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EOI- Côte D’Ivoire - Consultant for a Study on Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in Guinea-Conakry – OFSD – 06 2015

 | Published June 1, 2015

1 REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST Brief Description of the assignment: Consultant for a Study on Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in Guinea-Conakry Department making the request: OFSD Place of assignment: Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire Period of assignment: June 2015 to July 2015 Expected start date of the assignment: 22 June 2015 Last date for expressing interest: 12 June 2015 Expression of interest to be submitted to: Any questions/ clarifications needed to be addressed to: Terms of reference for “Consultant for a Study on Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in Guinea- Conakry” I. INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND In 2014, the African Development Bank (AfDB) was approached by the Government of Guinea-Conakry in order to assist with the establishment of a new development finance institution (DFI) whose aim will be to increase access to finance, particularly medium to long-term finance, for the country’s private sector. The existing DFIs in Guinea have so far been unable to effectively address market gaps, facilitate meaningful increases in financial intermediation in terms of outreach and scale, or galvanize sustainable development in their respective sectors. Many of these institutions intervened directly in the marketplace, substituting for private sector investment and risk taking. As commonly seen in old-style development finance, by assuming credit risk, most of the DFIs were quickly confronted with high levels of non-performing loans (NPLs), caused by factors such as lack of appropriate lending methodology and capacity, an inadequate incentive structure to originate and maintain a performing loan portfolio and avert non-performance and politically influenced governance structures. The ability to take direct lending decisions also made these institutions more vulnerable to capture, a situation further exacerbated by the lack of independent and effective oversight. As a result, the existing DFIs have been unable to achieve operational and financial sustainability, reach unbanked segments of entrepreneurs at scale, or sustainably provide finance. Recognizing these limitations, the Government of Guinea-Conakry decided to seek the support of the AfDB in establishing a new DFI that will be better regulated and more clearly aligned with development priorities. The support from the AfDB is expected to be in the form of a significant contribution to the design of the structure of the new DFI. In terms of the design of the new DFI, the Financial Sector Development Department (OFSD) of the AfDB has decided to recruit a Consultant for a study whose aim will be to carry out an extensive diagnostic 2 review of the existing DFI landscape in Guinea and propose a structure that is best suited for the needs of the country. II. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY The objectives of the study are twofold: 1. Assessing the DFI landscape in Guinea-Conakry with particular emphasis on the factors that have led to the underperformance of the institutions that have been established thus far; and 2. Determining the optimal DFI structure that will ensure sustainable impact and scale and which will be best suited for the needs and particular characteristics of the country. Equally important is the need to ensure that the design of the proposed new DFI is informed by an in-depth review of global experiences relating to DFI reforms. III. SCOPE OF WORK The above objectives are discussed in more detail below: 1. Assessing the DFI landscape in Guinea-Conakry: Like almost every country (including the most advanced economies), Guinea-Conakry has established a number of DFIs in the past including the most recent Banque Africaine pour le Développement Agricole et Minier (BADAM) which was established in 2010 and went bankrupt within its first few years of existence as a result of a number of documented factors including political interference and mismanagement. In assessing the DFI landscape, the study will need to identify and provide a comprehensive list of factors that have led to the underperformance of the previously established DFIs as these will be taken into account in designing the new institution. The assessment will also need to identify the salient features of the previous DFIs in terms of the following:  Ownership structures;  Governance including the process for the appointment of management and board members;  Regulation and supervision with emphasis on the entities overseeing the DFIs;  Types of banking licenses;  Credit models (retail or wholesale);  Mandates and target sectors;  Financial performance;  Risk management;  Sources of funding;  …and in other features that would assist in understanding the performance of the previous DFIs in Guinea. 