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Construction consultancy services

Region Syddanmark, Sygehus Sønderjylland | Published February 9, 2017  -  Deadline March 10, 2017
71530000, 71300000, 71200000

South Denmark, South Jutland Hospital, providing comprehensive advice regarding Sønderborg Phase 2 »Ambulatorietorvet '.

The following specialties is expected to have the main features of Ambulatorietorvet:

- Respiratory Medicine

- Nephrology

- Endocrinology

- Orthopedic surgery - elective

- Eye area

- Ear / nose / throat area.

Furthermore a number of other specialties have local deals in Ambulatorietorvet.

5250 m², of which about a quarter is easy renovation, while the rest are respectively heavy renovation (around 1,800 m²) and renovation of a standard nature.

The project's total construction budget is 70,205,000 DKK excl. VAT.

The execution of the project is expected EU offered to trade contracts on the basis of the main project and divided into 3 stages.

Expected commissioning of the final stage in the first half of 2020.

South Denmark, South Jutland Hospital wants a total consultant team with both engineering and architectural skills, while this can be stated that it is estimated that the emphasis of the total offered counseling job is on the engineering disciplines.

Please provide a team of consultants, in addition to field a strong project management and general disciplines with emphasis on the engineering disciplines, also can put up with specialist competence in conversion of (health) buildings in operation.

The offered consultancy agreement for overall initial advice in the form of the construction program as well as advice for project management, design, construction management, site supervision, project monitoring and defense of the 1-year inspection.

Only pre-qualified bidders will be able to bid for the job. If you wish to be pre-qualified, you must submit an application.

The tender notice and the prequalification conditions of the tender documents containing information on the conditions for submission and evaluation of prequalification applications.


Software programming and consultancy services

Region Syddanmark | Published February 22, 2017  -  Deadline March 12, 2017
72200000, 72268000, 72265000, 72263000, 72227000, 72541000, 72266000, 72253100, 72253200, 72311100, 48814400

The genetics departments in Southern Denmark want to buy a Laboratory Information Management System. The system to be used for management of laboratory production including reception and creation of requisitions, receipt and registration of samples, conducting analysis, the release of response towards customers and billing of analyzes. Generally, the purchase must ensure that the genetics departments can plan, manage, quality assure and document production and track tests. Furthermore, the purchase make it possible to receive electronic requisitions from other systems and send responses back to the client when a sample is analyzed. The purchase of a Laboratory Information Management System contains simultaneously:

- Installation of the system

- Configuring the system

- Conversion of historical data

- Wiring instruments

- Integrations

- Test

- Training of users

- Documentation

- Implementation

- Support and maintenance.

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