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IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

DIRISI | Published November 4, 2017  -  Deadline December 5, 2017

Realization of intellectual IT services for the benefit of the various organizations of the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

The project of realization of the units of work covers a very broad scope of the domain of the intellectual services computer. It is strongly oriented towards the projects of SIAG (Administration and Management Information System), but can also be used for projects of SIOC (Operational Information System and Communication) or SIST (Information Systems scientific and technical), corresponding to services strictly dimensioned to less than 1000 man-days.

Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services

Département des Alpes de Haute-Provence | Published May 10, 2017  -  Deadline June 13, 2017

Technical assistance and laboratory inspections necessary for the construction of roads, structures and other facilities in the department of Alpes de Haute-Provence.

The Object of the contract for Lot Nº 1 concerns all the controls related to the construction of roads in situ or in the laboratory: in situ reconnaissance to determine the conditions of seating, reuse of the soil, determination of the lift of the platform - laboratory tests in order to determine the mechanical and physical characteristics of the soil and materials used - the reception controls for earthworks, recharging, purging and platforms - aggregate production controls - material use controls The control of the intrinsic qualities of the aggregates, the validation of the formulation of the mixes, the checks on the manufacture and the implementation of the mixes, the PMT, the asbestos research, etc.

The object of the contract for lot nº 2 concerns the inspection of pavements by means of high-performance measurements carried out in the context of routine major pavement repairs: Auscultation of pavements, recording of degradations and deformations, geometrical characteristics - deflections , Measurement of the profile and the longitudinal one - measurement of the adhesion (micro texture and macro texture) - non-destructive measurement of the thickness of the layers of a roadway structure etc.

The Object of the contract for Lot Nº3 concerns all the checks that may be carried out on concrete and structures such as: Validation of formulas, peeling test, L-Barre, verification of prefabricated elements in the factory, coring In existing structures, measurements of the coating thicknesses of the steels, measurements of carbonation depth and chloride content, control of reinforcement and formwork before casting, auscultation of a foundation element, etc.

The object of the contract for lot Nº 4 concerns the checks likely to be ...

Consultative engineering and construction services

Communauté d'agglomération du Sud | Published March 31, 2017
Omega Darwin Concept
71310000, 71312000

This contract is for the execution of a complete project mission for the realization of a structuring lane urban section (2nd tranche), part between the Rn3 (Tour Azalea) and Avenue Europe in the ZAC Paul Badré and between route Hubert Delisle (Rd3) and Rn3 at 14th km, and the execution of useful complementary missions for the successful completion of this operation.

Infrastructure works consultancy services

Conseil départemental de la Meuse | Published February 1, 2017  -  Deadline February 27, 2017
71311300, 71332000

works laboratories controls - years 2017-2020.

technical assistance, inspections of earthworks, surveys, pressuremeter test, installation of inclinometer, implementation of piezometer etc.

technical assistance, testing aggregates, testing hydrocarbon binder and emulsion bitumen tests on untreated materials or hydraulically bound, controls on surface dressing, coring etc.

Structures -Surveillance, Structures of concrete, metal structures, equipment etc.

Advertising consultancy services

Département de la Sarthe | Published December 31, 2015  -  Deadline February 9, 2016
79341100, 79416200

Orders to market.

Postal services related to parcels

Coliposte | Published December 14, 2016

Consultation delivery services to Swiss Post - CDPP Belfort

Computer support and consultancy services

ARTE France | Published October 3, 2017

This contract is a framework agreement with subsequent contracts, the object of which is to provide computerized AMOA within the Direction of Technologies and Networks of Diffusions of ARTE France.

The market is broken down into 3 lots:

- Lot 1: Assistance to project owners

- Lot 2: Project management and monitoring

- Lot 3: Functional recipe and / or accompanying users.

- Analysis of user needs.

- Prioritizing user requirements.

- Drafting of specifications and detailed functional specifications.

- Creation of models.

- Ensure the follow-up of the project

- Respect the cost and deadlines

- Coordinate the relations between the users and the EOM.

- Drafting of the test plan.

- Quality control.

- Control of the functional recipe with the users.

- Tracking user support.

- Management of change management with the users and the support department.

- Drafting of the training plan for the users and the support service.

- Drafting of the user guide for the users and the support service.

Consultative engineering and construction services

Établissement public d'aménagement Alzette-Belval | Published November 25, 2017
Une Fabrique de la Ville
71310000, 71300000, 79111000, 66171000

AMO Development of development operations within the framework of the Operation of National Interest (OIN) Alzette-Belval.

The purpose of this consultation is to provide project management assistance for setting up development operations as part of the National Interest Operation (OIN) Alzette-Belval:

- mission 1: lighting, training and presentation meeting on fitting out development operations,

- mission 2: assistance for the legal, regulatory and financial assembly of the development operations,

- mission 3: assistance for the legal, regulatory and financial structuring of calls for projects,

- mission 4: assistance to the consultation of the management mandate,

- mission 5: assistance to the consultation of development concession.

Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services

OPH Le Mans Habitat | Published March 30, 2016
Diagnostic Environnement Prévention

asbestos register with constitution of DTA and FAD.

