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IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Zala Megyei Kormányhivatal | Published October 7, 2017  -  Deadline November 10, 2017
72000000, 72212517, 72212200, 72212210, 72212211, 72212311, 72212333, 72212482, 72212600, 72212610, 72212750, 80000000, 72212445

Development of a Unified Administrator Access, Internal Privilege Management System in the framework of the project "Development of Customer Relationship Systems" in KÖFOP-1.0.0-VEKOP-15-2017-00053.

The procurement involves the establishment of a single, administrator access management system, which is to be set up by the Contracting Authority, and involves the development of three closely related subsystems and the integration of the entire system.

The system's definable functions are as follows:

- user and privilege management subsystem

- a subsystem implementing a register of persons

- IT machine access control system

Pannonia Zalaegerszeg Science Park-Process results

Zalaegerszeg Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata | Published May 29, 2015
Zalaegerszegi Városfejlesztő Zrt.
79314000, 79952000

"Development" Pannon Knowledge Park "Pannon Growth Zone knowledge transfer activities in higher education, local government and the industrial sector in cooperation c. Preparation and organization of events required TÁMOP 4.2.1C-14/1 / Conv ID No. 2015-0006-implementation of the project studies' subjects, procurement proceeding with effect conditional tasks of the consultant: • Development of a regional industry survey of regional knowledge management strategy • • Incubation Development Services • Development of concepts related to the development of the organization of dual training system operational processes of urban • Research main directions of events Estimated value: £ 23.6 million net of the main task parameters, the detailed specifications in the tender documentation.
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