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Etelä-Savon elinkeino-, liikenne- ja ympäristökeskus | Published March 31, 2017  -  Deadline May 3, 2017

The purpose of the acquisition is to obtain the necessary information for reclassification of South Savo groundwater areas. Reclassification refers to Class III of groundwater areas as water supply or suitability investigation. In addition, the meaning of all groundwater bodies, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems are assessed. Class III groundwater areas groundwater surveys include maaperäkairausta, the installation of groundwater tubes antoisuusmittauksia, ground penetrating radar and water quality analysis. Directly dependent on groundwater bodies of surface water and terrestrial ecosystems Clearing is made of existing studies by supplementing maastotarkastuksin and assessing the significance of ecosystems.

More particularly, the acquisition of the definition described in the accompanying task.

South Savo is groundwater areas 212, of which Class III groundwater areas is 53 pieces. Part III-class groundwater areas have been studied previously. In the context of the project studies carried out in 32 of the aquifer (Class III) in addition Fresh Abit LIFE IP Puruvesi (LIFE14 IPE / E / 023), an initiative of three (3) of the aquifer (2 pcs class III regions and the 1 st class II region). Fresh Abit IP Puruvesi LIFE (LIFE14 IPE / EN / 023) project, the tendering of water supply pohjavesiselvityksien is at the same time as a separate section in this definition of the function. Fresh Abit IP Puruvesi LIFE (LIFE14 IPE / EN / 023) project in South Savo and other ground-waters (Class III) pohjavesiselvityksien with regard to the offer will be available rates separately and also work projects carried out separately, and reporting will be developed separately.

South Savo part of groundwater areas (27) of the bottom of the water Clearing dependent ecosystems (E) is carried out in this specification acquisition function described in the context of consulting work. in respect of the above project reporting is prepared separately.

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