Technical analysis or consultancy services

Ville du Blanc-Mesnil | Published February 16, 2017
71621000, 71300000

surveyor services (land and VRD) for northern parts of the town of Blanc-Mesnil.

Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security

Hôpitaux du Léman | Published June 30, 2015
Deloitte et associés
79000000, 79200000

Appointment of an auditor and his substitute for the certification of Lake Geneva hospitals accounts for the years 2015 to 2020.

Environmental engineering consultancy services

Établissement public d'aménagement Alzette-Belval | Published November 25, 2017
EODD Ingénieurs Conseils

AMO eco-neighborhood and sustainable development in the perimeter of the ISO Alzette-Belval.

The purpose of this consultation is for the AMO eco-neighborhood and sustainable development missions as part of the National Interest Operation (OIN) Alzette-Belval. Mission 1: training in the eco-label certification process; mission 2: overall eco-neighborhood strategy for the 26 planning areas of the Provisional Planning Program (PPP); mission 3: assistance to eco-label certification for each development project.

Technical analysis or consultancy services

Alcéane OPH de la Codah | Published October 7, 2017
AC Environnement

Updated technical diagnostics files.

Ground investigation services

Communauté de communes des Pieux | Published March 24, 2016  -  Deadline April 21, 2016
71351500, 71351000, 71335000, 71300000

In addition to the sanitation master plan, it is envisaged to carry out soil studies in the plot to define the ability to on-site sanitation of sewage on the territory and on behalf of the Pious Community of Communes . Consultant's job will be to define the works to implement their design, the production constraints, implementation, quantitative and any administrative permits and, depending on the type of soil, the topography and hydrogeological context the presence of outlet and land surfaces available.

Consultative engineering and construction services

Conseil départemental de la Meuse | Published October 27, 2015
Thierry Carbiener

Agricultural and forestry land development (AFAF) common impacted by the Rn135 (Ligny-en-Barrois, Velaines and Nançois-sur-Ornain), and common Azannes and Soumazannes, Maizey, Dannevoux, Villotte devant Louppy and Menaucourt. Realization of the operational phase. (free downloadable application to the following address:

Building services consultancy services

Dialoge | Published April 29, 2016
71315210, 71336000

consulting market and assistance for maintenance and the execution of work on the lifts as part of a control group composed of SA HLM Dialogues - 53 rue Gustave Flaubert - Le Havre and the Seine Estuary - 6 Place Jules Ferry - Le Havre.

Health and safety consultancy services

Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin SAS | Published March 31, 2017  -  Deadline April 19, 2017

As part of the new rail link between Lyon and Turin, TELT SAS is the public promoter of cross section in charge of construction works and future infrastructure management. This contract relates to security coordination benefits and health protection (CSPS) in phase of design and implementation for the realization of exchange niches, the interior of the gallery La Maddalena, transportation and commissioning deposit of excavated materials, support for forces.

The main tasks include:

- writing the PSC and the metric calculation of costs relating to the safety of maintenance, interior tunnel of La Maddalena, realization of exchange niches, transport and stockpiling of excavated material from the realization of niches and logistical support to the work forces.

- coordination of security at runtime to work:

- Tunnel maintenance of La Maddalena and construction facilities,

- interior design of the tunnel of La Maddalena,

- realization of exchange of the tunnel of La Maddalena niches

- transport and stockpiling of the excavated material from the realization niches

- logistic support to the police,

- managing and coordinating all internal and external interfaces to the site, including interfaces arising from the work of the exchanger Chiomonte.

Health and safety consultancy services

Conseil départemental des Alpes de Haute-Provence | Published January 12, 2017
BTP consultants agence PACA

of safety coordination mission and health protection for road works, civil engineering and utilities.

coordination mission.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Assistance publique – Hôpitaux de Paris | Published May 4, 2017
La Netscouade
72000000, 72222300

Accompaniment services for the deployment and animation of the social networks of the AP-HP.

Construction project management services

UGECAM LR-MP | Published November 16, 2017
Valorim Développement
71541000, 71312000

The mission of the project management assistance concerns overall:

- operational studies: program, choice of project manager,

- the follow-up of realization: follow-up of operation and phase of putting into operation.

Proposed real estate operation: Critical degradations on the building envelope, involving prefabricated panels of administration, training and accommodation buildings, are generating significant threats to the security of property and people. Added to this are the classic issues of an aging building designed 25 years ago, the need for a total rehabilitation of the site has emerged, including functional recomposition of premises and the construction of 56 additional rooms for trainees. 10,550 square meters of area to be rehabilitated, 1,456 square meters of building area. Estimated cost of the works: 10 109 697 EUR HT.

The mission is broken down into 09 technical phases below named:

- phase n ° 01: assembly of the operation,

- phase 02: programming,

- phase 03: consultation and attribution to the project manager,

- phase 04: technical consultants,

- phase n ° 05: follow-up of the studies,

- phase n ° 06: works,

- phase 07: reception and commissioning,

- phase n ° 08: transversal missions,

- phase n ° 09: evaluation and performance monitoring.

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