2. To assist the Government of Guinea-Conakry in their quest for establishing a new DFI that will deliver on its mandate in an impactful manner, the study would need to propose an innovative design structure that takes into account the findings of the above objective as well as recent trends in global DFIs. In particular, the study would need to focus on the following:  Appropriate ownership model: state ownership vs. a mixed public-private capital structure; 3  Appropriate capital structure (optimal sizes of equity and balance sheet);  Funding strategy;  Mandate and sector(s) to target. Need to ensure that the mandate is tight;  Appropriate governance structure with clear process for the appointment of the board and management. This is necessary to ensure that the DFI is profitable, self-funding and insulated from political interference;  Regulation and supervision especially who should supervise the new DFI;  Type of required banking license; and  Appropriate risk management framework and credit model, retail vs. wholesale. IV. METHODOLOGY The objectives of the study would be expected to be achieved through an initial desk review followed by missions to Guinea-Conakry to meet with the relevant stakeholders including, but not limited to:  The central bank;  The ministry of finance;  Existing DFIs;  Commercial banks;  The private sector; and  Development partners in Guinea. V. DELIVERABLES The following deliverables are expected from the study:  A detailed assessment of the DFI landscape in Guinea-Conakry; and  Design of a new DFI that will be operationally and financially sustainably and insulated from political interference and capture. These will be documented in a report to be submitted to the AfDB. VI. PROJECT MANAGEMENT, INSTITUTIONAL AND IMPLEMENTATION ARRANGEMENTS The study will be implemented by the Consultant selected by the Task Managers (Sofiane Sekioua and Laura French). The Consultant will report to and be guided by the Task Managers and implement the study according to the present Terms of Reference. The outline and the draft reports will be reviewed and commented upon by the Task Managers, who will also organize for the Consultant to present the study outcomes. VII. CONSULTANT PROFILE Given the scope of the study, the assignment requires a consultant with the qualifications set out below:  At least a Masters’ degree in Economics, Banking, Finance or related fields;  A minimum of 10 years of relevant professional experience; 4  Previous professional experience in Africa and knowledge of the West Africa region will be highly considered;  Previous professional experience in working with international DFIs such as the AfDB;  Previous professional experience in assisting African Governments establish DFIs based on recognized best practices is desirable;  Ability to interact with governments and state entities;  Familiarity with evaluation/review type assignments;  Proven capacity to work in a team and to deliver outputs in a timely manner;  Ability to produce technical reports and draw implications;  Ability to write and communicate fluently in both English and French is a requirement;  Be a national of one of the member countries of the AfDB; and  Competent in the use of AfDB’s standard software (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and web tools). VIII. DURATION OF ASSIGNMENT The service of the Consultant is required for twenty five (25) working days starting from the approval and signature of the contract. IX. MONITORING AND EVALUATION OF OUTCOMES/RESULTS AND REPORTING Five (5) working days after approval and signature of the contract, the Consultant will submit a detailed outline of the study which will be agreed with the Task Managers through telephone conversations and email follow ups. No later than fifteen (15) working days after approval and signature of the contract, the Consultant will submit a draft report to the Task Managers in English which will be agreed with the Task Managers through telephone conversations and email follow ups. The report shall also include an executive summary. In addition to customary tables and figures, the report should further include appendices where applicable. Following the submission of consolidated comments by the Task Managers, the Consultant shall present an updated version of the report and present the study to the Task Managers no later than twenty five (25) working days after approval and signature of the contract. The Consultant must remain available for additional follow-up and extension work as and when requested by the Task Managers. X. REMUNERATION The Consultant will be paid a daily fee to be negotiated with the recruiting department. Missions to Guinea-Conakry as well as to Cote D’Ivoire will be required and the AfDB will cover travel costs in line with its rules and as authorized by the Bank in connection with the contract.

