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WARCIP - APL-1B:, GN, BF - P122402

Ministère en charge des Postes, des Télécommunications et l?Economie Numérique | Published October 12, 2016  -  Deadline November 4, 2016
D Recruitment Consultant For an Individual evaluation L De La Mise En piece of the Project Preparation And Warcip Guinea From From From Project Closure Report SOLLICITATIONDE EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST SMI No. 017 / WARCIP / SC / 10/2016 Start Date:??? 10 / 10/2016; Final date: 11/04/2016 GUINEA. Type: Solicitation of Interest. Title: Recruitment of Individual Consultant pourl'évaluation the implementation of Warcip Guinea project and preparation of project closure report, the Government of Guinea Républiquede received funding from the World Bank in the West Africa Regional Lecadre project? communication Infrastructure Program (WARCIP GUINEA), and intends to use this partiede financementpour make the payments under the following contract: Consultant Services (Individual) pourl'évaluation dela implementation of Guinea-WARCIP project andpreparing project closure report laconsultation objective the objective of this consultation is the selection of a service provider who will be derealize load so spécifiquepour on behalf of Guinea-WARCIP project the following elements: (i) Provide an assessment of ? lamise-en- piece of WARCIP-Guinea project and report on the adequacy and effectiveness of activities in line withthe project objectives; It will also determine if there are differences between the initial objectives andthe results of a hand and the other hand to provide explanations; (Iii) Verify the accuracy of the statistics available auprojet (data) on the basis of available documents (various reports validated, etc.) for each of the three (03) components: i) an infrastructure for establishment improve connectivity; ii) providing technical uneassistance to create conditions for the improvement beyond connectivity, and iii) the provision of assistance to the implementation); Lescritères qualitéseraient of information relating to data on its assessment of the project; (V) Assess capacitéinstitutionnelle and institutional arrangements of WARCIP, operational device (mise-en- mechanisms used) ainsiqu'administratif (mechanisms to ensure the reissues of accounts, transparency, program quality and thedevelopment of staff , etc.); (Vi) Identify external (exogenous) to the project that had an impact, positive or negative, on lesObjectifs of WARCIP; (Vii) Evaluate the costs of inplace and operation; (Viii) Analyze gestionfinancière system and procurement and identify its impact on the implementation of the project; (Ix) Identify lessons appriseseten draw recommendations for Capacity Building efforts. (X) Review and assess the monitoring and evaluation carried out throughout the duration of the project; (Xi) Review and assess communication skills as well as all élémentsproduits (poster, brochures, videos, radio programs, etc.). The WARCIP GUINEA National Coordination on behalf of the Ministry in charge of Posts, desTélécommunications and the Digital Economy (MPTEN) invites eligible consultants (individual consultants) to show leurintérêt to provide the services described above. Consultants (individual) concerned must provide information (French language literature) indicating that they are qualified to perform lesprestations for assessing the implementation of projetWARCIP Guinea and the preparation of project closure and skills ayantles proven and extensive experience in the area (brochures, CVs, references in performing similar work, availability, experience in similar conditions etc?). The line ministry wants these services are operated by professionnelsdu area or sector having lapossibilité to provide real added value. Please note the following additional provisions conflitd'intérêts within the services subject of this Request For Expression of Interest (i) conflict of intérêtentre Consultants of activities and the provision of goods, works or services ( autresque the consultantscouverts services by these Guidelines); (Ii) conflict of interest between consulting; finally (iii) the Borrower relationship withthe staff. A consultant serasélectionné by method (CI) as described in the Guidelines: Selection and Employment deConsultants by the Borrowers of the World Bank Edition 2011 update in July 2016. Interested consultants may obtain informationssupplémentaires about the reference documents for the addresses mentioned below Monday aujeudi from 9:00 to 4:00 p.m. GMT and vendredide 9:00 to 1:00 p.m. GMT. The manifestationsd'intérêt must be delivered to the address below no later than November 4 2016à13h.L'envoi of manifestly
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