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Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services

Stavanger kommune | Published January 12, 2017
71600000, 71000000, 71300000, 71610000, 71620000, 71621000, 45262500, 45262522

This procurement is for masonry-examinations at Stavanger Cathedral.

The Cathedral is being restored until year 2025, and some of the work includes restoration of masonry from the Middle-ages.

The aim of the examination is to identify cavities and other discrepancies in the walls in a non-destructive manner, e.g. by use of geo-radar.

The walls are between 1,2 and 1,5 m in width, and there is a high probability that these are filled with mortar and pebbles. Transportation of humidity within the walls is dependent on working ‘transportation routes’, i.e. intact and consistent mortar in the joints.

The Contracting Party wishes to map the occurrence of cavities and other discrepancies.

Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services

KA — Arbeidsgiverorganisasjon for kirkelige virksomheter | Published January 13, 2017  -  Deadline March 1, 2017

On behalf of Client, KA (Kirkelig arbeidsgiver- og interesseorganisasjon), COWI hereby invite laboratories to bid on carrying out a series of fire tests to verify performance of current, modified and new fire control systems for exterior and interior protection of, primarily but not limited to, 19th century churches in Norway. These tests cover water based systems for suppression or extinguishing.

The specification for this procurement contest is based on a previous investigation on the potential of modifying or designing new fire control systems to fit needs of this category of church buildings. Procurement procedure is ‘competitive dialogue’ as of EU ruling August 2016: Negotiations shall be held with each tenderer prior to price bids.

Test series may be performed indoor or outdoor, or mixed. Most tests shall be done with a full scale façade test rig while flashover/post-flashover tests shall require a suitable enclosure. Estimated number of tests are 20 indoor, 10 ‘out-door’, 5 flashover/post-flashover and 15 no-fire tests (spray coverage etc.).

Contractor shall collaborate with COWI on detailed plan for execution of tests. COWI shall make separate supply contracts with system providers of specimens.

Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services

Hordaland fylkeskommune | Published January 26, 2017  -  Deadline February 20, 2017
71600000, 71000000, 71620000

In accordance with NS 3424 ‘Condition Evaluation for Structures’, condition evaluations with supplementary reports shall be carried out for sixth form colleges. See the attached list of schools.

For further information about the buildings, see the attached fact sheet for each school.

It is extremely important that the structure evaluation with supplementary report gives exact advice so that it is a good tool for the preparation of the maintenance plan and budget. It shall also form the basis for systematic upgrading of the buildings/facilities and any adjustments to the users needs.

In accordance with NS 3424 ‘Condition Evaluation for Structures’, condition evaluations with supplementary reports shall be carried out for sixth form colleges. See the attached list of schools.

For further information about the buildings, see the attached fact sheet for each school.

It is extremely important that the structure evaluation with supplementary report gives exact advice so that it is a good tool for the preparation of the maintenance plan and budget. It shall also form the basis for systematic upgrading of the buildings/facilities and any adjustments to the users needs.

The condition evaluation shall include all discipline categories in the building component table, such as:

2 - Building, also including fire.

3 - HVAC and sanitary installations.

4 - Electricity.

5 - Tele and automation.

6 - Other installations.

7 - Outdoors.

The condition report will be prepared on level 2.

Regarding fire, only the condition of the existing fire protection in the building will be inspected.. A full fire review of the buildings shall not be carried out.

Environmental mapping reports have been created for most of the buildings. These will be mad available to the company that shall carry out the evaluations.

Hordaland fylkeskommune has politically approved a maintenance strategy that states the the buildings should be ‘sound’. The schools shall have Public Health Authority certification and the condition rating of the buildings should not be less than 1.0/ This forms the basis for all maintenance planning in Hordaland fylkeskommune.

In order to map the functionality of the buildings in relation to the user, a preliminary risk assessment shall be carried out in cooperation with a user representative appointed by the school. The objective of this is to ascertain the need for initiatives/reconstruction etc. so the facilities are in optimal condition in relation to the user/school operation.

