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Procurement consultancy services

Provincie Limburg | Published January 26, 2017  -  Deadline March 21, 2017
79418000, 79000000, 79610000

Single and multiple private journeys implement the clusters themselves, but for support in the sense of process, they can always rely on the Inkoopcentrum. 

Currently about Inkoopcentrum in a transition period from analogue to digital tendering and they will move in the beginning of the year 2017 on digital support tools in the area of ​​procurement processes and documents required (via Negometrix).

However, the workload is highly variable since the contracts are not proportionally distributed in time would result in the procurement of one-off projects are highly dependent on investment potential and political decisions.

These service providers should be familiar with all the areas in which the province of Limburg performs the procurement of ICT projects for road construction, asphalt maintenance, consulting on various policies, hiring of staff to catering.

Be provided where necessary or instruction given written information.

However, it appears that the three most parties can not serve all areas (see table below), the possibility exists that concluded four or more framework contracts.

The objective is that the province of Limburg for all subjects at least one partner can provide the procurement advice.

Tenderers should therefore at registration fill in Annex 9, which is indicated for which areas provide the tenderer procurement advice.

Subject areas:

Hiring staff.

Office equipment and supplies, PR and memberships.

Automation and Telecommunications.

Advice on various policy fields.

Persons and goods inc. Post.

Housing and facility.

Waste collection and processing.

Energy, water and network management.

Arts, events and sports.

Financial services and insurance.

Managing public space.

Buildings, land and equipment.

Civil and technical culture (acquisition, maintenance).

Basic road engineering.

To investigate.

The use of temporary purchasing capacity.

When cluster JZI of Limburg housed the purchasing expertise of the province of Limburg from the central control thought and from the perspective of increasing the efficiency and flexibility from this cluster purchasing expertise and customized support on behalf of one of the other clusters inside the Organisation.

It is based on a coordinated procurement model in which the clusters -within the framework of the provincial inkoopbeleid- their procurement and procurement rules, but to be supported and advised by purchasing.

The work will be carried out within the cluster JZI.

The cluster JZI's task is to achieve a balanced interplay in the field of procurement and tendering by the procurement area to form a link between the Provincial Executive, directors and other clusters of the province of Limburg.

The function includes:

- Preparing, implementing and evaluating European and national tendering processes;

- Advice to the employees of the Province of Limburg regarding tendering processes under the European threshold;

- Advice on purchasing and procurement matters to the senior of the

procurement team and the cluster head of the cluster JZI.

Knowledge and skills of the temporary purchasing capacity in respect of the employee by using tenderer:

- HBO broad or specialized theoretical knowledge in the field of purchasing and procurement and understand the applicable laws and regulations;

- Insight into politieke- administrative relationships and knowledge of general social developments;

- Is an HBO thinking and working level required for performing the function;

- The ability to communicate well at official and administrative level;

- Have good organizational skills;

- Have proven experience in a purchasing function comparable level in a public


- A results-oriented work style; customizable and stress resistant;

- Secures the core values ​​of flexibility, decisiveness, transparency, responsiveness and collaboration

in a healthy environment in the realization of his daily work;

- Is clear and assertive in advising;

- Has persuasiveness and organizational sensitivity;

- Can work well, take initiative and networker;

- Is result-oriented, analytical and honest.

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