clear segregation of information between the different sections of their organisation (i.e. have and maintain effective “Chinese walls”).

This notice is to set up a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for sound and vision consultants. Individual contracts awarded under the DPS will be subject to further competition amongst those suppliers on the DPS.

Octavia Housing Association - Planned and Responsive Maintenance and Repair of Energy Infrastructure Installations and associated Distribution Systems

Dacorum Borough Council | Published October 13, 2016  -  Deadline November 11, 2016
The work included in this contract comprises the provision of planned and responsive maintenance and repair services to centralised energy infrastructure installations and associated distribution systems in three large shared-occupancy social housing developments located in Central and West London. A brief description of each of the developments is provided in 1.3 below. 

The principal element of the proposed contract covers the provision of planned and responsive maintenance and repair services to the centralised energy infrastructure installations and associated distribution systems up to and including the heating interface units (HIUs) located within each individual dwelling, and including all heating and hot water installations located in the common areas of the buildings. In each of the developments the Energy Centre and Energy Services Distribution System broadly comprises:

• twin gas fired boilers
• associated pumps and ancillary equipment
• a water booster set and tanks
• all associated pipework and controls up to and including the HIUs located in each individual dwelling.

Further details of the equipment, including current condition survey reports, are provided in the three consultant reports which form part of the tender documents.

Bidders should note that:

i) the Condition Survey Reports record that at the time of inspection a variety of defects were found at each of the three installations. Octavia will address all outstanding defects identified in the Condition Survey Reports prior to making an appointment under this contract.

ii) The Condition Survey Reports also record that issues were found with the CHP units at each of the three sites. Octavia are currently carrying out further investigations in respect of the CHP units, and will deal with all CHP related issues outside this contract. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR OF THE THREE CHP UNITS WILL THEREFORE BE EXCLUDED FROM THIS CONTRACT.

iii) this appointment is for maintenance and repair services only – metering services are provided by others under separate agreements.

In addition to the main tender, Octavia also require bidders to submit supplementary proposals for the provision of planned and responsive repair services to the domestic heating and hot water installations located within each of the separate tenanted dwellings downstream of the HIUs. These installations each comprise a conventional mix of domestic distribution pipework and valves, pump, heat emitters, control systems and hot water draw-off points fed from the HIU.

In connection with the supplementary tender, tenderers attention is specifically drawn to the following:

i. maintenance of the domestic HIUs is included within the principal tender element set out above.

ii. this domestic installation service will NOT be made available to leaseholders under this contract. Leaseholders are each responsible for the maintenance of their own domestic installation downstream of the HIU.

Octavia Housing wish to appoint a single suitably qualified and experienced specialist company, able to demonstrate a successful and effective track record in the execution of contracts of this type, to provide such services to the three residential developments described in 1.3 below.

A full list of postal addresses for each development, identifying those properties held by leaseholders, will be provided upon signature of the contract.

Building Surveying Consultancy

Estates | Published September 14, 2016  -  Deadline November 28, 2016
Building Surveying Consultancy Services

664_17 Consultancy Services

ESPO | Published August 8, 2016  -  Deadline November 14, 2016
ESPO (in collaboration with YPO) is seeking to establish a framework agreement with a number of service providers for the provision of consultancy services. The key aim of the framework will be to promote cost savings and create efficiencies by providing customers access to pre-approved service providers whom they may appoint using a simple and streamlined procurement process. Lot No: 1 - Business Services Lot No: 2a - Auditing Consultancy Lot No: 2b - Auditing Services Lot No: 2c - General Finance Lot No: 2d – Procurement Lot No: 2e - Revenues and Benefits Lot No: 2f - Tax Lot No: 2g - Treasury Management Lot No: 3 - Food and Catering Lot No: 4a - Public Health Lot No: 4b - Social Care (Adults) Lot No: 4c - Social Care (Children) Lot No: 5 - Highways, Transport and Logistics Lot No: 6a - Operational IT Lot No: 6b - Strategic IT Lot No: 7 - Leisure, Culture and Tourism Lot No: 8a - Asset Management and Delivery Lot No: 8b - Environmental and Sustainability Lot No: 8c - Facilities Management Lot No: 8d - Health and Safety Lot No: 8e- Housing and Housing Support Lot No: 8f - Planning, Valuation and Structure Lot No: 8g - Regeneration and Regional Development Lot No: 8h - Waste and Recycling Lot No: 9a - Community Research and Engagement Lot No: 9b - Marketing, Communications and PR Lot No: 10 - Strategic Projects As Central Purchasing Bodies as defined by the EU Procurement Directive 2014/24/EU, the Framework Agreement is open for use by the following classifications of user throughout all administrative regions of the UK: Local Authority Councils; Educational Establishments (including Academies); Central Government Departments and Agencies and Local Government Departments and Agencies; Police, Fire & Rescue and Coastguard Emergency Services; NHS and HSC Bodies, including Ambulance Services; Registered Charities; Registered Social Landlords; Any Public Body established by or under the Scotland Act 1998 or any Act of the Scottish Parliament. Full details of the classification of end user establishments and geographical areas is available on: An eAuction process may be used to award subsequent call off contracts following the reopening of competition among the parties to the Framework Agreement. To tender: (a) Go to, (b) Register (c) Search for tender opportunity ‘664_17’ d) Express an interest (e) Download the tender from the website. Please note, the closing date for submission of tender is 12:00 noon, 14/11/2016.