The initiatives shall be individually listed and roughly estimated.

The work of condition evaluating shall be carried out in close cooperation with the operations manager and the area manager who is responsible for and has knowledge of the buildings. See the attached list with contact persons.

The user/school representative who has knowledge of the school's/users' need must be present for site inspections and meetings.

In the first instance a school shall be evaluated. This evaluation shall be presented to relevant persons at The Property Department and be comprehensively reviewed by HFK so that the level and form are clarified before proceeding with the remainder of the buildings.

Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services

Sporveien Oslo AS | Published November 21, 2015
71600000, 33112200, 33124120, 38513200, 34621000, 50220000, 71631470

Ultrasound services

Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services

Undervisningsbygg Oslo KF | Published July 18, 2014
Termografi og Måleteknikk990697469Fagerstandbakken 42Fagerstrand 1454 +47 90892590

The agreement will cover the contracting authority's need for thermography to map surface temperatures as a basis for maintenance, repairs and improvements. The agreement includes electrical thermography of low voltage installations, which will include electric grids and electric boilers and other energy-intensive equipment, and thermography of buildings to reveal the buildings' density (density control).

Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services

Forsvarets logistikkorganisasjon (FLO) | Published July 9, 2013
Ikm InstrutekElveveien 28Larvik 3262

Forsvarets logistikkorganisasjon would like to enter into a framework agreement with a service provider for vibration measurements and analysis for the Navy's vessels.

Technical tests to Flytoget sales system

Flytoget AS | Published November 9, 2016  -  Deadline November 21, 2016
48000000, 72220000, 72254100, 72240000, 72246000, 72250000, 72253200, 72514200, 72514300, 72224100


The tasks to be performed in the Flytoget premises are:

--Vedkommende Will be responsible for ensuring that testing include requirements for new functionality by summarizing the wishes of ordering and assuring the delivery of developer.

--Vedkommende Will be in charge of drawing up tests with solution architect, functional and project manager

--Teste APIs to developing future

--Testing Of new functionality when needed

--Funksjonell Testing in collaboration using pure solution

--Hyppig regression

--Testing On physical equipment

--Vedlikeholde Tests and test script in VSTS

--Vedlikeholde Documentation in Confluence

--Utarbeide Test reports what is done by testing

Desired skills and experience:

--Teknisk tests

--Meget Good English skills at technical level

--Selvgående Resource will clarify responsibility for different test areas along with other suppliers / internal resources as new integrations / solutions developed

--Erfaring With automated testing

--Erfaring Testing APIs (REST, SOAP)

--Erfaring With quality assurance tests, test execution and expertise in test methodology

--Erfaring With integration testing of multiple systems and test projects with integration platform

--Vant To work with solutions highly complex with many subsystems

--Erfaring With SQL to check results in database / manipulate test data

--Fordel With some expertise on Mule / Fuse or equivalent ECB

--Kan Settle quickly into complex domain models

--Fordel With expertise in modern card-based sales, billettering-, websalg and / or financial systems

Offer letter must contain

--Kort Description of offered IPC fit in relation to the tasks

--CV The offered expertise

--Utfylt Claim form offered consultant (attached)

--Forpliktende Signature Scope

The switch is 50%, but with the possibility of up to 100% applied in some periods.

Award Criteria

The award will be based on the offer as a whole is the most advantageous based on price, expertise, availability and suitability for the task.

Then follow the instructions on the website.

Contract for the development and operation of the Election Directorate's internet systems

Valgdirektoratet [Election Directorate] | Published September 1, 2016  -  Deadline October 3, 2016

A cooperation partner shall be chosen, who shall solve and/or see to the assignments in this requirement specification. This includes:

- Specification (information architecture, visual, functional and technical)

- Adaptation and further development

- Implementation of the system

- Migration of the content from current systems

- Functional and technical testing of the system (including requirements for availability, security etc.)

- Setting into production

- Management and operation, including monitoring and technical maintenance

- Statistics of use patterns etc.

- Support and user support.

