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MX PRESEM Municip Energy Efficiency Pro -. P149872

Secretaría de Energía | Published September 29, 2016
General Procurement Notice MEXICO PROJECT EFFICIENCY AND SUSTAINABLE ENERGY IN MUNICIPALITIES (PRESEM) ENERGY SECTOR AD GENERAL OF ACQUISITIONS Loan No. 8594-MX ElGobierno of Mexico has requested a loan from the International Bank deReconstrucción and Fome nto (IBRD), for an amount equivalent to US $ 100'000,000.00 (dedólares hundred million), and intends to raise valuable funds to make the corresponding bienesy the acquisition of non-consulting services and co ntratación consulting services under ThisProject payments. The project includes the siguientescomponentes: Component 1. Development of policies and fortalecimientoinstitucional. Laintegración facilitating and encouraging the energy component in all planning instruments and gestiónmunicipal. It is expected and what the finance component, among other things, (i) energyefficiency diagnoses in municipalities; (Ii) the creation & o acute; n capacity in energy efficiency at the municipal level; (iii) development of a framework for the development of emas sist of energy management for municipalities in lossectores street lighting, drinking water and residua water l and municipal buildings; (Iv) development of unplan with recommendations to expand the implementation of energy efficiency mea sures, including a decomunicación plan; (V) monitoring, evaluation and gestióndel Project; and (vi) the deadministración capabilities SENER, which will be increased by against tation of consultoresespecializados for the implementation of the project, which will integrate themselves Responsabl and Executing Unit of losProyectos (UREP). Municipal investment in energy efficiency. The activities funded include, among others: (i) the preparation of factib deestudios ility, design executives and subproject bidding documents for laimplementación priority identified inversio tions; and (ii) the acquisition and installation of losequipos necessary to carry out the NTI energy efficiency. It is expected that investments energy eneficiencia have an impact monstrative from an economic, financial and environmental, ycontribuyan to promote job creation, reducing poverty, promoting equity markets and fight losefectos climate change, thereby creating what tant or a sustainable framework beyond the Rwanda life. Also, they will be selected conbase to previously established criteria, which include, among others, cost savings unidadde energy, operating and maintenance costs, service life, return period and dedicated staff aeficienciaenergética. Services co nsultoría be selected in accordance with the Guidelines: Selection yContratación Consultants Pr & eac ute, loans from IBRD, IDA Credits & Grants by World Delbanco Borrowers January 2011 Revised July 2014. As they become available, specific procurement notices for contracts to be published to be tendered in accordance with the procedimientosde ICB (LPI) of the World Bank in the Official Gazette, in elSistema COMPRANET in the UN Development iness Bus and the Internet portal World Bank; and loscontratos high value consultants will be published in the COMPRANET System in the UN Development Business and Internet portal inthe World Bank. Eligible bidders interested in receiving unainvitación to bid under ICB procedures Ylos consultants who wish to receive a copy of lainvitación for expressions of interest for contracts co nsultoría, or those interested enobtener further information should be addressed to: Secretariat deEnergía Address General Energy Efficiency and Sustentabilida d enMunicipios Creuheras Diaz Santiago Tapia AdrianaAragón Del Valle, 03100, Mexico City. 1019.2162 and 1251 E-mail:, Portal: http: //
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