PNG Urban Youth Employment Project AF - P154412

 | Published August 23, 2016

Pet Office Skills Customer Services & Hospitality Training Name ofProject: Urban Youth EmploymentProject -Papua New Guinea ProjectID: P154412 Contract description:Consulting Services Scope of contract: Pre-Employment Training (OFFICE SKILLS CUSTOMER SERVICE &HOSPITALITY Duration: 12 Months Contract signature date: 17.08.2016 Scope of Contract Pre-Employment Training(Office Skills Customer Service & Hospitality: To train 800 youth for over 12 month period of the UrbanYouthEmployment Project. Provide project participants with the information and basic skills necessary to make changes in theirlifestyle, values and behaviors that will lead them to a more productivelife while also preparing them for gainful employment andimproving their chances of finding such employment. Consultant will provide necessary program and financial management,communications, facilities (including training venues), equipment, curriculum and instructional materials. Minimum Qualifying Technical Score 75 Consultant's name IEA College of Tafe Port Moresby Business College PNG institute of Banking & Business Management Inc Centre 2000 ? Hohola Community Collge Institute of Business Studies City/Country Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Port Moresby, Papua NewGuinea Port Moresby, Papua NewGuinea Status Awarded Consultant/Firm Evaluated Consultant/Firm Evaluated Consultant/Firm Rejected Consultant/Firm Not Evaluated Reason:  Submitted lateproposal after deadline for submission ofproposals Rejected Consultant/Firm Not Evaluated Reason:  Submitted lateproposal after deadline for submission ofproposals Technical Score 85.31 73.63 90.71 Financial Score N/A N/A N/A Combined Score N/A N/A N/A Criteria Specific Experience 9.33 9.33 9.67 Training Plan & Technical Capacity 22.53 9.60 22.87 Key Professional Staff 53.45 54.70 58.17 Price as read out PGK1,804,000 USD 613,360 Not opened PGK2,894,000 USD 983,960 Final Evaluation PGK1,850,000 USD629,000 N/A Not Evaluated Final Negotiation PGK1,114,000 USD 378,760 N/A Not Evaluated Rank 2 3 1 Other Shortlisted Consultant(s)/Firm(s) (these will be all that "Proposalsubmitted=no") Consultants' names Centre for Development & Success ConsultantsLtd City/Country Papua New Guinea Proposal Submitted: No

PNG Road Maintenance & Rehab Project II - P119471

 | Published December 8, 2015

Consultant Services Contract For Socio-economic Surveys, Phase 1 QCBS Contract Award Notice Scope of Contract: ConsultancyServices for Socio-Economic Surveys Phase I Minimum Qualifying TechnicalScore: 80 Consultants' names Finnish Overseas Consultants Ltd Dongshin Engineering & Consultant Co Ltd Pantcia BV in Asssociation with SMEC Int Ltd City/Country Karava, Finnland Korea Netherlands Status: Awarded Consultant/Firm EvaluatedConsultant/Firm EvaluatedConsultant/Firm Technical Score 86.13 86.53 81.16 Financial Score 100.00 88.50 81.60 Combined Score 88.90 86.92 81.25 Criteria Specific Experience N/A N/A N/A Work Plan & Methodology 33.33 29.50 31.66 Key Experts 52.80 51.03 49.50 Training N/A N/A N/A Local input 0 6 0 Price asread out Euro270,000.00 plus Kina575,000.00 USD495,000.00 Euro156,572.00 plus Kina1,009,509.00 FinalEvaluation Price Equivalent in Kna1,193,301.13 Equivalent in Kina 1,346,928.78 Equivalent in Kina 1,462,421.93 FinalNegotiated Price Euro270,000.00 Kina575,000,00 Rank 1 2 3 Other ShortlistedConsultant(s)/Firm(s) Consultants' names RemeResource Planning Consultants OceaniaNatures Own Investment Ltd NatureCalls Ltd City/Country Papua New Guinea Papua NewGuinea Papua NewGuinea ProposalSubmitted: No No No

Recruitment of a (e) Consultant (e) International (e) Senior (e) Support for the formulation of the Draft National Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the sector Minie

United Nations Development Programme | Published September 11, 2016

In addition, subject to the engagement letter assigned to the Ministry of Mines and Geology and the strategic partnership between the Chamber of Mines of Guinea (CMG) and the UN System in Guinea (SNU), the formulation of a policy national for CSR in the mining sector should improve dialogue with the main actors in the mining sector in order to create a favorable framework for the development of mining activities contribute to the goals of human development in Guinea.

Accompanying the countries in the formulation of a National Policy for CSR in the mining sector has been identified as one of the priority activities for the entire United Nations system in Guinea in 2015, and this in a context economic recovery of the country severely affected by the epidemic to Ebola Virus (EVE).