Sketches for the design, structure and functionality of the system shall be developed in close cooperation with the Election Directorate.

- The design shall be based on the Election profile and/or the Election Directorate's profile, depending on the content, target group and intention.

- The structure and functionality shall be based on the information that is currently on — a sub-website of which is made in Episerver and — which is made in WordPress. The new website does not need to take the technology choices that were previously made into consideration. Information and content from these websites must, however, be migrated to the new website and adapted to new needs. Both of the domains shall continue to be used.

- In addition a homepage shall be made for the Election Directorate, with information on the directorate, contact information etc.

Cruise 2014 825/826 Rental of cod trawls the tool attempts

Havforskningsinstituttet | Published May 15, 2014  -  Deadline June 2, 2014
60653000, 60000000

IMR want to rent a cod trawler in 22 days spread over seven days in June and 15 days in October 2014 for completion of; 1) Technical testing and trapping experiments with a newly developed bottom trawl gear to be more gentle on the bottom than traditional rock hopper bottom gear 2) attempts to develop a capture control system for trawl that can be used together with grid sorting in cod trawls, which includes evaluation of such systems in commercial trawling for cod and haddock.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Direktoratet For Forvaltning Og IKT | Published February 22, 2017  -  Deadline March 17, 2017
72000000, 72200000, 72220000, 72222300, 72240000, 72254000, 72254100, 72260000, 79417000

Difi would like potential suppliers to be in a dynamic purchasing system where 1 supplier can deliver all or parts of the requested areas.

Annex 1 Disciplines gives an account of the most important areas and technologies we would like to procure through the procurement system.

Difi would like to joint up with companies who can provide services within several competence areas, but we are also looking for contact with companies who have expertise within some specific areas.

The Contracting Authority uses Mercell Sourcing Service. To express your interest and gain access to any documents, please click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your browser. ( Then follow the instructions on the website.

About DIFI

Direktoratet for forvaltning og IKT (Difi) develops, administers and operates several IT systems, including joint national components. The responsibility for this work comes under the Department for IT Operations and Development (IDU). IDU is divided between two locations, Oslo and Leikanger. The development projects are primarily carried out in 1 or both of these locations.

IDU is involved in the entire life-cycle of the IT systems in Difi, from the early requirement specifications to operation and administration. This work involves, amongst other things: Strategic further development of IT systems, requirement specifications/advice for specifying requirements, design and architecture of IT systems, programming, technical testing, technical documentation, administration of IT systems, including troubleshooting and error recovery.

The work with the development of IT systems is organised as a project with methods from flexible and test driven development and dev-ops. We work in accordance with the ITIL principles for operation and follow-up.

Development happens with internal capacity in combination with hired consultants. Our need will vary between increasing internal development capacity and obtaining expertise when we do not have this ourselves.

DIFI's IT systems

Difi has a broad portfolio of IT systems that cover many different purposes and requirements.

Difi develops and administers joint national systems on behalf of the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation (KMD), for example, the ID-port, the contact and reservation register and systems within e-commerce/e-invoices (ELMA). We have an internal development teams that work on this with flexible methodology. The teams solves assignments from the joint components' development portfolio, including both new development and the administration of existing systems.

Difi also administers and develops a number of services, guidelines and portals that are aimed at inhabitants and public administration. Examples of such services are,, and

In addition Difi has several internal IT systems, both self-developed and off-the-shelf products, which shall support different work processes in Difi. Work is being carried out to integrate, further develop and adapt the internal IT systems in order to get more efficient utilisation.

Difi has a clear focus on information security, universal design and availability on the different platforms. Our systems shall be available for everyone through universal design and it shall be possible to use them on tablets and mobiles.

The length and extent of the purchasing system.

This is a permanent purchasing system that will run until DIFI chooses to end it.

The need for the service is expected to be approx. 6 250 000 NOK excluding VAT. The estimate is based on historical figures and the previous need. There is no procurement obligation and there can be large variations in the extent from year to year. The contract is subject to budget changes in the framework agreement period.

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