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Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Viborg Kommune | Published December 16, 2016  -  Deadline January 24, 2017

Offering concerns lead consultancy (architectural and engineering services) for procurement and implementation of conversion and extension of Vinkelvej 20 in Viborg municipality. See tender documentation for full description.

The chief consultant to assist the Contracting Authority in coordinating the construction project throughout the proposers, planning and construction phases.

There submit a developed and adopted master plan for schools on Vinkelvej 20. It has been decided politically that there will be no 2 independent schools moving along, but that there must cooperate in the areas where it makes sense pedagogical and practical.

Rosenvængets School is a special school for about 80 pupils in 0th-10th class. A lot of the students have physical disabilities. There are about 80 employees assigned to the school. Overlund School is a public school with about 740 pupils in 0th-ninth class. The school population is expected to grow to approximately 900 in 2030 in line with the expansion of the new residential area Arnbjerg. Students are divided by 3-4 classes per. year, growing to 5 classes. See tender documentation for full description.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Råstof IT samarbejdet c/o Region Midtjylland | Published December 23, 2016  -  Deadline January 24, 2017

RIT (RåstofIT) is developed in regional cooperation, purchased and commissioned as a system for use in regional management of the Mineral Resources Act. The system comprises a processing component and a GIS component. The Contracting Authority wants to contract with an external IT provider for maintenance, support and further development of RIT.

Maintenance section includes the operation and updating of various common environments on RIT, operation and support of IT system to manage the changes and errors as well as project management, administration, etc. Support section comprises ongoing support to the region's contacts. Support services fall into two categories: I) General support - ie Support on the elements of RIT, which is common to all parties. II) Local support - ie support local installations of RIT - for example, support the parts of the system that are specific to individual parties, support for updating the code lists, operating environment, backup, data filtering and ad hoc development.

The future development of the system in the coming years for example, include a continuous further development of integration with external systems (eg. Nets NemID), a reorganization of the system's user interface, continuous performance optimizations, expanded opportunities for report generation, adding new functionality (f. eg. the completion of the application module) and / or upgrading of operating solution for cloud-based service.

The reason for that order does not divide the contract into several lots, see. II.1.6) is that it has invited tenders relate to one system that works across the country and across regional boundaries. There is expected to close cooperation between the supplier and the customer why the client has chosen not to offer the contract in separate lots, since it is considered more appropriate that it is the same supplier who will provide maintenance, support and further development of the system as a whole.

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