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Consulting / project management, power line construction (electricity network)

Weltbankgruppe Weltbank /International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD/Weltbank-Gruppe) | Published April 12, 2018  -  Deadline May 20, 2002

Volta Basin SAP Implementation - P149969

ABV | Published March 10, 2016

General Procurement Notice BASIN AUTHORITY OF VOLTA VOLTA BASIN AUTHORITY Benin-Burkina Ivory Coast Ghana- Togo-Mali GENERAL NOTICE OF AWARD DESMARCHES Authority Volta Basin Development Project in? Strategic piece of the action program Lavolta basin (VSIP) Sector: Water General notice of award of contracts dONATIONS: CIWA GRANT No. TF16611 and GEFGRANT No. TFA0184 ID project ID: P149969 basin Authority Volta obtained funding for the BanqueInternationale reconstruction and Development (World Bank) an amount equivalent to US $ 10.7 million to finance the project of implementation of the Program ActionStratégique Volta basin (VSIP) and sepropose to use the funds to settle supplies, works and services to be procured under this project. The project will include the following components: COMPONENT 1: Development of the water charter forLe the Volta Basin (USD 1,925,000) COMPONENT 2: Facilitating dialogue, lacommunication and project monitoring (USD1,200,000) COMPONENT 3: Implementation ? actionsprioritaires piece of the SAP (USD 6,600,000) COMPONENT 4: project Management (USD765,000) consultants will be selected in accordance auxDirectives: Selection and employment of consultants by World Bank borrowers (January 2011 edition, revised in juillet2014 ). The notices for contracts to be passésconformément of the appeals to international competition, the World Bank will be published as soon leurcommunication, in Development Business and dgMarket, the site of the VBA, and / orin technical journals, newspapers and trade publications with extensive international distribution and journauxlocaux in six (06) countries that ABV are: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mali and Togo. Potential bidders satisfying the criteria of origin and wishing figurersur the recipient list of call screening for tenders in the context of appeals to the concurrenceinternationale, or those requiring additional information, should contact the adresseci below. Basin Authority Lavolta Project implementation Strategic Action theprogram of the Volta Basin BP 10 13621 Ouagadougou10 Tel: + 22625.37.60.67 Email:;?

EDF — international call for tenders for the recruitment of technical assistance for the programme to support decentralisation and municipal investments (PADIC)

Ministry of Economy and Finance, National Authorising Officer in Burkina Faso | Published January 17, 2012  -  Deadline February 17, 2012

At the request of the government of Burkina Faso, the European Union has prepared a programme to support decentralisation and municipal investment (PADIC — 12 500 000 EUR). The overall objective of the PADIC programme is to contribute to the fight against poverty by improving local governance. The specific objective is to improve the process of decentralisation and local governance by strengthening the capacities of actors. This programme is divided into 2 components: (i) strengthening the institutional capacities of central, devolved and decentralised authorities (including monitoring and evaluation) and the 'Permanent development fund for local authorities' (FPDCT) in particular; (ii) strengthening the capacities of local authorities, particularly in terms of project management. The programme will be implemented via service contracts, programme estimates and a delegation agreement with the GIZ. In 2012 it is planned to conduct a 5-pillar audit of the FPDCT to trigger a possible phase II of this programme, with a budget of 12 500 000 EUR, the specific objective of which will be to help increase municipal investments by direct financial support for the FPDCT to implement in accordance with its own procedures. This international call for tenders concerns a service contract to recruit technical assistance for the PADIC programme. The following will be required for the contract: principal experts to perform the tasks requiring technical skills in the fields of decentralisation and local financing, mobilisation of short-term experts in similar fields and other related areas, mobilisation of support staff.

AOI - Burkina Faso - rainwater drainage work ex sectors 16, 19 and 24 and the work of consolidation works - SPAQPO - March 2015

 | Published March 17, 2015

International Tender Notices COMMON BURKINA FASO OUAGADOUGOU - SECRETARIAT GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF STUDIES, PROGRAMMING AND CELL PROJECT MANAGEMENT INVESTMENT MUNICIPAL storm sewerage work ex sectors 16, 19 and 24 and the work of consolidation work Don FAD No. 2100155025919 Opinion No. 2015 -_01 / CO / SG / DEPI / CEGEPCO This notice of international competitive bidding (AAOI) follows the general procurement notice published in the subproject in Development Business online No. AfDB792-12 / 13 from 06 December 2013 and on the Bank's portal ( The Government of Burkina Faso has received a donation from the African Development Fund (ADF) to finance the First Deputy Project Sanitation Districts of Ouagadougou Devices (SPAQPO) and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this Grant for the cost of storm cleanup ex sectors 16, 19 and 24 and the work of consolidation works in one lot to achieve in the sub-project. Ouagadougou City Council, represented by the Secretary General, hereby invites international invitation to tender, eligible bidders to submit sealed bids for the realization of the storm cleanup ex sectors 16, 19 and 24 and work of consolidation work in the city of Ouagadougou in single lot. The period of works is twelve (12) months plus the rainy season. The International Competitive Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the Rules and Procedures for Procurement of Goods and Works of the Bank, May 2008 edition revised in July 2012. Interested bidders may obtain further information from and inspect the Bidding Documents' Offers in the offices of the Communal Project Management Unit (CEGEPCO) located in the Department of Studies, Programming and Investment, 01 BP Ouagadougou 85 01 24 173 Street, next to the Mayor of the Borough No. 4 Tel. : +226 25 41 90 15/226 25 41 90 16. E-mail: - BURKINA FASO. The tender document can be removed by the candidates to the secretariat of the Management Unit of the Commons projects (CEGEPCO), located in the Research Department, Programming and Investments 85 01 BP Ouagadougou 01, Rue 24173 next to City Hall Borough No. 4, Tel. : +226 25 41 90 15/226 25 41 90 16- BURKINA FASO, with receipt of payment of two hundred fifty thousand (250,000) CFA francs or against its equivalent in a freely convertible currency This payment will be conducted with the commissioner of the Department of Construction and Urban Development, located at 173 Avenue ZOMBRE Naaba, the record will be removed on presentation of the purchase receipt issued by this Department. The provisions in the Instructions to Bidders and those of the General Conditions of Contract are the standard provisions of type Folder tender; Work Acquisitions, Edition May 2008 Revised July 2012, the African Development Bank (ADB). Tenders must arrive or be lodged with the Secretariat of the Management Unit of the Commons projects (CEGEPCO) located in the Department of Studies, Programming and Investment, Ouagadougou 01 BP 85 01 24 173 Street, next to the City Council of district No. 4, Tel. : +226 25 41 90 15 / +226 25 41 90 16 - BURKINA FASO later than May 5, 2015 à 9:00 minute (local time) and be accompanied by a bid guarantee of an amount at least equal to hundred and fifty million (150,000,000) CFA francs. Bids must be valid for a period of 120 days after the deadline for submission of bids. Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders' representatives who choose to attend at the opening, May 5, 2015 à 9:05 minutes (local time) in the Cell's meeting room Communal Project Management (CEGEPCO) located the Directorate of Studies, Programming and Investment, Ouagadougou 01 BP 85 01 24 173 Street, next to City Hall
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