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Consultant Buy: Project for implementation of IT systems

NIBIO | Published December 21, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2017

Nibio shall enter into a contract for delivery of the project in connection with the implementation of new administrative systems.

For further description of the competition, communication and submission of tenders, the following link is used:

Consultancy services in connection with the plot development of the new hospital at Ullandhaug in Stavanger

Helse Stavanger HF | Published February 1, 2017
Consultant in the pilot project phase in conjunction with site control and public infrastructure associated with the new hospital at Ullandhaug in Stavanger, see request for tenders for more information.

Multidisciplinary consulting team; Walking route along the river

Skien kommune | Published September 1, 2017
Skien Municipality invites to an open tender in connection with the acquisition "Multidisciplinary consulting team; Walking route along the river. "
The purpose of the procurement is to establish a multidisciplinary team that can supplement principal in this project.
The interdisciplinary consulting team will mainly draw illustrations, plans, detailed design and prepare a feasibility study.
The following fields should be included in this interdisciplinary project:
Landscape architect / architect / land planning etc.
Consultant engineer (structures)
team management

Dialogue Conference on the future procurement of architects and technical consultants

Elverum kommune | Published June 1, 2017
Short description:
Elverum Municipality invite the private sector to dialogue conference on the future procurement of architects and technical consultants
Invitation to dialogue conference on the future procurement of architects and technical consultants
Elverum Municipality wants dialogue on procurement of architects and technical consultants on the framework agreement and invites dialogue conference Monday 30 th January 2017.

Purchase of services for temporary management of the section GNSS Development

Statens kartverk | Published September 1, 2017
The client wants cheap consultant to lead a newly created section, GNSS development, until a new section head is permanently employed. The position occupied during the 1st half 2017.
Further information on the procurement objectives and scope are set out in Annexes to the assistance agreement.

Evaluation of procurement functions for Applicants

Utlendingsdirektoratet - UDI | Published March 1, 2017

Directorate of Immigration (UDI) would like to engage a consultant (s) for the preparation of an evaluation of purchasing / procurement functions, including an assessment of:
organization and responsibilities,
expertise and capacity,
processes and data,
The analysis carried out in close cooperation with the Immigration and should result in a report that provides UDI concrete advice and suggestions for improvements.

Purchase of consultancy services

BIR AS | Published October 1, 2017
Includes: Strategy - Government procurement - Contract Monitoring - General consultancy

Purchase of consulting services in business development

Norad (Direktoratet for utviklingssamarbeid) | Published December 19, 2016  -  Deadline February 10, 2017

The procurement is divided into four (4) areas:

1. Trade

2. Catalytic assistance in business development

3. Companies' framework

4. Strategic partnerships

ICT research, analysis and consulting

Universitetet i Bergen | Published January 16, 2017
UiB wants to recruit a vendor independent partner in research, analysis and consulting.
Supplier shall cover all aspects of the IT industry. This includes:
Advising retail organizations based on interviews, analysis and daily contact with others, similar organizations
Monitoring of market participants (the providers) in various technology markets by flipping. When ranking suppliers in a given market, assessment of the contractor's own development based on recognized methodology
Monitoring technology trends in the use, analysis of the impact technology can have on the different sections of society, analysis of the various stages a technology undergoes from idea to the commercially available in the market and in everyday use in organizations
Monitoring of the market by market analysis that includes statistics on market shares, forecasts and market trends. The analyzes should be of both qualitative and quantitative in nature

EU Horizon 2020 consulting and training services

Norges Teknisk Naturvitenskapelige universitet (NTNU), Innkjøp | Published March 1, 2017
Participation in Horizon 2020 is a top priority at NTNU, thus there own support team at NTNU with operational EU advisers in each of the faculties, coordinated by the Rector's staff for research.
When external consultation, concept development, review of proposals for training offered employees at NTNU, the goal is that these services should contribute to quality improvement of proposals for Horizon 2020, other related programs and major national programs that supplement the internal Horizon 2020 and support team at NTNU .
The purpose of the provision of these services is to provide NTNU personnel the opportunity to adopt a strategy and gain the necessary knowledge and skills to improve the quality of positioning and writing research applications of the Horizon 2020 and the other programs mentioned above.

Exercise Program and consulting services in emergency and crisis management

Norges Bank | Published December 1, 2017
Norges Bank shall enter into an agreement with a provider who will assist in the planning, design, preparation, implementation and evaluation of training and emergency drills.

Consultations Refurbishment of sewer systems in Stokksund, Åfjord municipality

Åfjord kommune | Published December 1, 2017
Preparation of feasibility study for the redevelopment of sewer systems in Stokksund. Option of detailed design of the same.

E134 Gvammen - Aarhus Purchase of consultancy services for construction management

Statens Vegvesen | Published January 15, 2017
To strengthen capacity in the implementation phase of the project E134 Gvammen Arhus has NPRA Region south need to hire a contract engineering / construction manager for the project.
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