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Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Viborg Kommune | Published December 1, 2016  -  Deadline January 13, 2017

Viborg Municipality provider of open tender total advising on. 2 new roads.

The project includes the design and tendering for construction of New Absalonsvej and Hærvejen incl. a new signalised junction of Inner Ring Road.

The proposed contract includes consulting, design and construction procurement and project follow-up of two new roads in Viborg Baneby to expected performance in 2017-2020.

Total consultant shall provide services of a nature and character that all the services necessary for performance of the task is contained, fully and is handled so that the client ultimately faced with a buildable project within the allocated financial framework. This means that all services that are not separately listed or listed, but that is a normal part of the procedure for good counseling practice must be included in the offer, such as those set by government regulations.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Råstof IT samarbejdet c/o Region Midtjylland | Published November 15, 2016

RIT (RåstofIT) is developed in regional cooperation, purchased and commissioned as a system for use in regional management of the Mineral Resources Act. The system comprises a processing component and a GIS component. The Contracting Authority wants to contract with an external IT provider for maintenance, support and further development of RIT. Maintenance section includes the operation and updating of various common environments on RIT, operation and support of IT system to manage the changes and errors as well as project management, administration, etc. Support section comprises ongoing support to the region's contacts. Support services fall into two categories: I) General support - ie Support on the elements of RIT, which is common to all parties. II) Local support - ie support local installations of RIT - for example, support the parts of the system that are specific to individual parties, support for updating the code lists, operating environment, backup, data filtering and ad hoc development.

Further development of the system must be done continuously in step with the changes, bug fixes and new features requested by users, the development of browsers mm. requires this or where the parties also want to upgrade the system for new interfaces or technologies. Change Would qualify ongoing party and packaged into releases.

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