In this perspective, the members of the UN System in Guinea agreed on the relevance of the recruitment of high-level external expertise to support the formulation of a National Policy for CSR in the mining sector in Guinea as part of the implementation of interventions related to the consolidation of peace in Guinea and operationalization of the concept of "Integrated Mining and Sustainable Development" advocated by the national authorities.

GN: Mineral Governance Support Project - P122916

 | Published June 15, 2015

Revision Of Geodesic Network Of The Republic Of Guinea Name of Project / Program: Support Project for the Mining Sector Gouvernancedans No. Don: IDA No. H8040-GN No. Project: P122916 PUBLICATION PROCEDURES RESPONSIBILITIES Date: 10 juin2015 List priori awarded contracts based dela Selection Based on the Consultants' Qualifications (QC) Consultant Name & Address Date of market No. Selection Method Market Price Duration Object of the FUGRO GEOID SAS 2, rue des Frères Lumière, 34830 Jacou , France Tel: +33 4 67 59 28 42 @: 006 / PAGSEM / 04/2015 8 June 2015 QC € 114,447 two months Revision of geodetic network of the Republic of Guinea

GN-Electricity Dry Erase Improv GEF (FY07) - P098742

 | Published October 21, 2015

L? Du Marché award for Communication Strategy For The Installation Of Prepayment Meters To Type In Split keyboard Deported In The Town Of Kaloum Notice of contract award for the communication strategy to lapose coin counters split type keyboard deported to the town of Kaloum. Republic deGuinée Improvement Project of the Electricity Sector Efficiency (COUNTRY) Market: communication strategy forthe installation of prepayment meters with split type remote keypad in the town of Kaloum. GUI GEF TF 093404 A DONATION This opinion follows not Labanque World objection dated May 13, 2015 on the combined assessment report for the financial scorestechniques and communication strategy for the installation of split type compteursa prepayment keyboard deported to the town of Kaloum.

GN: Economic Governance Technical Assist - P125890

 | Published February 19, 2015

Recruitment uncabinetpour D L Technical Assistance in Support On The Strategy Of The Reform Of The Public Administration and Management Human Resource PUBLICATION OF RESULTS Method Selection Based on Quality and CoûtSFQC) Country name:??? REPUBLIC OF GUINEA Project: Economic Governance Technical Assistance etRenforcement of the Republic of Guinea capabilities (EGTACB) DON No. H765 - GN No. Contract: 2013/733/1/6/1/2 / N Object of the contract: Recruitment of a firm for the technical assistance to support the strategy of réformede Public Administration and Human Resource Management Selection Mode: QCBS - Based Selection laqualité and cost (QCBS) Duration: 12 months from contract signature date: December 4, 2013 Currency evaluation: GNF selected Consultant: Name: Cabinet WIMI 301) 270-8232; Email: Technical Note: 73,20 Financial score: 20 the final evaluation price: 5,838,619 910,00GNF Final note: 93,20 Final ranking: 1 final negotiated price: 5838619 910.00 GNF be $ 850,000 US Consultantsévalués HT: 1 Name: CABINET FFA ERNEST & YOUNG / BRIDGE-CONSULTING 35 224 631 8490; 224 631 35 84; - Technical Note: 62,80 - Financial score: 6.07 - price of the final evaluation: 19713936 224.4 GNF final -Note: 68.87 - Final ranking: 4th PROSPECTVIE Address: St. Rita, Lot 1293 K Tel slice. (229) 21 32 54 49/21 3259 44 - Technical Note: 67,60 - Financial score: 10.90 - Price of the final evaluation: 10713936 224.4 GNF final -Note: 78 50 - Final ranking: 3rd 3-EGIS BDPA / FORHOM Institute Tel + 33 (0) 5 46 45 91 - Technical Note. 62.20 - Financial score: 13.15 - Prize final assessment: 8882710 217.22 GNF - Final note: 75.35 - Final Ranking: 2nd

GN-Elec. Dry. Eff. Print. SIL (FY06) - P077317

 | Published May 9, 2016

Fresh market allocation For L? And Financial Accounting audit From Paese Exercises For 2015 And 2016 (audit Fence) Notice of contract award for the financial audit of the COUNTRY etfinancier for the years 2015 and 2016 (closing audit) deGuinée Republic Project Name: Improvement Project del'Efficacité the Electricity Sector (COUNTRY) market: Auditcomptable and financier for the years 2015 COUNTRY et2016 (closing audit) Financing World Bank: IDA: DON H240 GUI ; IDA: 7730 DON GUI and FEM: A TF093404 The présentavis follows the opinion Denon objection of the World Bank dated 25 janvier2016 and signing and recording dated April 22, 2016 the accounting pourl'Audit contract and the financial COUNTRY lesexercices for 2015 and 2016 (closing audit).