West Yorkshire Transport Fund - Specialist Professional Consultancy

West Yorkshire Combined Authority | Published April 22, 2016  -  Deadline May 22, 2020
West Yorkshire Combined Authority and the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership has secured a £1billion-plus Growth Deal to support growing businesses, develop a skilled and prosperous workforce, improve energy efficiency and create the housing and transport infrastructure for growth.

Within this Growth Deal, there are a number of schemes, predominantly highway, that will require specialist services over the coming years. These services will be acquired through a framework that will then be subject to mini competition invited during the period by individual Districts as and when required.

The schemes and services are listed in the questionnaire.

The concluded contract will be open for use by the 22 local authorities within the Yorkshire and Humber region. Details of the authorities can be found at;↦=4

Design Services Dynamic Purchasing System

capitalEsourcing | Published August 7, 2016  -  Deadline August 12, 2020
Design Services Dynamic Purchasing System incorporating Architects and multi-disciplinary services such as Designers; building surveyors, property agents and cost consultants

Disabled Facilities Grant Register of Contractors for Northamptonshire - Cycle 5

Daventry District Council | Published August 24, 2016  -  Deadline November 11, 2016
Daventry District Council (“Scheme coordinator”) on behalf of the District and Boroughs in Northamptonshire (“Scheme Members”) is compiling a register (“The Register”) of competent, qualified and experienced contractors (“Contractors”) and other providers to deliver a range of services for Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) recipients. 
The Register is being compiled on behalf of Scheme Members:- Daventry District Council, Northampton Borough Council, East Northamptonshire Council, Corby Borough Council, Kettering Borough Council, and Borough Council of Wellingborough.
The purpose of this exercise is to maintain a Register from which DFG recipients will be able to request quotations from Contractors on the Register and can contract directly with them for the works and/or services for which the DFG has been awarded

The Register is expected to operate initially from January 2016 until December 2017, with a possible extension for a further two years. The opportunity to apply on the Register will remain open with the Scheme Members considering new applications every 3 months and those applications that are successful will be added to the register. This is Cycle 5 and this opportunity will be open until 18th November 2016.

This is not a call for competition nor procurement and there will not be any contract between Scheme Members and Contractors on the Register.
Inclusion on the Register does not guarantee any minimum level of expenditure, volume, location, value of work, requests for quotation opportunities or the offer of work.

There are four work categories:

The Council is using Due North web-based service to manage this process. Contractors must read through the instructions that can be downloaded below and follow the process to respond to this opportunity. Please click on ‘Apply online’ (right hand side) and you will be transferred to Due North to Register for this. The Application can be accessed at reference: A3YE-WYWEQO. Only submissions via Due North will be accepted.

Further notices will appear at appropriate times on Source Northamptonshire.

PLEASE NOTE that any queries with regard to this exercise should be raised via Due North. Organisations are advised that any updates in relation to this exercise will also be published via Due North.

To help suppliers register and apply, the Due North Help Sheet below can be downloaded and followed. Further information can be found on the Part One Information and Instructions document.



Crawley Borough Council - Property Partnering Contract

Crawley Borough Council | Published September 14, 2016  -  Deadline November 1, 2016
The Council is inviting tenders from suitably qualified organisations for Partnering Consultants in various disciplines, to assist with a variety of work within the Council.  This work will be for a variety of projects including new build housing, civil engineering infrastructure and flood alleviation projects.  It will include ongoing ad hoc technical advice.  The consultancy disciplines (Lots) required are:

Civil engineering
Drainage and flood alleviation
Quantity Surveying
Structural Engineering
CDM/Principal Designer
Clerk of Works

The Council intends to award the Contract to one organisation per discipline (Lot), with no limit on the amount of disciplines (Lots) which can be tendered for or awarded to the same organisation.

The Council is procuring this contract following an open EU Procurement Directives process, the minimum requirements for participation are detailed in the tender documents.

The duration of the Contract will be three years, with an option to extend for two further years subject to satisfactory performance. It is anticipated that the contract will commence on 1st May 2017.

The contract will be administered and primarily used by Crawley Borough Council, but is being tendered to allow other public bodies which Crawley Borough Council works in partnership with to access the agreement. The following public bodies have been named in the OJEU advertisement:

Horsham District Council
Mid Sussex District Council
West Sussex County Council
The Environment Agency

This tender is to be completed electronically using the SE Shared Services Procurement eSourcing portal.

The SE Shared Services eSourcing portal provides a web-based tool that provides a simple, secure and efficient means for managing tendering and quotation activities reducing the time and effort required for both buyers and Potential Bidders. The portal allows for tender clarifications and submitting your bid electronically.

In order to bid for this opportunity you will need to register your company on the SE Shared Services portal.
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