PG - Energy Sector Development Project - P101578

 | Published March 16, 2016

Transaction Advisor Contract Award Notice (CONSULTING SERVICES FOR ENERGY SECTOR DEVELOPMENT PROJECT -ESDP) Credit No./GrantNo.5201-PG Assignment Title: NAORO BROWNHYDROPOWER PROJECTTRANSACTION ADVISORY SERVICES Reference No: ESDP/PPL/C/3 Country of Awarded Bidder: United Kingdom Contractor: MultiConsult UK Ltd Project ID: P101578 ________________________________________ QCBS, QBS, FBS, and LCS Contract Award Notice Papua New Guinea Project: P101578 - PNG ENERGY SECTOR DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (ESDP) Contract Reference No: ESDP/PPL/C/3 Scope of Contract: NAORO BROWN HYDROPOWER PROJECT TRANSACTION ADVISORY SERVICES Method of Selection: QCBS - Quality And Cost-Based Selection Duration of Contract: 22 Month(s) Contract Signature Date: 24-Feb-2016 Evaluation Currency: USD and GBP QCBS Contract Award Notice 1. Summary of the contract scope Theoverall objective is to assist the GoPNG and PPL in defining a structure and strategy for private-sector participation in the NaoroBrown Hydropower Project; developing a balanced, well-structured and bankable Project Development Agreement; negotiating a PowerPurchase Agreement (PAA); and selecting a project developer and completing negotiations through to financialclosure. 2. Consultants who have submitted proposals andtechnical scores assigned Deadline to present the Proposal: September15, 2015, 1:30 PM Port Moresby time. Companies that submitted proposals and qualification of its technical proposal: Consultants' names Technical scores 1.      Multiconsult (with King and Spalding and Allens as sub consultants) 85,17 2.      Taylor and DeJongh (with WorleyParsons and Corrs Chambers Westgarth lawyers as sub consultants)? USA 80,95 3. Evaluated Prices and FinancialScores. Evaluated price(s) Conversion to currency of evaluation USD Financial scores Consultants' Names (3) = (1) +(2) Exchange rate(s)e (4) Proposals' prices (5) =(3)(4) (6) Multiconsult Group 1.997.215,00 460.592,01 1,00 1,5346 1.997.215,00 706.824,50 2.704.039,50 100,00 Taylor-DeJongh Group 2.033.142,00 3.222.282,00 1.236.880,00 1,00 0,7040 0,3565 2.033.142,00 2.268.486.53 440.947,72 4.742.576,25 57,02 4.Summaryof the combined evaluation of the quality and cost Technical Evaluation Financial Evaluation Combined Evaluation Consultants' names Technical scores S(t) Weighted scores S(t) ´Ta Technical rank Financial scores S(f) Weighted scores S(f) ´Fb Scores S(t) T + S(f) F Rank Multiconsult Group 85.17 68.14 first 100,00 20,00 88,14 first Taylor-DeJongh Group 80.95 64.76 second 57,02 11,40 76,16 second Awardrecommendation To highestcombinedtechnical/financial score. Consultant's name: Multiconsult Group a.    T =0,8 as per RFP ( Instructions to Consultants Data Sheet , ITC Clause Reference 27.1) b    F = 0,20 as per RFP ( Instructions to Consultants Data Sheet , ITC ClauseReference 27.1) 5. AwardedConsultant Multiconsult (with King and Spalding and Allens as sub consultants) Contract Amount (with tax): USD 1,791,006.76 and GBP 367,972.16 Contract Indirectlocal Tax Amount: USD214,920.81 and GBP 44,156.66
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